Strengths And Weaknesses Found In Victoria Bc Tourism Essay

Australia is the 12th puissantest dispensation in the cosmos-people1 by GDP; it is too the 5th state succeeding a period pristine percentage of older population in the cosmos-inhabitants and notwithstanding the cosmos-people’s recession, Australia continues vitality a perpetual dispensation. The retention in this state gains it a amiable target for outbound outingism towards outlandish consignments approve Victoria, BC in Canada.

By using a SWOT segregation, we get pristine evaluate the interior factors of our consignment by outlining the strengths and weaknesses set-up in Victoria BC as a itinerant office. In this search, we get warrant the characteristics that get aspect Victoria in competitive practices aggravate other cities in Canada or other consignments aggravateseas. Furthermore, in the corresponding segregation, we get superintend the palpable factors in Australia that get afford opportunities or denunciations favouring or hindering the cause of itinerant outrun towards Victoria BC.

In adduction, through a partyation segregation we get warrant targets that get reafford the primitive and minor partys that get beseem the rendezvous for a outingism trafficing temporization. Moreover, succeeding performing a party fascinatingness scrutiny, we get formulate a warning on the preferred party to traffic and aspect Victoria BC as a itinerant consignment for greater Australian visitors.


As a itinerant consignment for Australians, Victoria has puissant goods. First, it offers a difference of disposeions that caters to everyone from national entailment and autochthonic disposeions to outdoor and intrinsicness exploring opportunities. Second, Victoria clime is an practice aggravate other closer competitors. Vitality on oppooffice ends of the sphere, seasons among Victoria and Australia are oppooffice in span. During wane date in Australia, Victoria get be loveing the inhospitableness of June or July. In adduction, Victoria is known for the best clime in Canada which gains it an intellectual fix for outdoor activities all year crave.

Third, the geographic residuum offers sundry opportunities for outdoor activities, inhospitableness to wildlife, intrinsicness, abstract and deep office walks. “Consists chiefly of rolling lowlands interspersed succeeding a period granite rocks of up to 300m/985ft in climax. The city is terminable by deep on three sides. In the north and west, cliffs, spits and lagoons formed by smooth operation gain up partys of the shoreline. Elsewhere, the shoreline consists of beaches of pebble and sand punctuated succeeding a period coves. Several intensified estimatepoints in and environing the city procure a bird’s eye estimate of all this and balance”2.

Fourth, it affords unconcerned avenue to rural and metropolitan cities approve Vancouver and other itinerant consignments approve USA by ferry and airplanes in twain English speaking residuums. Furthermore, Victoria hosts current intermissionaurants that reafford the multicultural population of the island as courteous as resourceste lodgings which are at walking interval from the nucleus of the city.



Victoria’s main weaknesses behind from the noncommunication of awareness of the city as a itinerant consignment. Additionally, the excellent rivalry gains pilgrimage expenses excellenter and fewer recurrented interdiplomatic flights herebehind to and from victoria’s interdiplomatic Airport. Moreover, Canada as a total does not speedlihood heartiness advantages for introduce visitors. Lastly, shopping is made balance unamenable for itinerant due to excellent taxes in Canada.


There are some opportunities that Victoria should obobey in manage to boost their estimate of visitors: Incrrest awareness through outing operators, Develop agreements succeeding a period neighbour cities to aid affordable stumble packages, Develop sustainable and cultural outingism. Victoria should too catch practice of the cities’ vile characters succeeding a period Australia and their resembling motivations for outingism3 (sceneries, avenue to intrinsicness and outdoor activities, wildvitality and neighborhood to rural cities)


Victoria’s outingism perseverance can be denunciationened by other competitive traffics approve the USA, which due to vogue diminution afford themselves as balance fascinating and affordable consignments. Other closer competitors succeeding a periodin Australia, in Asia or Europe may as courteous afford a denunciation to the crave and valuable stumble to Victoria. Lastly, the unabsolved determination among Vancouver and Victoria may catch separate from the interdiplomatic eight to Victoria as a preferred itinerant consignment.

Segmentation Analysis

The Target partys are 17% of the Australian population who are 60 years or older and are speedlihood in metropolitan areas which according to the division of homogeneity, Greater courteous speedlihood in Australia reputed %73 on greaters speed in metropolitan areas. In adduction, the party get be rendezvoused on couples succeeding a period no upshot succeeding a period recital to %50 of the greater population in the state3. In adduction, according to The Conference consultation of Canada %40 of greaters in Australia speed in poverty4. This would permission a extremity of %60 greaters that could theoretically beseem the primitive target for this outingism trafficing scheme advantages4


– There are unanalogous types of greaters that I am enigmatical to target: the primitive partys are those greaters, who accept uninhabited and handle they lack to unstring, catch a stumble succeeding a period no burst and inhospitableness to a heartinessy environment succeeding a period sufficient avenue to Naturalness and Culture.

– The relieve party are greaters who accept either uninhabited or are encircling to behind a perioddraw and handle vitality is starting and demand to publicate now that they don’t accept the responsibility of result or origin.

-Metropolitan areas are balance valuable to speed in; accordingly the target party get accept reform financial retention and theoretically be receiving behind a perioddrawment from advantage. The inbehind cause may declare that a party of this collection accept behind a perioddrawment plans savings and or investments.


Broad Traffic Segmentation

Golden Age Traveler

Cultural & Entailment Profit Travelers

Geographic Segmentation

Australian greater citizens, baby boomers who accept puissantest profit in ecotourism and cultural entailment disposeions such as

historic offices, museums, intrinsicness, parks and wildvitality inhospitableness

Australian greater citizens, who accept the Profit in abrupt stumbles succeeding a period outdoor activities approve sightseeing, golfing, shopping, gambling and unconcerned avenue to rural and other itinerant consignment

Demographic Segmentation

Retired married couples succeeding a period graduate studies and no upshot speedlihood at settlement age 65 and aggravate speedlihood in metropolitan areas

High Inbehind Married Couples succeeding a period no upshot speedlihood at settlement age 60 and aggravate speedlihood in metropolitan areas

Psychographic Segmentation

Self-sufficient inhabitants, origin oriented, homogeneity values who love honest pilgrimageing, inhospitableness to intrinsicness and environmentally sensible succeeding a period are profit in exploring other cultures

High ill-conditioned inbehind succeeding a period erratic vitalitystyle, love socializing succeeding a period other inhabitants of corresponding profit and behold for outdoor activities, casinos, excellent-end intermissionaurants, resorts and sports

Behavioural Segmentation5


Benefit Sought:

User Status:

Loyalty Status

Buyer Readiness stage:

– Wane Vacations

-Authentic trial

that explores a consignment’s

Natural and cultural entailment.

– Pristine span visitors


– Investigate options, costs and catch span to decide

– Wane Vacations

-Getseparate succeeding a period unconcerned avenue to rural cities and metropolises

-Frequent visitors

– Soft Loyal

– Behold for a abrupt getseparate no ample search, they behold, approve and buy

Segment Attractiveness



Segment Attractiveness Analysis

The Segments are measureable consequently we accept immanent postulates of the material in provisions of demographics, age collections and financial provisions that could beseem our chiefly target. %73 partys speedlihood in metropolitan areas afford them easier avenue to heap resources, technology and reform acknowledgeance. However, there is no inequitable postulates describing the literacy rate of this inequitable collection and it is for this conclude that the toll for this standard is a 6.

If inequitableally attested, the partys clarified are verily massive and expedient sufficient to obey. Graduates, copious and excellent inbehind greaters are excellently accomplishing to use their savings, ill-conditioned inbehind or behind a perioddrawment funds to love their speeds succeeding inconsiderable from the resultforce. The partys are too excellently divisible from other partys consequently they accept inequitable geographic, demographic, psychographic and behavioural characteristics. Additionally, this collection is avenueible. Eeffective trafficing, sales and advantage programs can be formulated for disposeing and serving the partys consequently they are located in resourceste areas unprotected to technology and other trafficing venues. Finally, this party is ethically polite consequently they are not afforded as a assailable collection that can theoretically dispose disclaiming opinions.






















Total Toll for Segment



The primitive target party: Uninhabited married Self-sufficient couples, 65 years or older (golden- age), no upshot speedlihood at settlement, located in metropolitan areas succeeding a period puissant understanding of homogeneity values who love honest pilgrimageing, inhospitableness to intrinsicness and environment, profited in outdoor activities and exploring other cultures.

Brand Positioning Statement:

Australian Encouraging age couples, intermission at rest in the colourful city of Victoria, Explore the autochthonic truth and entailment of the city period walking through the most copious sceneries in all Canada


Having attested the economic and demographic goods of Australia as a puissant immanent traffic for greater outbound outingism, the swot segregation, partyation segregation and party fascinatingness segregation accept narrowed down our target sector in manage to act Victoria in competitive practices aggravate other cities in Canada or other consignments aggravateseas and aspect it as a itinerant consignment of encouraging age pilgrimageers age 65 and older. If Opportunities are explored, we can aid victoria as an current trial that get acknowledge intrinsic, cultural and seasonal pilgrimageing for pristine span or recurrent visitors.




Perceived as expedient consignment (Ocean, Rocky mountains, gardens, beaches, lagoons)

Museums & Historic Sites

Attractions and Entertainment

Parks, wildlife, intrinsic areas & Outdoor activities

Local Entailment & Autochthonic Attractions

Location and Safety (adjacent rural cities, bordered succeeding a period USA)

Same Language

Seasons are oppooffice from Australia

Brand is no very Recognized

Not sundry interdiplomatic Flight go Directly out or into Victoria

High Taxes for shopping

Health Services are not available to introduce visitors

Lack of excellent end shopping

High prices for airfare, favor and itinerant disposeions



Canada meets Australians traffic on motivations for visiting a state(sceneries, avenue to intrinsicness and outdoor activities, wildvitality and neighborhood to rural cities)

Incrrest awareness through outing operators

Develop sustainable and cultural outingism

Develop agreements succeeding a period neighbour cities to aid affordable stumble packages

Depreciation of USA dollar gains it a balance fascinating and affordable itinerant consignment.

Closer are balance affordable consignments in Europe and Asia could shelve Australian visitors run from Victoria

Australia offers concordant products in provisions of itinerant disposeions, events and activities

Not absolved unanalogousiation among Victoria and Vancouver.


1. Wikipedia, “List of countries by GDP (nominal).” Last qualified 2013. Accessed February 13, 2013.

2. Super Intrinsic British Columbia , “Victoria Geography.” Last qualified 2012. Accessed February 13, 2013.

3. “Global Summary Report 2011.” Canadian Tourism Commission. : 27. (accessed February 13, 2013).

4. Division for Communities. Western Australian, “seniors’ Wellvitality Indicators 2012, Demographic Profile.”Perth, Western Australia 2012. SWI Demographic Profile.pdf (accessed February 13, 2013)

5. Exams Tutor, “Behavioural Segmentation.” Last qualified 2012. Accessed February 13, 2013.

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