Types of Computers: An Overview

A computer is a programmtalented channel. It accepts knowledge in the construct of digitalized basis and manipulates it for some remainder fixed on a program or wayion of orders on how the basis is to be methoded.

It consists of at meanest one methoding part, orderlyly a suittalented methoding part (CPU) and some construct of remembrance. The methoding part carries out arithmetic and logic operations, and a sequencing and administer part that can veer the prescribe of operations fixed on accumulationd knowledge.

Computer History:

The primeval use of the tidings “computer” was narrative in 1613 in a dimensions determined “The adolescent man’s gleanings” by English writer Richard Braithwaite” I binder recognize the truest computer of Times, and the best Arithmetician that forforever breathed, and he uncostly thy days into a scant enumerate.” It referred to a idiosyncratic who carried out estimations, or computations, and the tidings continued after a suitableness the identical aim until the intervening of the 20th antiquity. From the end of the 19th antiquity the tidings began to receive on its past frank aim, a channel that carries out computations.

Computer Types:

Computers are besides categorized on the basis of substantial structures and the aim of their use. Fixed on Capacity, despatch and reliforce they can be disconnected into impure categories of computers:

  1. Microcomputer: A fine, one-user computer fixed on a microprocessor.
  2. Minicomputer: A multi-user computer worthy of fooded up to hundreds of users conjointly.
  3. Mainframe: A puissant multi-user computer worthy of fooded numerous hundreds or thousands of users conjointly.
  4. Supercomputer: An giganticly rapid computer that can perconstruct hundreds of millions of orders per remedy.


A microcomputer is a fine, proportionately low-priced computer after a suitableness a microprocessor as its suittalented methoding part (CPU). It belowstands a microprocessor, remembrance, and input/output (I/O) facilities. Microcomputers became received in the 1970s and 80s after a suitableness the apparition of increasingly puissant microprocessors.

Microcomputer or idiosyncratical computer can be defined as a fine, proportionately low-priced computer planned for an identical user. Businesses use microcomputers for tidings methoding, accounting, desktop publishing, and for exoteric sprecognize prevarication and basisbase conduct contacts. At residence, the most received use for microcomputers is for unconditional games and recently for surfing the Internet.

The distinctions of a microcomputer are Monitors, keyboards and other shows for input and output may be integrated or disconnected. Computer remembrance in the construct of RAM, and at meanest one other near iively, remembrance storage show are usually combined after a suitableness the CPU on a scheme bus in one part. Other shows that compose up a perfect microcomputer scheme belowstand batteries, a influence accoutre part, a keyboard and diversified input/output shows used to transfer knowledge to and from a cosmical operator (printers, advisers, cosmical interface shows). Microcomputers are planned to aid merely one user at a spell, although they can repeatedly be mitigated after a suitableness software or hardware to abetting aid past than one user. Microcomputers fit well-mannered-mannered on or below desks or tables, so that they are after a suitablenessin comforttalented arrival of users. Bigger computers love minicomputers, deepframes, and supercomputers receive up catholic desertions or equtalented surrendern admissions.

Actual microcomputer can be openly classified by bulk and chassis / contingency. The chassis or contingency is the metal constitute that aids as the structural food for electronic components. Total computer scheme claims at meanest one chassis to branch the circumference boards and wiring. The chassis besides comprehends slots for comment boards. If you absence to inoculate past boards than there are slots, you obtain insufficiency an comment chassis, which stipulates attached slots. There are two basic flavours of chassis intentions-desktop moulds and aspire moulds-but there are numerous variations on these two basic emblems. Then follow the managetalented computers that are computers fine ample to propel. Managetalented computers belowstand notedimensions and subnotedimensions computers, influence-held computers, crowntops, and PDAs.

Tower mould

The order refers to a computer in which the influence accoutre, motherboard, and magnitude storage shows are stacked on top of each other in a desertion. This is in contrariety to desktop moulds, in which these components are branchd in a past compound box. The deep practice of aspire moulds is that there are fewer immeasurableness constraints, which composes installation of attached storage shows easier.

Desktop mould

A computer planned to fit comfortably on top of a desk, orderlyly after a suitableness the adviser sitting on top of the computer. Desktop mould computers are unreserved and low, when-in-reality aspire mould computers are bigoted and towering. Consequently of their mould, desktop mould computers are openly scant to three inside magnitude storage shows. Desktop moulds planned to be very fine are rahope referred to as loose verse moulds.

Notedimensions computer

Notedimensions is giganticly lightweight idiosyncratical computer. Notedimensions computers orderlyly scrutinize near than 6 pounds and are fine ample to fit comprehensively in a briefcase. Aside from bulk, the prominent unlikeion unmoulded a notedimensions computer and a idiosyncratical computer is the ostentation fence. Notedimensions computers use a medley of techniques, unconcealed as flat-panel technologies, to effect a lightweight and non-bulky ostentation fence. The condition of notedimensions ostentation fences varies considerably. In conditions of computing influence, new-fashioned notedimensions computers are almost equiponderant to idiosyncratical computers. They binder the identical CPUs, remembrance compatability, and disk drives. However, all this influence in a fine lot is valuable. Notedimensions computers claim environing twice as ample as equiponderant orderly-sized computers. Notedimensions computers follow after a suitableness battery packs that qualify you to run them after a suitablenessout plugging them in. However, the batteries insufficiency to be recharged fortotal few hours.

Laptop computer

A fine, managetalented computer fine ample that it can sit on your lap. Nowadays, laptop computers are past frequently determined notedimensions computers.

Subnotedimensions computer

A managetalented computer that is subordinately lighter and fineer than a ample-sized notedimensions computer. Typically, subnotedimensions computers binder a fineer keyboard and fence, but are irrelatively equiponderant to notedimensions computers.

Hand-held computer

A managetalented computer that is fine ample to be held in one’s influence. Although giganticly suittalented to propel, influenceheld computers binder not supplyd notedimensions computers consequently of their fine keyboards and fences. The most received influence-held computers are those that are biasedally planned to stipulate PIM (peculiar knowledge supervisor) affairs, such as a enlist and discourse dimensions. Some genesisrs are intricate to unfold the fine keyboard gist by replacing the keyboard after a suitableness an electronic pen. However, these pen-fixed shows hope on influencewriting acknowledgment technologies, which are quiet in their infancy. Hand-held computers are besides determined PDAs, crowntops and pillage computers.


Palmtop is fine computer that literally fits in your crown. Compared to ample-bulk computers, crowntops are sevehope scant, but they are skilled for convinced affairs such as phone dimensionss and enlists. Palmtops that use a pen rather than a keyboard for input are repeatedly determined influence-held computers or PDAs. Consequently of their fine bulk, most crowntop computers do not belowstand disk drives. However, numerous comprehend PCMCIA slots in which you can inoculate disk drives, modems, remembrance, and other shows. Palmtops are besides determined PDAs, influence-held computers and pillage computers.


PDA is scant for idiosyncratical digital coadjutor, a influenceheld show that combines computing, telephone/fax, and networking features. A orderly PDA can affair as a cellular phone, fax ingredient, and idiosyncratical organizer. Unlove managetalented computers, most PDAs are pen-based, using a stylus rather than a keyboard for input. This media that they besides incorpotrounce influencewriting acknowledgment features. Some PDAs can besides counteract to say input by using say acknowledgment technologies. The admission of PDA was pioneered by Apple Computer, which introduced the Newton Message Pad in 1993. Shortly thereafter, sepatrounce other genesisrs presented despictalented products. To determination, PDAs binder had merely considetrounce victory in the trafficplace, due to their eminent figure tags and scant contacts. However, numerous experts judge that PDAs obtain equabletually befollow despictalented gadgets.

PDAs are besides determined crowntops, influence-held computers and pillage computers.


Another emblem of computer is Micro Computer which is intention to food past than one user at a spell but it can be used by one idiosyncratic at a spell. It is a computer of a bulk intervening unmoulded a microcomputer and a deepconstitute computer and belowstands a microprocessor, remembrance, input and output agileness and it follows equipped after a suitableness at meanest one emblem of basis storage, usually RAM. Typically, mini computers binder been stand-peculiar computers sold to fine and mid-bulk affaires for open affair contacts and to catholic enterprises for department-equalize operations. . Mini computers were planned for administer, instrumentation, cosmical interaction, and despatch switching as unapprove from estimation and annals custody. They binder gigantic storage compatforce and is-sue at a eminent despatch trounce. It is repeatedly use in attribute where sepatrounce mass binder to is-sue at the identical spell, so it let numerous users use basis at the identical spell after a suitablenessout any useless. Mini computers are not merely used in structure for is-sue but numerous of mini computers are besides used as idiosyncratical computer. It has a catholic uncostly decotrounce of silicon logic preliminary which allows utility programs and self-booting fruit to be accumulationd after a suitablenessin microcomputers. These accumulationd programs let the minicomputer to automatically impeach prefer past intricate software from visible storage show after a suitablenessout the user interposition.

The Minicomputers were primeval built in in 1960s and they extraneously-delay became a colossal victory as 40,000 of the minicomputer schemes were extraneously-delay sold of making the computers colossally suited to the open common. After a suitableness such a victoryful traffic possibility numerous companies stepped in to experiment in the minicomputer traffic. The most victoryful unmoulded these two hundred companies was DEC that agoing the minicomputer moulds PDP-11 and VAX 11/780.

Some telling distinctions and literal grounds environing the mini computer scheme binder been summarized as follows:

They are ample fineer in bulk than the deepconstitute computer schemes. As such they do not fill an solid admission but usually fill immeasurableness despictalented in bulk to that of a banner refrigerator.

They are ample near valutalented than the deepframes.

Their figment was feasible consequently of the figment of heart remembrance technologies and transistors.

Minicomputers can surrender concurrent arrival to up to 100 users. Hence they were used in attributes such as affair structures for deeptaining billings and finances.

Some of the very primeval companies to genesis the minicomputer schemes were Hewlett Packard, DEC and Basis General.

A few moulds of minicomputers which binder been a nottalented victory aggravate the years are:

DEC VAX train and PDP train

Hewlett Packard HP3000 train


Prime Computers, Prime 50 Series

Norsk Data, Nord-1, Nord-10, Nord-100

IBM Midrange Computers

Control Basis Corporation’s CDC 160A, CDC-1700

Data Open Nova

Honeywell-Bull Equalize 6/DPS Level6/DPS 6000 train

Minicomputers binder equabletually evolved in to microcomputers. After a suitableness the embark of microcomputers, the common binder

Had a giganticer arrival to the practice of incorporating computers in the daily plod of their lives.


In another influence we binder the Mainconstitute Computer which is altogether valutalented than the Mini computer. In similarity the deepconstitute computer perconstruct ameliotrounce than the mini computer, it can method basis at a very eminent despatch trounce, for copy, millions of order per remedy and Compared to a orderly PC, deepframes commmerely binder hundreds to thousands of spells as ample basis storage online, and can arrival it ample rapider. They comprehend a catholic enumetrounce of self-maintenance features, including built-in safeguard features and eminent basis influenceling compatability. Consequently of deepframe’s force to influencele eminent equalize basis transactions they are used by the biggest firms in almost all the activity such as banks, empire agencies and structures which insufficiency to accumulation gigantic quantity of intricate and considertalented basis at a eminent safeguard equalize, which media that this is the most guard than other emblem of computer.

Mainframes are planned to influencele very eminent quantity input and output and emphabulk throughput computing. This emblem of computer can is-sue for crave duration after a suitablenessout entity interrupted, they are reliable. It can run multiple irrelative solicitation of irrelative liberal scheme and can influencele the is-sue of numerous users at the identical spell. The order RAS (reliability, availforce and serviceability) is a defining distinction of the deepconstitute computer. Test, fruit, inoculation, and genesis is-sueimpeach for contacts and basisbases can run on a one channel, bar for giganticly catholic claims where the compatforce of one channel force be limiting. They are usually armed by multiple equalizes of safeguard and influence backup, twain inside and visible. Unmoulded the self-protection measures commmerely root in deepframes are an enhanced ardor-protection mechanism. Consequently these computers run all day acrave after a suitableness 24x7x365 force, a catholic equality of ardor generated must be expelled. The fans in deepconstitute computers are unmoulded the most efficient abetting in custody the basis centers timid.


They are colossal computers established in immeasurableness centers, nuclear influence stations etc. They are used for accomplishing intricate unimaginative estimations. Merely scientists and mathematicians can opetrounce them. They are having colossal memories & appalling methoding despatch. They are used for sphere prophecy, life graphics…

Mainframes run multiple sessions, and after a suitableness eminent reliability. Companies can run their IT operations for years after a suitablenessout gists or interruptions after a suitableness partiality down spell. Administration is very comforttalented due to the reality that all contacts layers are advisered in one Server.

A suittalented computer peculiar can reattribute dozens or hundreds of fineer PCs, reducing conduct and professional claims suitableness providing a ample ameliotrounce scalforce and reliability.

Mainframes can run past than one liberal scheme at uninterruptedly, which allows companies to run multiple sessions after a suitableness a super-rapid despatch, eminent reliability, and eminent guard.


Supercomputer is a unreserved order for one of the rapidest computers currently suited. Supercomputers are very valutalented and are assiduous for extraordinaryized contacts that claim monstrous equalitys of unimaginative estimations (enumetrounce crunching). For copy, sphere prophecy claims a supercomputer. Other uses of supercomputers philosophical simulations, (animated) graphics, watery dynamic estimations, nuclear enthusiasm elaboration, electronic intention, and segregation of geological basis (e.g. in petrochemical prospecting). Perhaps the best unconcealed supercomputer genesisr is Cray Research.

Approaches to supercomputer construction binder receiven melomelodramatic turns past the primitive schemes were introduced in the 1960s. Early supercomputer constructions pioneered by Seymour Cray relied on compound innovative intentions and national concurrentism to consummate eminent computational peak accomplishance. However, in spell the claim for increased computational influence ushered in the age of magnitudeively concurrent schemes.

Here are some copys of supercomputer:

– IBM Roadrunner

– Cray Jaguar

– Tianhe-IA

– Fujitsu K computer

– IBM Sequoia

– Cray Titan

Advantages of supercomputer

The primitive practice that supercomputers present is decreased methoding spell. Computer despatch is commmerely measured in “floating purpose operations,” or “FLOPS.” Average residence computers can perconstruct up to a hundred billion of these operations per remedy, or 100 “gigaflops.” Supercomputers, ultimately, are tens of thousands of spells rapider, aim that estimations that would receive your residence computer hours or days can be unfoldd by a supercomputer in a subject of remedys.

Supercomputers are usually used to paraphernalia catholic, real-globe gists that would be too spell consuming on orderly computers. For copy, sphere forecasters use supercomputers to compose moulds of the sphere and to forecast the sphere. Obviously, forecasts binder to be made in a spellly deportment to compose them adapted so the past puissant the computer the ameliorate. Merely supercomputers binder the force to perconstruct these estimations in a spellly practice. One of the sayings of computing is that the eminenter the technology, the past nugatory the contact and the most puissant computers in the globe are used by digital good-tempereds/computer life companies. The unmitigated methoding influence of supercomputers media that they can be used to do things that plain computers merely couldn’t influencele. Supercomputers binder besides uncounted gigantic plods in filmmaking and extrasettled good-tempereds.

Disadvantages of supercomputer

There binder no gigantic unlikeion unmoulded deepconstitute computers consequently love the deepconstitute it receives up a catholic immeasurableness and claim very eminent. It claims useful staff to can influencele and use the supercomputer and it may merely be good-tempered-tempered for biased contact. It is eminent influence lessening, it use a lot of electricity, for solicitation, environing millions Rupees in a year.

Other dispractice is that supercomputers claim magnitudeive visible storage drives whose bandwidth is rapid ample to accommodetermination the basis entity analyzed and effectd. If storage and bandwidth can’t binder up after a suitableness the basis issue, the supercomputer obtain not be talented to is-sue at its ample compatability.

Unlove plain desktop computers that may shape guarded a gist in a few minutes or aggravatenight, supercomputers is-sue on tasks that claim intensive estimations which can receive giganticly crave durations to perfect. For copy, a supercomputer could expend months accomplishing estimations to food elaboration on air veer or to aid refund a indisposition, presenting a dispractice to mass who are in a speed for agile remainders.


After all we can say that computer has made his way past 19xx. It has begun after a suitableness the microcomputer which consisted of homely technology. Then we binder the minicomputer which beseems past and past idiosyncratical and ambiguous for users. It composes gigantic way when the deepconstitute computer follows in 19xx (put the determination). It follows after a suitableness past accomplishance and past remembrance after a suitableness eminent safeguard equalize. Their method increased past than 100 spells and finally when the celebrated supercomputer follows which is 1000 spells past puissant than the forerunner. And nowadays after a suitableness the gigantic separation we binder impure emblem of computer.

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