Swot Analysis For Lucozade Energy And Sport Drink Marketing Essay

Planning an integrated chaffering despatch for a assemblage is significant (Schultz, Tannenbaum & Lauterborn, 1993) owing by using IMC a emanations and custom can be beneficial to apprehend target chaffer portionation and conditioning (Yeshin, 1998). However, Integrated Marketing Despatch is a framework that involves contemplationning, executing, evaluating and guiding opposed tools of despatch to operatively declare succeeding a while target assembly (Kitchen, Kitchen & Pelsmacker, 2004). In conjunction, it involves the asking of models of IMC contemplationning. It indicates to indicate glide of missive and the use of instrument.

Sports Ardor Drain is one of the most approved amongst the youthfulsters as a outfollow of increasing attention in diversions activities. Diversion Ardor Drain is neat a growing diligence and beverage diligence tends to endue over. Manufacturing companies are too striving to use operative chaffering mix for their ardor drains. This tract introduce to eliminate an IMC contemplation of Lucozade Ardor Drink, a courteous-behaved-behaved unconcealed designate in the chaffer, for unfair target chaffer.

Since IMC refers to the integration of all chaffering despatch tools, functions and springs conducive in a assemblage, it maximizes the property on consumers.


Lucozade Ardor is the designate of the disgrace manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline [1] and there are opposed sundry other ardor and diversions drains inferior the umbrella of Lucozade disgrace designate (Dibb & Simkin, 2001). The Lucozade is an ardor drain. It sells its disgrace in UK, (Gilligan & Wilson, 2003). Besides UK and USA, it is too conducive in other reckonries. In 2007, Lucozade Diversion introduced a new sub-brand, Lucozade Diversion succeeding a while Caffeine Boost. Lucozade Diversion succeeding a while Caffeine Boost has 16mg of Caffeine per 100ml. Caffeine is a provocative for-the-most-dissect used in a miscellany of diversion drain and used by sundry diversionsmen to reform twain supernatural and corporeal act. The other ardor drain of Lucozade life isontonic is straightway fascinated in the bloodstream and hydrates faster than insinuate. It contains carbohydrates that administer fuel to free muscles, preventing want and prolonging act.

The diversions drain frequently target the youthfulsters irrespective of gender who are concerned in diversions activities (Dibb & Simkin, 1994).

Step 2: SWOT Analysis for Lucozade Ardor and Diversion Drink

Lucozade diversion ardor drain disgrace is a UK low disgrace and too administer the emanations in other reckonries (Lagae, 2005). Analyzing powers, weaknesses, opportunities and browbeatings helps in the chaffering contemplationning, attempt, and conclusive fortunate outfollow (Fill, 1999).


Selling Relationship: Lucozade has power to incline the customers, gives next outfollow and its emanation is lowd on customers’ needs, thus Lucozade has big germinative to accept cheerful selling alliance in suppliess of inclineing over and over customers, satisfying their needs and next supplies of their required emanations (Kotler, Keller & Brady, 2009).

History: Lucozade is a disgrace and it has truth equal in USA (Wenner & Jackson, 2009). It has already sponsored sundry diversions equalts and observe eager to sponsoring the diversions equalts in USA as courteous-behaved.

Basic Consumer Need: The United States of America is one of those reckonries where diversions activities are most dissecticipated and there are aggregate of customers who strive to boosting ardor, reaching power and renovation by diversions drains (Shilbury, Quick & Westerbeek, 1998), accordingly, Lucozade has big custom to husband its power as it offers aggregate of diversion ardor drain.

Large and Growing Market: In 2008, the sale of diversions sustentation was appreciated at $2.9bn (€2.4bn) in the United States, and forecasted to growth to $3.5bn (€2.9bn) by 2013.

Different Flavors and Packages: Lucozade offers enumerate of relishs to its users such as orange-colored, cherry, apple, and lemon, rhetorical and primordial. The cherished in relishs enables the customers to seek their idol relish equal in ardor drain (Beech & Chadwick, 2007).

Low Costs: Lucozade impute inferior appreciate for its ardor emanations than other emanations be in America Gatorade and Powerade (Shank, 2004).


Lack of Awareness and Knowledge: Comparatively to Powerade and Gatorade, Lucozade has short approvedity and there is succeeding a whiledrawal of awareness and apprehension environing the Lucozade emanations in the USA (Jarvie, 2006).

Negative Claim: Lucozade has been donation a emanation succeeding a while alcohol that is tarnishing the idea of diversion ardor emanation.

Traditional Preservation: Lucozade system its emanations using oral security technique; singly ice cooling can preserve the drain refinement, and cheerful refinement of drain can be monstrous when drain is icy.

Narrow Dispose of Material: Lucozade offers diversion ardor drain and this gives it vulnerpower in grudge of the reality that there is dispose of relish but there is no dispose of embodied (Schlossberg, 1996).


New Packaging Materials: There is succeeding a whiledrawal of convergence on the packaging embodied in diversion ardor drain diligence, Lucozade can perform the most of this convenience by giving eye-catching and seeking packaging that can equaltually helps to growth the sales by inclineing over customers (Graham, Goldblatt & Neirotti, 2001).

Reassign Alcoholic Drinks: The intake of Alcohol in USA is larger than any other eliminateed reckonry. By using cheerful chaffering manoeuvre, target assembly can be persuaded to use ardor drain rather than alcoholic which is injurious for soundness.

Replacement of Tea and Coffee: The intake of tea and coffee is fast growing and they are neat a balance of addiction in USA (Milne & McDonald, 1999). The surplus use of caffeine through tea and coffee can mischief the stomach and interior, on the other operative, Lucozade ardor drain can be steeped surplusively succeeding a whileout having any mischief.


Existing Products: In the beence of already certain diversion ardor emanations such as Gatorade and Powerade, Lucozade succeed browbeating to preserve its sale.

Inoperative Marketing Strategy: Gatorade and Powerade enjoy over than 65 % of the diversion ardor drain diligence in the USA and there is browbeating that chaffering manoeuvre to penetrate or re-penetrate into such chaffer can be petty.

Marketing Planning for Lucozade

Situation Analysis

Internal Factors:

Promotional Capabilities: Promotional capabilities of Lucozade are robuster as it has already used furtheranceal techniques in UK. Amongst sundry furtheranceal techniques TV advertising, offline chaffering such as trains, gyms, cinemas and restaurants or supply, and the most fortunate and operative chaffering is diversions and corporeal air assign.

Prior Promotional Programs: As a outfollow of lentous emulation in the chaffer, Lucozade needs to adopt American cultural trends, incorporating it in the emanations seek in packaging, bottling and labeling.

Brand Image: Lucozade has built a disgrace idea in UK succeeding the efforts of decades. However, Lucozade is not very approved in US chaffer yet it has created a disgrace idea by its chaffering manoeuvre of sponsoring diversion equalts in UK. Marketing contemplationning bigly involves romance of disgrace idea owing it seeks the coming sale of emanation.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Emanation or Service: Lucozade has been negotiative in fortunate chaffering in UK and has power to incline the target customers by disgrace manoeuvre. Lucozade can dedicate robust chaffering manoeuvre and contemplationning. On the other operative, to penetrate into chaffer succeeding a while no dissimilitude can be vulnerpower of Lucozade emanations, owing customers promote the emanation that is operative as courteous-behaved-behaved as opposed in suppliess of enhanced temper and service.

External Factors:

Customer Analysis: In 2002, manufacturers and eliminateers of diversion ardor drain are targeting dowager and kids too owing singly virile customers do not perform ample of the sale. Moreover, they indicate to fluctuate the target assembly in suppliess of age collocation and apprehend older adults in their chaffering portionation. The USA chaffer is abundantly fortunate in inclineing powerfulbodied youthful viriles to frequently habit patterns.

Competitive Analysis: According to chaffer competitive environment Gatorade is the chaffer dominator and portion-outs this condition succeeding a while Powerade’s and has preferpowerful chaffering budget and appreciate cut.

Environsupernatural Analysis: Sports ardor drains accept beseem an significant and dynamic dissect of the American lifestyle succeeding a while the increasing dissecticipation in diversions activities. Moreover, beverage diligence has now confirmed to $2 billion to $3 billion in 2002 in USA.

GlaxoSmithKline now contemplations to dilate its classification and enlarge its Lucozade ardor drain in the US as the soundnesscare hercules observes to dilate it departed the UK chaffer.

Marketing Objectives

The main externals of the chaffering are to eliminate a harmonious and firmly-fixed disgrace condition concurrently succeeding a while other disgrace herculess seek Gatorade and Powerade. Moreover, it succeed abundantly convergence on increasing the awareness environing the emanation. In the principal stride of awareness program, manoeuvre succeed be drawn to perform acknowledgment of emanation by mighty and latter apprehension of disgrace emanation and missive.

Marketing Manoeuvre and Program

In dispose to terminate overhead externals, opposed balances of furtherance succeed be used such as instrument advertising, diversion equalt sponsoring and integrated sponsorship succeeding a while chaffering mix.

Step 1 Target Segment

Customer Characteristics line and Buying Condition are significant to indicate the chaffering manoeuvre of Lucozade. Customer characteristics teach the customers’ geographic, demographic, Socioeconomic, Psychographic characteristics. Buying condition refers to purchasing aim, benefits sought, habit and awareness of emanations.

Characteristics of Lucozade Customers

Main Dimensions

Segmentation Variables





a) California, Texas, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, New York, Washington.

b) Metropolitan, Urban




a) 10-20, 20-35

b) Virile & Female





a) $5,00-$10,00

b) High train graduates

c) novice, athlete, gymnastic etc





a) Aggressive & ambitious

b) Achievers & Strivers

c) Ablebodied Activities

Buying Condition for Lucozade

Purchasing Point



Departsupernatural supply, Supermarkets, exits

Mail, telemarketing, catalogue

Benefits Sought

Products feature


Source of Minute Energy

Low absorb, minute property & best temper customs


Usage rate

User Status

Medium & heavy

Athlete, gymnastic, diversionsmen

Awareness and Intention

Product Knowledge




Special effort

Current Status of Lucozade

At introduce Lucozade is a fortunate diversion ardor drain manufacturers and distributors in UK overover, it is going to enlarge its ardor drain emanations in the United States.

Identifying Positioning Strategy: Segmentation Process

Determine Approach: Lucozade introduce to enlarge its disgraces into USA diversion ardor drain chaffer through robust chaffering advance to incline consummation enumerate of customers and for this aim Lucozade indicated to fluctuate its target assembly and rather than singly convergenceing on athlete and youthful gymnastic, Lucozade succeed target dowager and teenagers concertedly succeeding a while virile athlete.

Select and Dedicate Base: Initially furtherance and advertising strategies can be applied on the youthful novices at train and schools, dowager at shopping mall or supplys and men at gym and other exertion activities assigns.

Reveal a Segment: the emanation succeed be enlargeed for twain virile and fevirile and for opposed age collocations such as 10-20, 20-30 and 30-45.

Target Marketing Selection

Selecting a target chaffer is one of the most basic firmnesss that a chaffering function has to perform and the coming prosperity of the emanations abundantly exist on the eligible and amend attainpowerful target chaffering.

Determine Aggregate of Chaffer to penetrate: the chaffering manoeuvre for Lucozade ardor emanations two opposed emblem of population succeed be targeted such as men, women and diversionsmen and no diversionsmen. The population targeted succeed be from average and preferpowerful classes who can easily administer to buy diversion ardor drain on frequently account. In conjunction, diversionsidiosyncratic succeeding a whilein organizations and out of organizations either in train, school or gym succeed be the most germinative customer.



Product Place



Determine Which Portion offered is Potential: Segments mentioned in overhead minority are all significant in suppliess of target assembly but amongst them diversionsman and diversionsdowager are over adapted and accept over germinative.

Develop a Positioning Strategy

The fictitious manoeuvre of Lucozade has germinative to terminate the chaffering portion by forthcoming the chaffering contemplationning. Moreover, it has team of fictitious artist and accesses all instrument spring to achieve the goals. Fictitious manoeuvre is misspend and meets the requirements of USA diversion ardor drain diligence chaffer.

At introduce, Lucozade has chaffering experiment singly in UK but has researched environing the quantitatives of USA chaffer in suppliess of their chaffer and emanations trends.

Lucozade ardor disgrace needs to penetrate into American chaffer and establishing its assign by adopting operative chaffering tools and forthcoming chaffering strategies contemplationned. Lucozade strives a harmonious and firmly-fixed condition in USA chaffer and for this aim it succeed accept to survive in the domiciliary chaffer of USA concurrently succeeding a while other chaffer players and competitors.

The domiciliary chaffer of USA is courteous-behaved-behaved certain and competitive succeeding a while two hercules disgraces Gatorade and Powerade. Lucozade needs to reach chaffer assign in the intercourse of these disgraces.

Lucozade has been dedicateing a fortunate chaffering manoeuvre in UK, it has experiment of decades to perform assign in a chaffer. However, USA chaffer is new but not ununconcealed for Lucozade.

With the growing idea and sale in UK, Lucozade has earning of 40 % portion-out in the UK chaffer of diversion ardor drain. The assemblage contemplations to dilate it and contemplation to endue into other chaffer.

Step 3: Consumer Firmness Making Process

Problem Recognition: Perceiving a Need

There is a disencumbered dissimilitude in desired avow of needs and real provisions. An operative chaffering and advertising can trigger the needs of a idiosyncratic for the emanation. For an operative and prolific chaffering, it is significant to use integrated chaffering despatch which is powerful to embitter the animate of customer for the emanations. For this aim TV and internet advertising can be helpful owing it is prolific, operative and TV and internet is used by mighty of the fellow-creatures specially in sophisticated areas.

Information Search: Seeking Value

Internal and manifest spring of inquiry twain are quantitative in striveing appreciate of emanation. According to interior spring, idiosyncratical recalling and departed experiment of a emanation do reckon if the emanation is not recalled by a idiosyncratic it balances that emanation temper is not cheerful or not operative ample to be cherished. On the other operative, manifest inquiry realityor that apprehends idiosyncratical springs and friends or nativity, relies on the operative chaffering and comfortable to customary society. For making advertising operative and comfortable to recollect it is significant that emanation is endorsed and cognate to daily lives of customers.

Alternative Evaluation: Assessing Value

Particular society cognate emanation is significant in recollecting and recalling a disgrace. It plays a animate role in assessing the appreciate of a emanation and accordingly emanation temper and its plane of competency indicates the arrange in assessing the temper of emanation. However, it is feasible opposed to follow up succeeding a while such condition that performs Lucozade a emanation succeeding a while the chief arrange in the Diversion ardor drain, but robust and competitive chaffering concurrently succeeding a while miscellany and gentleman in claiming the missive, Lucozade can reach a chaffer assign.

Purchase Decision

Customers purchasing firmness is unquestionably monstrous by the needs but it is too monstrous by other realityors such as suppliess of sale, departed experiment buying from the seller, requite management and it all exist on a dissecticular supply or exit. On the repugnant, unfair era of purchasing such as supply sky, era exigency, a sale, cheerful shopping experiment too indicates the purchasing firmness of customers.

No chaffering manoeuvre can seek or fluctuate these provisions owing they change according to experiment and dissecticular era. In such plight, the external of Lucozade chaffering manoeuvre can be used to perform the customers convergence on the emanation appreciate by dedicateing operative and competent chaffering manoeuvre such as advertising disgrace sponsorship to diversion equalt.

Post-lapse Behavior: Appreciate in Consumption or Use

Post purchasing age is too significant to indicate the prosperity of chaffering manoeuvre of a emanation. If a customer experiment inconsistent of his trust he succeed not indicate to lapse the emanation in coming frequently.

For making post-purchasing age cheerful and definitive, it is nice that customers assent-to what he is told to assent-to and it can be terminated for Lucozade if emanation temper is according to how it is told through advertising.


Marketing is a animately significant realityor of a affair and it indicates the demand and prosperity of a affair emanation and disgrace. Therefore, it should be manufactured succeeding a while conceptual contemplationning and strategic techniques. Integrated Marketing despatch, that combines the ideas and techniques of instrument despatch, is widely applied for opposed emanation. Lucozade is diversion ardor drain disgrace and in dispose to enlarge its disgraces in the United States it needs to solder all wide and integrated chaffering despatch techniques. This tract apprehendd all those quantitative elements that are significant to meditate when analyzing the chaffering prospects for an interpolitical disgrace.

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