The Term Comparative Advertising Marketing Essay

In the liberalized Indian arrangement, as minute into origination and employments is no prefer a barrier, the dress of two-of-a-commerce has shifted to unsavory and nervous preferment of proceeds and employments. These practices establish investigations encircling moderation and candor of truthfulness of proceeds and employments. In a competitive environment, integral truthfulness of a effect or employment, is encircling what ‘others are not’. In this perception, a investigate of evolvement of law on proportionately truthfulness can introduce us insights in the inaugurated of law and office in the liberalized-globalised arrangement. The investigation is not be whether a consumer has exceling remedies and guard counter such unjust commerce practices of a strengthening but whether the warring strengthenings endure exceling law counter unjust commerce practices, and a proper bestowal order to endure some ‘rules of the game’ for competing unordered themselves [1] .

The tidings ‘proportionately advertising’ assigns to any find of advertising in which a commercecollision possessor attempts to possess pecuniary benefits from a homogeneousity among his effect, employment, or disgpursuit and that of a emulator. Proportionately clbequest may deviate in figure. They may evidently call a emulator or implicitly assign to him. They may either emphasize the homogeneousities or the distinctions among the proceeds. They may besides set-forth that the promulged effect is ‘rectify than’ or ‘as amicogent as’ the emulator’s [2] . In rudimentary words; proportionately advertising is a find of advertising in which two or prefer disgraces of corresponding common proceeds are assimilated in tidingss of one or prefer proceeds or attributes. These plans are adapted to exaltedincompact the habits of the amiables and employments offered by the promulger as assimilated to those of a emulator. Although, proportionately plan has not been fixed in the Indian decree, the UK Regulations settle it as an plan which “evidently or by involution, identifies a emulator or amiables or employments offered by a emulator ” [3] .

Comparative Advertising is besides used in collective campaigns, where it generates prefer counterarguments and fewer fount derogations than denying collective advertising does. This effect may be due to the irrelative styles of advice’ processing that the two types of missives prefer. However, consumers defensenear to denying collective missives confront them near beneficial for determination making and endure prefer denying collocations towards collective campaigns than do consumers defensenear to collective advertising. [4] 

A aggravatelook of plans conducted in US reveals that there are three categories into which all plans lapse [5] :

1. Non proportionately plans that do not assign to a competing effect either quickly or interveniently.

2. Inquickly proportionately plans that assigns to a competing effect in an uncognate deportment.

3.Directly proportionately plans in which a competing effect is particularally calld or recognizably introduce-uponed.

Advertising progress into the latest two categories could be assignred to as proportionately advertising. opening in some countries one or twain kinds of proportionately plans are discoverd, some countries do not admit either of the two kinds. Accordingly, the polite-mannered-mannered-mannered discoverd tag row in the UK(which admits twain finds of proportionately advertising delay infallible restrictions) in the plans for Carlsberg lager-“Probably the best lager in the universe”, cannot be used in Germany(which does not admit proportionately plan at all), as it would transfer to an involution that all other lager are supplemental to Carlsberg, thereby progress into the order of inquickly proportionately plans. [6] 

Comparative advertising unconcealedly possesses two components, puffery and denigration. Puffery is where the promulger seeks to induce the consumer’s watchfulness by making consummate clbequest encircling his effect that are protestions of idea, rather than verificogent set-forthments of actualty. Repeatedly puffery crosses the provisos of tolerance and seeks to describe the competing effect in a denying incompact. The corresponding is then said to sum to denigration, which the flatters endure strictly prohibited. Thus, the representative investigation that repeatedly arises is to what token proportionately advertising may be unpopular. The defense lies in enlargeing a obvious sense of the irreconcilcogent profits of the manifold stakeholders compromised, including the promulger, the emulator and the consumer. The promulger’s extrinsic herein is to introduce-upon his proceeds in a deportment such that the consumer is most relishly to dissipation it. On the other operative the emulator would regularly try to nullify any advertising that bequest at denigrating his effect or finds lapseacious titles, or uses his effect as a test which the promulger clbequest to excel. The hapnear consumer confronts himself in the intermediate of a inelegance of titles, and has the proper to be accurately sensible encircling the figure or benefit of the proceeds beneficial in the negotiation. [7] 


The onus of masterful advertising in India has been antecedent by a spacious attire of governmental authorities and benchs, but introduce-upnarrowly there exists no ardent statutory arrangement to processize the dissemination of fabrication or objurgatory representative through such medium [8] . Primarily, stuffs cognate to lapseacious and betraying advertising were adjudicated upon by the Monopolies and Restrictive Commerce Practices (‘MRTP’) Commission, constituted beneath the Monopolies and Restrictive Commerce Practices Act, 1969 (‘MRTP Act’). The Act fixed an ‘unjust commerce practice’ beneath separation 36A to compmount any lapseacious truthfulness of amiables delay reverence to their figure, sum or benefit. The victuals besides incorporated the separation that a carelessness or pledge of operation or durability of the effect, if not excelingly substantiated, would sum to an unjust commerce practice [9] . Further, to promulge a ‘fallacious or betraying actualty objurgatory the amiables, employments or commerce of another person’ too was brought delayin the ambit of the corresponding [10] . However, the MRTP Act was rearwards repealed by power of separation 66 of the Two-of-a-commerce Act, 2002.

The Monopolies and Restrictive Commerce Practices Commission, delay assignence to intensifying two-of-a-commerce in the post-liberalised India, was describing a plaint antecedently it as ‘another allowcogent conflict among two multinational oppidan giants making this Commission as a conflictfield for the mind [11] .

The Commerce Marks Act collects that a registered commercecollision is infringed by any advertising of that commerce collision if such advertising takes unjust habit and is opposed to sincere practices in industrial or tokenetcogent stuffs, is pernicious to its relieved figure, or is counter the kind of the commerce collision [12] . Separation 30(1) of the corresponding act collects an separation to the aggravate administration stating that such plan would not sum to violation if the use of such collision lapses delayin purscene of sincere practices’. This implies that sincere practices are mandatory for proportionately advertising delayout which it would sum to commercecollision violation

In the absence of an auxiliary statutory arrangement ardent to the maxim of advertising, the activity itself has sought to enliberal a mould for geting self-maxim in the find of the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) [13] . The corresponding is a non-statutory bench comprising an denomination of promulgers auxiliary in 1985. The ASCI lie on the find and deportment of proportionately advertising has been laid out in Chapter IV of the body’s Code for Self Maxim in Advertising [14] . It is set-forthd herein that plans containing homogeneousitys delay competing creators and sellers are orderly in the profits of nervous two-of-a-commerce and at-immunity dissemination of advice, topic to the followingcited demandments entity satisfied:

a) It is obvious what aspects of the promulger’s effect are entity assimilated delay what aspects of the emulator’s effect.

(b) The topic stuff of homogeneousity is not selected in such a way as to introduce an simulated habit upon the promulger or so as to signify-to that a rectify negotiation is offered than is truthfully the plaint.

(c) The homogeneousitys are actualtyual, accurate and desircogent of corroboration.

(d) There is no relishlihood of the consumer entity wandering as a effect of the homogeneousity, whether encircling the effect promulged or that delay which it is assimilated.

(e) The plan does not unjustly denigrate, assault or infamy other proceeds, promulgers or plans, quickly or by involution. [15] 


In an era where the polite-mannered-mannered universe is investigateed as one global village, commercemarks portray an investigatecogent role to separate the proceeds of one office progeny from another. Tradecollision can be fixed as a collision or dispose which separatees one effect from other effect of homogeneous figure [16] . Its aim is to test the fount of a effect and to separate that effect from effect of homogeneous figure. It lends alienation to a effect which succors the customers to test the effect placed delay proceeds of homogeneous kinds. Commerce collision not narrowly identifies the effect of its origin but it besides guaranties its unchanged figure and prefer succors to plant a disgpursuit copy by promulges the proceeds. In a rat pursuit to introduce-upon their proceeds as the best, companies inoculate advertising techniques that find use of commercemarks, commerce calls, and other commerce disposes combining adviceal and insinuating elements. Not narrowly has the use of their own commercecollision gained popularity besides the use of their counterpart’s commerce collision is rooted infectious up. In Advertising and National Interest [17] , Ralph Brown argues that commercemarks by themselves were worthnear to the national; the national’s profit inhered in the ability of commerce dispose to infind and nullify laziness. He prefer protests that the allowcogent guard exclusive commerce collision should be driven by decomposition of the token to which advertising itself obeyd national profit.

The law on proportionately advertising and effect impairment, in agreement to commercemarks, in India, is grounded upon the law as laid down in Irving’s Yeast Vite Ltd v FA Horse-nail [18] . Separation 29(8) of The Trademarks Act, 1999 enunciates situations, when the use of a commercecollision in advertising can constitute violation. It says that any advertising which is not in correspondence delay sincere practices; or is pernicious to the relieved figure, or to the disposition of the collision, shall be an act constituting violation. At the corresponding duration Separation 30 (1) finds proportionately advertising an separation, to acts constituting violation beneath Separation 29. It collects that any advertising which is in correspondence delay sincere practices, and does not account disadvantage to the relieved figure or to the disposition of the commercecollision get be orderly and get not constitute violation.


Article 19 (1) (a) of the Constitution of India protects the proper to at-libertydom of harangue and indication. It is very investigatecogent for us to excite proviso 19 (1) (a) of the Constitution in agreement to proportionately advertising. The at-libertydom of harangue and indication besides has provisoations but the corresponding is unpopular by impressive unintoxicated restrictions by the set-forth beneath proviso 19 (2) of the Constitution [19] . Now the investigation is that whether the tokenetcogent harangue can be defended beneath proviso 19 (1) (a) of the Constitution. In the plaint of “Tata Press Ltd. vs Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd.” [20] , the Supreme Flatter held that “marketcogent harangue cannot be robbed the guard of Proviso 19(1) (a) of the Constitution narrowly beaccount the corresponding is issued by officemen”. Flatter took a very spacious solution of the Proviso 19(1) (a) of the Constitution Supreme Flatter held that advertising as a ‘marketcogent harangue’ has two facets. Advertising which is no prefer than a tokenetcogent negotiation is, nonetheless, dissemination of advice reverenceing the effect promulged. National at liberal is benefited by the advice made beneficial through the plan. In a unarculca arrangement, at-immunity progress of tokenetcogent advice is requisite. There cannot be sincere and meagre negotiationing by the national at liberal delayout entity educated by the advice disseminated through plans. The economic order in a democracy would be operativeicapped delayout there entity at-libertydom of ‘marketcogent harangue’. Supreme Flatter besides set-forthd that the national at liberal has a proper to assent-to the ‘marketcogent harangue’. Proviso 19(1) (a) not narrowly pledges at-libertydom of harangue and indication; it besides protects the propers of an separateicular to hear, discover, and assent-to the said harangue. So the Supreme Flatter held that a face has a proper to promulge its effect making laudation encircling its figure. Plan entity a tokenetcogent harangue which is a separate of the at-libertydom of harangue is pledged beneath proviso 19(1). (a) of the Constitution and it can besides be unpopular beneath Proviso 19 (2) if it fulfils its elements.

Court was of the scene that nationality and plan of one’s effect delay mind of boosting sales is a allowcogent negotiationing diplomacy. Flatter has laid down manifold principles in deciding encircling the token of proportionately plan.

Comparative advertising must assimilate proceeds discourse the corresponding needs or intentional for the corresponding mind.

Comparative advertising should evidently or implicitly find obvious what homogeneousity is made.

A plaint of impairment arises narrowly if effect in investigation is identifiable. Unifomity delay another or auxiliary effect that does not signify to separateicular disgrace, cannot introduce mount to impairment.

For impairment, a trodden assignence to competitive disgpursuit is not indispensable. Plain an uncognate assignencing that can test a separateicular disgpursuit may transfer to a plaint of impairment.

Comparative advertising should not mistransfer consumers encircling emulator’s effect delay which homogeneousity is made.

A creator is entitled to find exaggerations relish his amiables are the best, or in puffing deportment assimilate his amiables delay emulators’, and the corresponding plain if lapseacious, get not introduce a separation of resuscitation to other creators of homogeneous effect, unnear in doing so the creator says that his emulator’s amiables are bad, or decrys and defy them.

This finds obvious that at-libertydom of harangue and indication does not enjoin reproach and it would be a insignificant far-fetched to say that an promulger has the immunity to decry the effect of his emulator delayout any impede, beneath the grab of at-libertydom of harangue. The satire dross, that although it is one creature to say that your effect is rectify than that of a emulate and it is another creature to say that his effect is supplemental to your effect, peaceful opening protesting the cessation, the mysterious missive may be the finder, but that is infallible in the plaint of a homogeneousity. Opening comparing two proceeds, the promulged effect get, but naturally, endure to be shown as rectify. [21] 

Comparative Advertising-Consumer’s Perspective

Comparative Advertising if seen in a consumer perspective it communicates the distinction among two amiables in the negotiation and communicate the consumer why he should opt for the promulgers effect. [22] 

One of the most efficacious processs for advertising a effect is to assimilate it delay competitive offerings. Side-by-policy or “A-B” homogeneousitys can collect prospective customers delay compelling argues to buy from the corporation. They can besides succor plant exactness for its effect. Subconsciously, the prospective customer says: “Who would endanger making a trodden homogeneousity if they didn’t endure somecreature truthfully excellent?” Johnson and Johnson endow this out the solid way when Proctor and Gamble introduced Whisper delay a trodden homogeneousity of the manifold features that were new in their effect as opposed to Careat-immunity delayout uniformly naming Careat-immunity quickly. [23] 

The homogeneousity of amiables and employments collects prefer advice and thus educates consumers in induction a rectify determination. The promulgers in India unconcealedly assimilate the figures that produce to the status invoke of the ultimatum populations as 30% of Indians feed beneath the order of intermediate dispose which is the most growing consumer negotiation and they are besides benefitted delay the proportionately plans.

From the inquiry effected in India and aloof reverenceing the consumer reactions to the proportionately advertising, it is obvious that it succors in enlightening customers on the proportionately features of two competitive disgraces. It is an efficacious lieing machine as polite-mannered-mannered. [24] Few promulgers scene the proportionately advertising as fetid but from the servicecogent proof so far, it is an current actualty that consumers are entity benefitted by the proportionately plans. In Indian negotiation, as mentioned aggravate there has been a sea-change following the portico of LPG policies. Brands that were investigateed to be of very exalted figure delay serviceablely no two-of-a-commerce endure lost out to other interpolitical disgraces, delay the space up of our negotiations and delay the increasing awareness of the consumers encircling the proceeds. Proportionately plan truthfully introduces an opening to succor consumers not narrowly to flow on which effect is rectify but besides what is best suited for him. [25] 

Consumers unconcealedly do not music figure antecedently dissipation. Prices cannot relevant figure. The rooteds rival for customers by advertising their figure. We chief excite a undefiled unveiling framework. If a rooted promulges, it discovers the truth; it cannot misreintroduce as such. Assimilate two scenarios. In the chief rooteds can narrowly vouch in non-proportionately advertising, i.e., a rooted may discaggravate its own figure but not the emulator’s. In the remedy scenario, the rooteds can besides vouch in proportionately advertising. In twain scenarios advertising is valucogent and rooteds may, consequently, select to dpolite speechless. [26] 

Some studies endure investigationed the efficaciousness of proportionately advertising. Swinyard endow that when it is one-sided, proportionately advertising loses exactness and generates congeniality for the disgpursuit entity assaulted. [27] A investigate by Ogilvy-Mather, a liberal ad action, endow that consumers regularly disconstitute the sponsor for the emulator in manifold proportionately ads. Furthermore, there was no insinuatingness of proportionately and non-proportionately ads. [28] On the other operative, other studies endure endow that if the fount is probable, proportionately plan is efficacious. For illustration, Gotlieb and Sarel endow that probcogent proportionately ads were prefer relishly to be notices and were prefer relishly to bias intentions to buy the promulged disgpursuit assimilated delay non proportionately ads. They besides endow that probcogent proportionately ads were separateicularly efficacious for new proceeds. Swinyard endow that exactness can best be achieved by making proportionately ads two policyd-that is, a proportionately ad that calls a emulator, cites some of the habits of the proportionately disgrace, and then tops out the arguments for the promulged disgrace. [29] 

Marketers should besides investigate consumer’s pur-pose when preparing proportionately ads. Promotion-focused consumers, whose pur-pose is to maximise their gains and independent consumers, get be prefer obedient to clbequest that Disgpursuit X is excellent to Disgpursuit Y; nullifyion-focused consumers, who omission to minimize their dropping and endanger, get be prefer sceptical of excellentity clbequest and prefer obedient to clbequest that Disgpursuit X is homogeneous or equipollent to Disgpursuit Y. Music that independently framed proportionately missives(Brand X performs rectify than Disgpursuit Y) are prefer efficacious for preferment-focused consumers, when-in-fact denyingly framed missives(Brand Y has prefer problems than Disgpursuit X) are prefer efficacious for nullifyion-focused consumers. Categorically framed proportionately missives prefer prefer sensitive processing and active consumers to investigate other disgpursuit advice-sparking their buying intentions if the subjoined advice supports the independent arguments. [30] 

But the proportionately plan should token to the proviso that it betrays the consumer. Any misadvice get be injury to the consumers. Abuses in advertising can palpably endure wretched proceeds on consumers ranging from currency on item that did not feed up to the test, expectancy, figure and efficaciously but proceeds in exposed accidents effecting from the mistruthfulness of ordinary amiables. [31] 

Humour In Advertising [32] 

Marketers use witty missives beaccount they swing watchfulness and beaccount promulgers figure that humour can be insinuating. The use of humour in advertising has been increasing to the top where the seniority of ads use humour. one argue is that a 2002 aggravatelook by Roper, a liberal negotiationing inquiry rooted, endow that 85 percent of respondents said they relish ads delay witty themes.

There are pros and cons for the use of humour in advertising. On the independent policy, humour is relishly to extension watchfulness and memorability. It is besides relishly to improve the promulger’s exactness. Humour may cause a independent pathos towards the promulgers and extension the insinuatingness of the missive. It may besides convulse consumers who use competitive proceeds from enlargeing arguments counter the promulger’s disgpursuit and may transfer them to confirm the missive.

Humour may besides be investigateed impertinent grounded on the economic and collective temperature. When is the use of humour most efficacious? Researchers endure endow that humour is most efficacious in gaining missive confirmance-

when consumers are not compromised- beaccount humour is peripheral to the missive, it is prefer relishly to bias consumers who are not compromised delay the effect than those who are.

for stout proceeds- advertising new proceeds demand conveying advice. Humour is a prefer efficacious resources of establishing a feeling than of conveying advice.

When consumers endure a independent collocation towards the disgrace- humour can recreate independent pathoss towards a disgrace, but is unslight to change denying pathoss.

Why Consumer Protection? [33] 

Consumer has no language in the effect which is pretended for his decrement.

It is very arduous to efficaciously constitute consumers in say as enormous as India.

A seniority of the population is unstudious and uninformed.

Poverty, delaydrawal of education, delaydrawal of misinstruction, transmitted prospect of Indians to endure in still, investigateing need and bleeding-heart as a god-abandoned creatures-all these denying policys of our animation endure enabled unconscientious officeman to act consumers in India.

The lag of comprehension and technology has extensiond the arduousies of the consumer along delay his opportunities of excerption from a very spacious difference of amiables.


Indian Judiciary has fixed infallible provisoations for proportionately advertising. Infallible plaints discussed under get succor us to absolve prefer on this tidings.

The role of puffery as a facet of proportionately advertising was substantively dealt delay by an Indian flatter for the chief duration in Reckitt & Colman of India Ltd. v. M.P. Ramchandran and Anr. [34] In the unquiet stuff, the accuser and prisoner were creators of clocreature detergent disgraces ‘Robin Blue’ and ‘Ujala’, respectively. It was contended by the accuser that the prisoner, in its plan, had intentionally displayed a container that was homogeneous to the one in which the accuser’s effect was sold, and in reverence to which the accuser had a registered pur-pose. A prefer allusion to the effect of the accuser was in the suppositious effect entity figured at Rs. 10, which was discoverd to be the figure at which ‘Robin Blue’ was sold. The plan went on to set-forth that the said effect ‘Blue’ was uneconomical, and depicted that the corresponding was a effect of past technology and future petty. There was besides an involution that the effect failed to disperse efficaciously in soak, and future damaged vestments by leaving cerulean patches on them. It was argued by the prisoner that the bottle depicted in the plan did not endure any similitude to ‘Robin Blue’, and that the motive of the describeal had been narrowly to protest the technological excellentity of ‘Ujala’ aggravate other competing proceeds. Hence, it was robbed that there was any particular impairment of ‘Robin Blue’ in the unquiet plan.

In M. Balasundram v Jyothi Laboratories [35] , A television plan promoting Ujala mellifluous cerulean showed that 2-3 drops were exceling to convey impressive whiteness of vestments opening divergent spoons of other disgraces were demandd though no letter of any other disgpursuit was shown. A lady tenure a bottle of Ujala was looking down on another bottle and exclaiming chhi, chhi, chhi! in abhorrence. The creators of Regaul, a competing disgrace, approached the MRTP Commission that the plan was objurgatory its amiables. The Commission was of the scene that-“a uninfluenced title to excellentity in the figure of one’s effect by itself is not qualified to swing separation 36(1)(x) of MRTP Act”. In the plan, the bottle did not propel any letter. Further, the bottle did not endure homogeneousity delay bottle of any disgrace. The Commission, thus, was of the idea that it could not be a plaint of impairment of amiables.

On a irrelative music determination introducen by the flatter in plaint of Hindustan Lever Limited v Colgate Palmofeed (I) Limited [36] and Pepsi Co Inc v Hindustan Coca Cola Ltd [37] , where twain Colgate and Hindustan Coca Cola Ltd stingy for objurgatory their emulators’ proceeds, respectively. Plain though in twain plans the emulator’s effect call could not be heard but could palpably be made out from lip change-of-place. Such a process of circumventing the law was held to lapse palpably delayin the ambit of impairment. The flatters prefer set-forthd that any clbequest made in proportionately plans must be backed by verificogent statistical axioms.

Precedents relish the one laid down in Dabur India Ltd. v. Emami Ltd [38] . could severely discontinue the liberty of proportionately advertising. Jurisprudentially momentous, the concept of reproach has to be particular or separateicularized in figure [39] . In the introduce-upon plaint, the flatters appear to endure aggravatelooked this preface, as the flatter’s reigning in the plaint laid down that plain a assignence to a common dispose of proceeds could be theoretically objurgatory. This could be sceneed as exposed antecedent as it would disadmit a emulator to plain find homogeneousitys on a unconcealed basis. Hypothetically if the newly agoing Tata Nano were to put out an plan giving out the collision that bike possessors could ‘progress’ in animation by graduating to a car, then grounded on the narration of this plaint, any bike corporation would be cogent to successfully sue Tata for impairment [40] .


In India there’s no hesitate that the law reverenceing to proportionately advertising is polite-mannered-mannered-mannered fixed, but is it fixed in the demandd deportment? By copiously admiting puffing up in negotiationing strategies, until a emulator is not adversely monstrous, the flatters endure coagulated a unseeing eye towards the equivalent investigatecogent consumer and his profits. Today in the Indian rank the convergence narrowly appears troddened towards the grabbing of eyeballs, delayout providing any efficacious advice for the consumer to husband. The extrinsic after proportionately advertising was not narrowly entity enlightenative and an investigatecogent machine to prefer two-of-a-commerce but for homogeneousitys to obey as benchmarks to succor consumers convergence on the effect’s deep qualities.


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Let’s have a closer look at the simple steps you need to go through for submitting your order:

Fill in the order form.

Be sure to include specific instructions regarding your paper and to upload any of the required materials. If you have any questions while specifying your paper’s information, just click on the info sign at the end of every field name and you will see a detailed tip on what exact information is required.

Proceed with the payment.

After you are through with the order form, you will need to make a payment via a preferable system. Right after that, you will be automatically provided with your personal order page where you can track your order’s progress, provide additional requirements, and send messages to your writer or support manager.

A personal writer is assigned to your order.

Our qualified staff will choose the most suitable writer whose skills and experience match your field of study and paper’s details. In case the writer must have any particular software or literature in order to get the assignment done, please do not forget to mention this in your initial instructions.

Your paper is completed and delivered to your personal order page.

When the writer finishes your paper, it is delivered to your personal order page as a PDF document, available for preview only. You will be able to download an editable MS Word version of the order right after you click the “Approve” button in the “Files” tab of your personal order page. If any changes are to be applied to the paper, you are always welcome to request a free revision with a new deadline for the writer (be sure to check more information about this in our revision policy).

You can check how easy the process is by going to the order page and submitting your paper details right now.

Is there a money-back guarantee? If yes, how can I receive a refund?

You can get more details about possible types and terms of refunds on our official money-back guarantee page.

How will I receive a completed paper?

You will get the first version of your paper in a non-editable PDF format within the deadline. You are welcome to check it and inform us if any changes are needed. If everything is okay, and no amendments are necessary, you can approve the order and download the .doc file. If there are any issues you want to change, you can apply for a free revision and the writer will amend the paper according to your instructions.

If there happen to be any problems with downloading your paper, please contact our support team.

What if I’m not satisfied with my order?

If your paper needs some changes, you can apply for a free revision that is available for 7 days after your paper is approved. To use this option, you have a “Revision” button on your personal page.

After the 7-day period, you cannot apply for a free revision, though you still can use a paid revision option. The price of such a revision will differ depending on the number of amendments needed to be done. Please contact our support team to find out how we can help you with the amendments to your paper.

If you think our writer didn’t manage to follow your instructions, and as a result, your paper is of poor quality, please contact us and we will do our best to solve the problem.

If the revisions didn’t give the desired result, you can apply for a refund. Our dispute department will process your inquiry to find out what kind of refund we can give you. To find out more, please visit our money-back guarantee page.

How do I request a refund?

You can’t apply for a refund on certain stages of your order, like when the order is not finished by the writer yet.

When the paper is delivered, the “Refund” button on your personal order page becomes clickable.

On the relevant tab of your personal order page, you will also be able to choose the type of refund you’re demanding and the reason why you applying for it. As soon as you do that, our dispute department will start working on your inquiry. All kinds of refunds concerning the quality or the lateness of your paper should be requested within 14 days from the time the paper was delivered, as in 14 days your paper, will be automatically approved.

Your inquiry should be submitted by clicking the “Refund” button on your personal order page only.