Threats of Illegal Migrants to Malaysia’s Security

Today, they may be unfair immigrants, tomorrow, they be criminals or flush terrorists! Is that the way our assurance is entity treated? We may not merely be debtor in a few years’ age but perchance flush externally a province if we never conquer this unfair immigrant’s quantity. It was reported, in the bygone-by 10-15 years 1 to 2 favorite left Malaysia to tenure and alight in balanceseas. Malaysia populations were at 22-23 favorites encircling 15 years ago. Ten years following that, the population acceptiond to 28 favorites. Enjoy you prodigy wshort do these dispose behind from? Our foregoing beginning rebuke could merely alight or acception the population to an optimum of 500 thousands to 1 favorite, which would alquick weigh sublime. The explicit deed of this misgivingful acceptionment of population is consequently favorites of unfair immigrants and unfair tenureers flooded due to unsatisfactory Malaysian settlement management and persomal illustration. Strange generally-knowns are seen all balance in the streets, coffee shops, and stalls now days in Malaysia.

Is this a cheerful-tempered-tempered object?

Please don’t misunderstood my declaration, I do not see strange tenureers, distinctly trained tenureers, from advenient and residing in Malaysia. Bygone it has besides been Malaysia aim to acception her population, the settlement management should be past generally-known to invite trained tenureers by entity past fertile and habit resembling opportunities to all generally-knownities and improvement. Welbehind the tenureers in a exact ways than generally-knowning enddoors to them then chide them flooded in unfairly. Stagrealm of suitable checking at settlement waitdered abundant tenureers advenient externally aptitude, suitable capability and/or test. Singaporeans abandond to balanceseas consequently tshort are locates they impel are ameliorate for their families and themselves. It doesn’t balance Singapore is a bad province. The similar can be said for Malaysia. Dispose impel environing the cosmos-people. Other countries welbehind trained migrant tenureers invadeing through suitable settlement proceeding. This is what Malaysia stagrealm of.

Definition of Unfair Immigrant

Ilexact immigrants are dispose who migrebuke despite generally-known edgings externally complying delay the exact claimments. Some dispose allure those they guess of unfair settlement as unfair immigrants or undocumented immigrants. Dispose who reach exactly but then balancealight their visas may besides enjoy unfair standing. The tidings unfair immigrant is exceedingly contested consequently some weigh it a pejorative tidings, bybygone some weigh violating the law a inferential as polite as exact children. Consequently of these, the unfair immigrants surrender tenorant pay to Malaysia which moulds our synod worried encircling the Malaysian dispose.

Why Unfair Immigrants Mould Their Way To This Country?

When the destitution pulverizes the ethnical, dispose flows to get out of their locate of soar to the new locates, wshort the opportunities are abound.  If the new locate is closer to their residence, they may endanger their activity flush by roaming in a slender vessel and charm the limited excursion subordinate ebon. If the similar locate is completibarely abroad, they may invent balances by selling the suitableties or precountenance a advance from the specie lenders to view the trance of cheerful-tempered-tempered activity. When an immigrant employminvade obtains tit and sends end residence, they are zealous to affect the trance of having a residence of their own and other comforts. Currently, areas wshort most strange tenureers can be set are in the school, drudge-intensive manufacturing industries, edifice, domiciliary aid, coffee shops and mamak shops and cleaning services.

Irordinary migrants are sinadequate to tenure in the circumlocutory sectors of the distribution or in the heterogeneous size of the province. By prize of their clogged standing, they are vastly generally-known to perpetrationation, and enjoy intelling or no adit for exact exact. They submit to destitution vastly and subsist in untended housing provisions. They repeatedly haunt to wrong when unoccupied. By by-passing the sanity screening plan for migrant tenureers, they are a beginning of exceedingly communicated distempers.

None the hither, riotous migrants resemblingly assist to economic augmentation and bud of the province. They aid moderate labour dealing imbalances, and distinctly improve labour dealing flexibility by providing a constraint labour pool that can be tapped upon as and when wanted. The sluggish assurance of the distribution on this manpower constraint is lucidly manifest by management reversals each age a crackdown on riotous migrants is tooled.

Foreigners who invade the province using register points other than the authorized ports of register are disposeified as undocumented migrants. They invade either on their own or facilitated by agents or ethnical traffickers. The main incitement of these riotous migrants is to affect tenure or commission in trifling trading, but tshort are illustrations wshort strangeers invade the province unfairly purely to intrust wrongs such as pillage and burglary or commission in casual activities. Riotous alibi that lapses subordinate the second nature has been on the soar in modern years, and it consists of those who invade the province using voyager visa, the political investigate ignoring or the tyro visa, but balancealight to affect tenure or commission in inadequate wholesale trading. Bygone the visa-on-arrival (VOA) was introduced in September 2006 to boost tourism, 20,481 investigateors or past than half of the 36,701 visa applicants enjoy balancestayed.

Migrants whose tenure countenances enjoy been revoked cloggedly by mistresss lapse into riotous standing. Such illustrations embody disputes betwixt the mistress and the migrant tenureer, whereby the mistress may unilaterally tidingsinate the latter’s tenure, and shortbehind his visa and tenure countenance. Should the migrant affect exact exact across his mistress, he/she has to pay RM100 for a Special Monthly Ignoring to accrue in the province. Migrant tenureers pursuit Special Passes are not confessed to tenure in the province, and delay no inbehind to help their consume of help and exact fees, it is virtually impracticable to affect exact exact. Exemption from paying the fees is suited for the very few who affect the help from NGOs. Besides embodyd in this assembly are compress defaulters and ignoring abuses. Tenure countenances childrend to compress migrant tenureers are tied to the tenurelocate and mistress, and the tenure countenance is invalidated the second the employminvade tidingsinates his tenure or switches his mistress.

Despite the exact balances to register and tenure in Malaysia, riotous migrants charm on violent endangers to be in riotous standing for a multiformity of reasons. Unenjoy the tenure of exceedingly-trained labour, exact refreshment of low-trained labour involves divers intermediaries in the sending and receiving countries to arrangement their impelment, rising their occurrences consumes of alibi. In dissimilarity, unfair tenure is hither age-consuming and obstructive, and cheaper for twain mistresss and migrants. The refreshment management for compress migrant labour using the tenure countenance plan ties the migrant employminvade to a feature mistress and colony. As a waitder, strange tenureers who affect sublimeer immunity and flexibility, and who see opportunities to maximise their confessances by reducing their occurrence consumes and obtain past inbehind by precountenance on multiple jobs haunt to riotous alibi.

The extensive alibi networks, twain political and wholesale, exposed balance the terminal three decades, malpractices in law enforcement and ordinary amnesties enjoy sufferd and facilitated their register, tenure and subterfuge from instinct. On the insist succeedingality, tshort is a quick subordinate job dealing for riotous migrants. Despite the caustic management countenance across mistresss hiring migrants cloggedly, some endure to commission them bybygone they are cheaper and can be commissiond for limiteder periods than necessitated by the tenure countenance. In habit, mistress countenance has not been satisfied to tool due to stagrealm of appearance, giving the impact that they are immune to the tenacious laws.

If you guys are quiescent prodigying why so abundant unfair immigrants mould their way so vastly into this province, then peradventure you should weigh this:

Ilexact immigrants uses fake ignoringport at checkpoint. Settlement conductor understands passport is fake but they quiescent confesss the entries. Unfair immigrant considers that he is manifested and pay to whatever view he came for for-the-most-part tenureing for Malaysian employees, considering that his ignoringport would be cheerful-tempered-tempered tit. Multiply this habit by the thousands. Sooner or succeeding, Police or Settlement Branch conducts unfair immigrant’s inroad. Those who fancy they had “good” ignoringports conciliate now be arrested and then entity sent end to their appertaining countries intermittently.

2. Deals are set up delay syndicates for ethnical trafficking. Unfair immigrants are sold for encircling RM 400 each and sent to the edging subordinate the plea of tenoration. In this no-man’s attribute, no one in the cosmos-dispose bar the syndicates and corrupted settlement conductors would understand the entity of all those ethnical slaves. Unfortunately for the unfair immigrants, flush the Synod of their own countries does not absence them. So, delay the thousands of unfair immigrants in this province, this is a dealing that could vastly indulge the corrupted dispose who is binding for all this delay hundred thousands of dollars.

Overstaying a Visa. They behind to our province as investigateors and then when they impel and see the deflect to tenure short and purpose of giving his race a epicurism and satisfied activity they conciliate flow to alight short permanently to tenure as unfair immigrants following balancedue of their visa and countenances.

The consequence of Unfair Immigrants in Malaysia

Firstly, let me absolve that I do not help the vast number of unfair immigrants in Malaysia chiefly consequently I consider they are a telling dorealm deedor to the telling acception in wrongs and other political ills. In a rapid serveer global cosmos-people, alibi in pursuit of ameliorate opportunities has beseem easier. But   this alibi brings a lot of quantity for the migrants, distinctly untrained tenureers. Our province too has been hit delay such quantitys. It is no hankerer trustworthy to go to abundant locates distinctly at departure, and all doors and windows want to be reinsolid by metal grills. The growing unfair immigrant quantity had bybygone out of guide. This children is repeatedly hushed down and abundant Malaysians may not be flush certified of the attribute.

Migration despite our generally-known edging by unfair immigrants strongly affects our political assurance. This is consequently some of them are the most absenceed terrorists in their countries. They behind to Malaysia to extricate themselves from the law impeachment. By doing the own similar renewal in our boundaries, they are associated delay the subjects of pillage and disobey. In deed, completion citizens subsist in misgiving and possibly afinroad to go beyond. Those unfair immigrants are influenced by their refinement such as opposed incompact each other and activitystyle to outlast in their province. For believing this conciliate cause a bad conception to Malaysia. For illustration, the subjects which implicated an Indonesian shot out and died in a police onset not a ordinary subject past. On 10 March 2005, the Royal Malaysian Police conductors relative four Indonesian tenureers when they became circumspect conjuncture carrying out a assurance watch in Sungai Buloh area at Selangor.

The alibis of the unfair immigrants besides cause another big quantity to our province that is exposed distempers. As we understand unfair immigrants behind from bucolic areas and when they invade our boundaries they do not flush go to the generally-known or the secret sanity branch for a medical check-up. Diseases such as HIV, AIDS and TB are some of the distemper brought by them. The sanity quantity conciliate envast consequently this unfair immigrant causes lot of sanity quantity from their province. For illustration the HIV, it refers to the smuggling of women for the views of solid abuse and this conciliate transfer to HIV virus in other agency it conciliate acception the completion of obligation. Consequently of these distempers, completion citizens bebehind afinroad to be improbable by those and some of them enjoy been a grill of the distempers. Nowadays, past and past dispose are asceticism from these distempers and this assists towards the subjects of departure.

Civil exacts are dispose of exact and immunity that defend the separate from unnecessitated synod renewal. What this balance is that alteration of affable exacts is our persomal drudge exact has been charmn by the unfair immigrants. Most mistresss in our province enjoy to commission them rather than our own persomal tenureers. The consume to commission strange tenureers is cheaper than persomals in tidingss of their remuneration. For illustration, the edifice toil is dominated by Philippines tenureers, maidenen services are ordinaryly kindred delay Indonesians and the school sector is usually run by the Indonesians and Philippines. Subsequently, our persomal tenureers are countenanced delay the limitedage of job opportunities.

Future Management Directions

In command to arms riotous alibi, the propound has to oration the subordinatelying causes for riotous alibi. However, the prevalent appropinquation towards managing intergenerally-known labour alibi is heavily skewed towards affecting disintegrations to the symptoms. In other vote, instead of downsizing riotous alibi through polices to urge up productivity inveterate augmentation, Malaysia has impeld towards a manoeuvre of affliction through tenacious enforcement. The perpetual enforcement of the management has subsided the impact of riotous alibi, but it is a consume-prohibitive disintegration that is unsustainable.

The excellentest extrinsic of Malaysia’s migrant labour management is to spiritual exhibition out the use of compress migrant labour, and to confess tit age for aptitudes deepening to inflame productivity-inveterate augmentation. However, tshort has been a yawning gap in management eager and management toolation. In habit, the two-prong manoeuvre to convert the assurance on migrant labour has been heavily skewed towards governing the yield of migrant tenureers. Measures to acception the yield and insist for trained labour enjoy been heavily implicated by the pervasive ethnic-inveterate absolute policies.

In command to cut end its strange labour tenureforce, Malaysia wants to amend its manoeuvre to acception bombardment in low prize ascititious urban activities. Instead, it should yield incentives for Malaysian investors to relocate its low prize ascititious activities balanceseas. Tshort are besides inborn flaws in the strange labour refreshment policies Unenjoy Singapore, which lays a inferior muster on violinvade trained tenureers, Malaysia lays a violinvade muster on violinvade trained tenureers, which appears to controvert the generally-known management to suffer aptitude-intensive industries. The rationale in the Malaysian subject is to lay a inferior muster on sectors perceived to countenance fastidious labour limitedages, conjuncture a violinvade muster is layd on sectors wshort the quantity of debauchery labour insist has been perceived to be hither tenorant. In other vote, the limited-tidings goals to encounter labour limitedages balanceride the hankerer-tidings goals of economic restructuring.

Given a slender population dishonorable, and wrapt by countries delay differing labour productivity, Malaysia conciliate endure to tenor low-trained migrant labour in the foreseeable advenient. The test of delayed industrial countries besides shows that it is reserved to do afar completibarely delay low-trained tenored labour bybygone flush excellent intensive industries do claim low-trained labour for rudimentary tasks such as packing and serveer. Moreover, as the raze of teaching in the province soars, the transgression wage acceptions and the natives serve to shy afar from these low-paid jobs.


After past than two decades of management experiments delay governing the inflow of compress migrant tenureers, Malaysian has particularized a fairly elaborebuke professional plan to tenor strange labour. However, elephantine dealing pressures enjoy deterred the suitable functioning of the plan in locate, and enjoy assistd to the bud of an circumlocutory refreshment toil, that repeatedly serves to perpetration the migrants. Impact of malpractices in law enforcement, counterfeit and ethnical trafficking has assistd to vast total of undocumented migrants in the province, transfering to a tenacious appropinquation to arms riotous alibi.

The realmextensive surveillance notice to understand riotous migrants and firm edging as polite as interior guides enjoy utterly to calm the impact of riotous alibi, but at violent consume to the propound as polite as to the migrant. This management appropinquation fails to oration the spring causes of alibi, and accordingly claim a perpetual notice of enforcement that is unsustainable. Curbing riotous alibi conciliate accrue an uphill conflict for as hanker as the gains balancebalance the consumes and endangers to the prospective migrant. Tshort is besides a extensive gap betwixt management eager and management toolation delay reference to Malaysia’s strange employminvade management. The management is heavily skewed towards guideling the yield of migrant labour, conjuncture efforts to improve the yield and insist for labour enjoy been implicated by the pervasive ethnic-inveterate absolute policies.

Last but not last, if we affection our province, let’s contest contemporaneously to conquer unfair immigrants quantity in the similar way we fought for our insurrection 53 years ago. This quantity can merely be successamply tackled delay a manifest hanker-tidings plan and surely not delay incautious renewal. Tshort are ethnicalitarian weighations as polite as political and economic ones. We want to understand the penny propound of the unfair population in the propound and cause a meabelieving of guide balance them. The controversy balance suspected MyKads entity childrend besides wants to be investigated. Tshort are tenorant consequences if rule and assurance are not amply revived. We should not deflect a eyeless eye anymore. It is violent age the synod gets going to oration this quantity anteriorly it beseems too demure a menace to the realm.


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NST Report 06/11/08.

Imalibi Act 1959/63 Section 6(1) (C).

Soijah Binti Likin, “Penghijrahan Dari Indonesia Ke Malaysia: Kajian Kes Tentang

Pekerja Wanita Indonesia di Sungai Nibong, Pulau Pinang”, thesis Sarjana, USM, 2004.

Malaysian Trades Union Congress Oct/Nov 2007.

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