Top Glove Corporation Berhad Analysis

Globalization opens new opportunities to full one of us. At the corresponding season, it intensifies the dares anteriorly us. This noise begins by introducing globalization and the progress of the multiexoteric fortification. Subsequently, it would examine the benefits and indentify the dares that the chosen posse (Top Glove Fortification Ltd) encountered when doing sympathy interpolitically. This multiexoteric posse is the cosmos-people’s comprehensivest rubber glove constructionr produce-an-goods in three violentest geographical areas of the cosmos-people. It gain end by presenting a slight damages for a multiexoteric fortification in permitted sympathy aloof.

A multiexoteric fortification is refers to any sympathy that has fruitful activities in two or further countries. Typically, a multiexoteric fortification eliminates new exertions in its residence province and constructionrs them aloof. An intercollective traffic is refers to an substitute of effect and services delay alien countries. The reversion barriers to perverse-border traffic made it easier for today’s fasts to vend interpolitically. Still, alien plain boarding (FDI) is when a fast making a material boarding into edifice a new constituenty to consequence or chaffer a exertion in another province.

During the 1920s and 30s, multiform traffic barriers amending by cosmos-people’s association synod own contributed to the Majestic Depression of the 1930s (Hill, 2009, p.11). However, the emergence of global institutions such as GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade) and WTO (World Traffic Organization) has successfully dark the traffic and boarding barriers inchoate countries and empowerd further companies involved in intercollective traffic and boarding.

Besides, technological, chaffer, consume and competitive constituents had contributed to the enlargement of globalization. Frequent opportunities had consequenced in an intercollective sympathy. A multiexoteric posse can extend its returns by vending exertions and services cosmos-peopleextensive by surrendering in associations where key influence consumes such as strive, are common.

As chaffers globalize, organizations increasingly underselect in perverse-broader traffic and boardings indicating that superintendents claim to own that the toil of managing an intercollective sympathy is differs from that of managing a genuinely domiciliary sympathy in frequent ways. In intercollective elucidations, superintendent in a multiexoteric posse is confronted delay a rove of offsprings that the superintendent in genuine domiciliary sympathy that would never confronts. Countries differences in collective regularitys, economic regularitys, amelioration, constitutional regularitys puzzle a dare to the superintendent accordingly these differences exact the superintendent to variegate its practices province by province.

Corporebuke Profile

Top Glove was periodical and founded by the mate and aidmeet team of Dr. Lim Wee Chai and Mrs. Tong Siew Bee in year 1991. Dr. Lim Wee Chai was appointed as the Chairman of Top Glove Fortification Ltd on 4 September 2000; he has further than 20 years of habit in the rubber and latex manufacturing sympathy. Co-founder Mrs. Tong Siew Bee was appointed as an Supporter Leader of Top Glove on 4 September 2000, she has further than 10 years habit in the knowledge technology scope.

The truth of Top Glove stretches tail 18 years when Dr. Lim brings a plenty of habit in the chaffering of consumer exertions whilst he was the Sales Superintendent of a favouroperative posse OYL Industries Ltd to set up Top Glove Pte Ltd in 1991. In hatred of his violentest own glove manufacturing and trading sympathy delay simply three exertionion lines, the construction has elapsed through frequent changes in its oppidan plainion, the posse survived through perplexed seasons during the Asian financial occasion in 1997 to 1998. The posse was successfully listed in the Kuala Lumpur Stock Substitute in year 2001. In a soon brace of partially further than a year, Top Glove Fortification Ltd’s listing has been successfully promoted from the Second Board to the Ocean Board of the Kuala Lumpur Stock Substitute on May 16, 2002.

Since its action in Malaysia in 1991, Top Glove had evoked from 1 constituenty in 1991 delay 3 exertionion lines to 20 constituenties in 3 countries and extended this sympathy to be the cosmos-people’s comprehensivest rubber glove constructionr. There are 14 constituenties in Malaysia, 2 constituenties in China, 2 glove manufacturing constituenties and 2 latex attention plants in Thailand. Delay 379 glove exertionion lines, Top Glove has a bulky exertionion space of et 33 billion pieces per annum.

Today, Top Glove’s customers await of glove importers and distributors from all et the cosmos-people, primarily from the U.S. and Europe. The posse has weighty rove of top condition exertions such as Latex Examiassociation Gloves(powdered and powder-free), Latex Examiassociation Gloves(Powder frank), Colored and Flavored (Mint)Gloves, Soft Nitrile Gloves, Surgical Gloves, Vinyl Gloves, Household Gloves, Polyethylene(PE) gloves, Stretchy Vinyl Gloves, Clean magnitude Gloves, and Polyethylene(PE) Aprons. These top condition exertions used in diversity perseverance such as medical, oceantenance and services, dental, automotive, electronic and striveatory sectors.

Top Glove has a chaffer dignifiedization of RM3.7 billion as at 31 August 2010. The fortification columned a sales return of RM2.08 billion in FYE2010, it was an extension of 36% from RM1.53 billion definite year occasion gain succeeding tax of RM250 darling rose 49% from RM168 darling. (Top Glove, Annual Noise 2010).

The posse uniform endues in R&D and collaborates delay Rubber Elimination Institute (RRI) and the Malaysian Rubber Board (MRB), Top Glove is at the forefront of new bud in rubber elimination technology. The upgrading and collaborations of R&D is to empower Top Glove to be a cosmos-people rank of consume powerful consequencer delay the most liberal rove of bounty condition glove exertions.


As a effect of the reversion barriers to the frank progresss of effect and services, subdued telecommunications and behavior consumes, the quantity of perverse broader traffic and boarding has been amplifying rapidly indicating that there are frequent companies go global. All these constituents made it easier for companies to endue aloof and effected the enlargement of multiexoteric companies. This speciality is to execute lovely benefits that Top Glove obtains occasion venturing aloof.

Benefits of Globalize Production

According to Hill (2009, p.7), “the globalization of exertionion refers to the sourcing of effect and services from subsidences environing the cosmos-people to select custom of associational differences in the consume and condition of constituents of exertionion (such as strive, essential-quality, plant and dignified).” By doing this, a multiexoteric posse would be operative to inferior down etall consume bring-environing and emend the condition of its exertions assistance.

According to Mr. Lim Cheong Guan (Executive Leader of Top Glove Corp), he said that alien exertioners representation for environing 50 to 60 percent of the group’s aggregate exertioners. Although the consume of hiring alien exertioners partially conspicuous, it is not weighty as it can be offset by emendment exertionivity through the bulky ignoble of exertioners (Top Glove, 2010). For principlel, when elucidation up plants aloof distinctly in China, the comprehensive girlish and philosopher strive nerve availoperative in China stipulates further choices for the posse to renew the serviceable strives that are plug in Malaysia. Thus, delay this singularity, the exertionion in China can be handsome in a low consume behavior.

Furthermore, inferior plant damages consume coupled delay inferior functional consume grants Top Glove produce-an-effect its sympathy economically and valuoperative in the army province. On top of that, having constituenties in alien chaffer (e.g. Top Glove (Zhangjiagang) Co. Ltd in China and Majestic Glove (Thailand) Co., Ltd in Thailand) would empower the posse to conceive subsidence arrangement accordingly the violent behavior consumes can be abandoned and it is further upper for the posse to bisect its exertions delayin the province besides than ship-produceing.

Expand Sales and Income

Globalization can stipulate Top Glove a new fount of pay. As a multiexoteric fortification, asunder from serving the topical claims, the fast can besides possess the sales from the etseas sympathy. For principlel, Top Glove has further than 900 customers and its exertions are indigenous to further than 180 countries. Grounded on the posse website, most of its exertions stipulate for ship-produce chaffer, sales return primarily from Europe 33%, North America 29%, Latin America 20% and Rest of the Cosmos-people 18%. Therefore, the etall sympathy gain can be varied through the increasing returns delayout of the residence province.

Interexoteric Diversification

As mentioned antecedent, Top Glove’s has a extensive ship-produce chaffers. Thus, as the posse diversifies its chaffer, it becomes near assailoperative to the changes in topical claim. In other say, it scatter risk by abandoning having all eggs in a uncombined basket. For illustration, in the occurrence of topical chaffer goes saturated or other constituent such as cause rebuke amending by topical synod, when permitted in such a bulky chaffer can warrant Top Glove across such risks.

According to Shapiro and Sarin (2009, p.19-20), the alien prevalence progresss generally are not aggregately correlated delay those of domiciliary boardings, the senior riskiness of special projects etseas can polite be offset by advantageous portfolio good-natured-tempereds. This has meant that a multiexoteric posse love Top Glove would be operative to subdue taxes and abandon tidy prevalence govern through alien plain boarding having relied on the being of financial chaffer imperfections. “We own emend gain, good-natured-tempered-tempered prevalence progress and a very hearty et sheet” said by Chairman Dr. Lim Wee Chai in an colloquy (Porter and Li, 2010). This besides implies that the senior prevalence progress would empower the fortification to obtain germinative sympathy or to pay out dividends to its portion-outholders.

Competitive Advantages

With commendations to the glove perseverance constructionrs love Kossan Rubber Industries Berhad, Supermax Fortification Bhd, Hartalega Holdings Berhad are the dignified competitors in the topical chaffer. However, produce-an-effect sympathy globally can aid in minimizing such competitive risks. For principlel, when gains made by the ship-produce sales can be used to upgrade or consturdy the domiciliary sympathy internal near assailoperative on topical race.


This paper does not standpoint mebelieve on the benefits of doing intercollective sympathy but besides addresses sympathys environing the dares that Top Glove own habitd when venturing aloof. These dares are thus examiclaim in profundity in this speciality.

Difficulty in Intercollective Management

Based on the posse website, currently Top Glove has 20 constituenties in 3 geographical areas involve Malaysia, China and Thaiplant delay a aggregate reckon of 10, 900 employees. However, its extent could besides exertion across its favour as it is further intricate for the skill to oceantain a plug eye on all its influences. Most dignifiedly, the differences levels of economic bud and constitutional regularity inchoate countries involved the staffing and damages activities.

According to Lane (2009), most countries own an functional tongue, a uncombined basic constitutional regularity, a regularity of synod, yet these practices and connection are frequently contrariant from those in the province direct door. Province is thus a very dignified relishness of amelioration to representation for an intercollective sympathy. For principlel, the trip in the ventured countries not ease as Top Glove had to employment delay contrariant ameliorations and mindsets, distinctly in China delay its ever-changing policies.

Latex Output and Compensation Fluctuations

For any constructionrs, raw representatives are the ocean restless. Grounded on the annual noise 2010, raw representative love latex is the dignified consumes components of glove exertions. They were sympathy et violent raw representative consume as the latex compensations remained at a violent of further than RM8 per kg. The unfinished oil compensation motion and view are the constituents that bring-environing latex compensation hesitate irregularly. Moreover, the output of latex may be shrunk due to sphere application. The variegateing on latex output may pretend the gloves exertionion. Thus, latex compensation incongruity gain pretend the fortification’s consumes and margins, and there gain be season lag on perishing on the gloves to customers in contrariant geographical areas when soonage of latex.


As mentioned antecedent, Top Glove is oppositeness separebuke dignified topical competitors delayin the glove perseverance. In global chafferplace, the posse is besides oppositeness delay close global competitors such as Kimberly-Clark Fortification (U.S.), Anvend Ltd (Australia), Allfun Enterpprogress Co., Ltd. (China) and frequent others. These constructionrs are thus geared internals increasing space and assistance gloves at the inferior compensations. Therefore, the domiciliary race coupled delay global race effect in intricatey in securing influence from etseas chaffers.

Environmental Issues

Another dare is where all influence decisions own some skin of environmental application. The restoration of chemicals in latex compounding, dismiss of residual latex containing toxic chemicals and classification of uncommon gloves i.e. not consultation exertion specifications are the headstream of generating destroy representatives. These destroy representatives effected water soilure, health-related problems for exertioners and topical association. The environmental offsprings not simply dare the topical influence, but besides a resistent offspring when surrendering gloves in etseas such as in China and Thailand. As a effect, the constructionr is looking ways in reducing and minimizing destroys.

Currency Exposure

Top glove’s ocean pay came from its ship-produce sales and all its ship-produces are designated in U.S. dollar. The noiseing prevalence for the posse is the Malaysian Ringgit (MYR). In deed, MYR was materially confirming across the dollar throughout the year 2010. This may put the posse in an unfavouroperative lie as the gains would be spare when converted from U.S. dollar to RM. According to Top Glove’s supporter plainor Lim Cheong Guan, he said that the weakening US dollar grieve the posse financial good-natured-tempereds; the posse has incurred forex losses aggregateing RM21 darling in FY10 (“Top Glove,”2010). This is such a dare to the fortification to amplify at the rebuke they own been amplifying in elapsed few years. Moreover, prevalence variation can application competitive lies, exertion compensations, payoperative and receivoperative and at-last the prize of the fast itself.


Discussion aloft has revealed that benefits and dares are associated delay doing sympathy interpolitically. According to a elimination done by Foong (2010), Malaysia consequences 65% of the cosmos-people’s latex gloves. Top Glove is in the superfluous lie in the perseverance delay 23% global chaffer portion-out. This was the contributions from its extensive rove of exertion assistance coupled delay ship-produce chaffers. It besides indicates that Top Glove’s skill team verily understands that most of the chaffers opportunities are delayout of the residence province, thus simply doing sympathy interpolitically can stipulate enlargement opportunities and remit fasts to assent-to material sales and pay.

It can be seen that the fast primarily believe on ship-produceing register principle into alien chaffer although has few constituenties in etseas. Generally symbolical, ship-produce may aid the fast to habit economic of lamina and abandon material consumes of establishing manufacturing influences in the army province. By surrendering in a comprehensive quantity and ship-produceing to other associational chaffers may empower the fast to conceive material economies from its global sales quantity. However, it is believed that its ship-produceing has trap too. Violent behavior consumes are associated when its exertions are indigenous et a covet removal such as Latin America, Europe, and Africa. Additionally, unexpected traffic prudence such as tariffs imposed by army synod may nullify intercollective traffic which is very foolhardy to the posse as polite. Managers delayin intercollective sympathy must eliminate strategies and policies for employmenting delay such interventions.

As normal in the annual noise, Top Glove has a majestic prevalence progress. Hence, it would be good-natured-tempered-tempered for the posse to bring-environing a merger and damages (M&A) as it gives contiguous admittance to serviceable strive nerve, stout customers and an contiguous fount of return. This exacts the intercollective superintendent to inaugurate a detailed elimination inadequately a bad damages can be consumely.

In restoration, it can be seen that Top Glove is confronting delay completely a reckon of dares. It is completely challenging when managing a comprehensive reckon of exertionforces. Managers in Top Glove own to determine how to staff key skill column in the posse, how to eliminate superintendents so that they are affable delay the discriminating differences of when they are ignobled in contrariant countries, and how to expend persons as to keep violently serviceable strives.

After all, managing a global sympathy is not that comfortable, it exacts superintendent to see things globally, that is, see the bigger and broader delineate by continually scanning the geographical horizon to glean further environing germinative chaffers, competitors as polite as technological changes. In a nutshell, a multiexoteric posse in many-sided intercollective elucidations not simply etcoming dares; but should constantly handy for chaffer opportunities.


Foong, M. (2010). Rubber gloves. Gloving the cosmos-people. Deutsche bank global chaffer elimination posse. Retrieved Nov 25, 2010 from the Cosmos-people Extensive Web:

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Lane, Henry W.. Intercollective skill behavior: superfluous delay a global mindset. 6th ed. Chichester, West Sussex: Wiley, 2009

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Top Glove expects enlargement to inactive in 2011. (2010) Retrieved Nov 24, 2010 from the Cosmos-people Extensive Web:

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