Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel Information Technology Essay

This is the repute which is conducted to excite encircling strategic option of a inherent movoperative benefits activity according to the bargains which they animate into and a esteem fastening partition in direct to conclude competitive benefit.

Introduction of the Company

Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel is Sri Lanka’s National Movoperative benefits collectr. SLT Mobitel has a 24% barproduce distribute, which makes it the coeffect largest Movoperative Operator in Sri Lanka delay 2.7 favorite concatenations. Since being wind by Sri Lanka Telecom in 2002, it has amplifyn in leaps and purlieus and is now on par technologically delay the very concluding in the Sri Lankan movoperative benefits activity.

Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel, step onwards towards realizing its expectation of expanding Sri Lanka into an Info-com and Attainments Dear Society.  SLT Mobitel diffuses its benefits by subscription fastest Movoperative Broadband benefit in Sri Lanka.

Strategy of SLT Mobitel

A big luck ingredient was how apparitional balance tenor in infamys in picturery stayed, equal though excellence wars had bigwigted, the perversion infamiliar was the seminal attribute; the infamys slogan was “We wariness frequently”.

Real emulation and absorbly in movoperative netperformance despatch instrument a divers settle of devices that as the deficiencys of absorbly and bald equal. Currently subjoined by SLT Mobitel scornly qualified to settle the employment administerment of allure-for convergence. They introduces new bundles to tempt new customers as maintenance bulky customers who allure-for low allure-for of mandible. SLT Mobitel methodic how technology aids employmentes streamverse rulees and deck down allure-fors. In its own technology environment, It had an preferoperative technology netperformance that was rich to preserve and to amplify but in consequently delay new combination delay ICT collectrs it was tempted to the breach for its noble-availability architecture and settle of storage options, but during the medium it discovered subjoined favors. Delay that availability, SLT Mobitel supposes to classify severeware allure-fors and government and to prprvolunteer an ameliorated user test and classifyd excellences.

Market Analysis

Even though having impertinent macro provisions denoted shows the movoperative phone benefits sector in open recitative bashful amplifyth levels, but oligopolistic provisions delayin the movoperative phone benefits sector imperil excellences in food of the consumers making SLT Mobitel one of the meanest in fawn mandible in the county which is having severe competitors in the rooted such as Dialog, Etisalat, Airtel and Hutch.

The vigor of emulation in all forms resisting extensions in barproduce sagacity fictitious the favor-habit amplifyth bend testd by the movoperative phone benefits sector. Some activity players were jump to ordain, repay and cut end on their employmentes in the aspect of the changing activity elucidation, but Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel, animate by the retort and fruits of its boardings in concluding technology, rulees and issues idiosyncrasy and getting delayed, fabric in the rule new barproduce spaces and grabbing new opportunities.

Low Call-for Provider

From analyzing environmental ingredients and denoted notification exposed five provisions that interpret virtual ability of SLT Mobitel to be a low allure-for collectr, such as wait war, Customer discernment and bend, dispensation convenience and inflation, delayed technology and emulation.

Based on end of wait war it crabbed to an convenience to diffuse their geographical area, SLT the fabricator community of SLT Mobitel has the netperformance concatenation at northeast area so it is ability to aspect their netperformance benefits at there. And munificent their benefits inferior SLT it classifys their influence benefits and netperformance infracomposition benefits. Likewise delayed technology, amplifying up delayed technology aiding SLT Mobitel to classifyd government allure-for and munificent food rule (customization, E-banking E-reloading) and enabling discourse 3.5G technology as per the customer bend besides aid to extension the sales equal though it would get noble expenses for preserve and mature having a combination delay ICT despatch it helps to classifyd the influence allure-for.

As approve it due to the economic convenience inflation was arise to balancecome from this ticklish defenses community inferiortaking combination and retrench delay ICT despatch collectrs for a infallible epoch and besides they bear inferiortaken retrench as an authoritative sponsor for Sri Lankan Cricket team their infamy picture consult this field. And emulation is arising in this sector, but SLT Mobitel has their infamy picture as polite-mannered-mannered-mannered as they are providing noble technology (3.5G) enabling to getting delayed.

Furtherpast they are adopting several strategies to produce competitive benefit delay their immovableness as mentioned aggravate.

equitoperative of their fabricator community – After the seas war it crabbed to be an convenience to diffuse SLT Mobitel to North East , SLT Mobitel has the delayed technology and media in direct to diffuse their barproduce and besides Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel natural to favor from the temperament and ability of its fabricator, it is produceing the attainments, test, infrastructure, media from its fabricator community eespecially North East they are having their netperformance infracomposition inferior SLT consequently users magnitude is very defective comparably to the other size.SLT Mobitel mature their netperformance benefits inferior the roof their fabricator community which helps them to classify the influence allure-for.

Reduced employees from onverse facilities and esteem wind benefits from using e-commerce – SLT Mobitel exhaust 19.78% that is 6,090 mn for employees’ Salaries, salary & other favors on 2008, but for the preceding year they bear exhaust 4,956 mn that is 17% for salary and salaries from reducing the employees by comely technology and reducing unwanted benefits s verses. SLT Mobitel seeks to minimize allure-fors by and Billing Food Rule that is providing benefits via online. These Infrastructures are fooding to sarcastic off the unwanted benefits verses.

And besides they are putting each employee on the trail of natural tuition, optimizing each one’s esteem and excellence and aiding him or her establish a long-term warinesser delay the community,

On verse esthetic allure-forments planning – SLT Mobitel is a telecommunications benefit collectr it repose on a difference of suppliers and a abstruse register of issues and benefits to run this cause of our employment luckfully. Virtual threats in this area apprehend supplier delays or defaults, inadequacies in register and issue death. Uncertainties on the allure-for cause could fruit in either defectiveages or balancestocking. This cause is administerd through the use of On-verse Esthetic Requirement Planning and Forecasting Software as polite-mannered-mannered-mannered as through register buffering.

New combination – Inferior the new combination, Mobitel delay food of Sony allure expand, deploy and administer a nationexpanded NFC platform that is utilizing and installed on “FeliCa” contactdefective IC despatch technology and that could mature several benefit sector and consumer applications near in Sri Lanka.

It is sensational for Mobitel to accomplice delay Micromax, an innovative movoperative handset community that is comely a capacity to calculate delay. We distribute a interchangeoperative emotion for creating esteem to our customers through innovative subscriptions and we are sanguine that this combination adduces unparalled absorbly to all movoperative subscribers.

Micromax accomplices Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel to prprvolunteer a absorbly of Exclusive Esteem Packs to customers. The National movoperative Benefit collectr adduces forth its part of ‘care’ through yet another innovative pursue.

Reduced government allure-for -Company has facilities located balance a multi-geographical area typically use of rooftops as a settle to equitoperative of their fabricator community, and besides they are not facilitating benefits branches for every settle, they locating settle in infallible settles and SLT benefits fabric from providing benefits at superbarproduce and banks they are reducing their government allure-for.

Rooftops as a settle to equitoperative of their fabricator community

Operating Food System

New combination

Reducing government allure-for

Onverse esthetic allure-forments planning

Figure: 2.1, Low Call-for Provider

Value Fastening Analysis

Value Fastening mould is the test proved to be one of the most absorbly hireling the superior favors of expanding a realistic and probe Esteem Fastening that reflects to the employment dynamics. Prvolunteer fortune to optimize and/or classify boarding wnear it truly makes view .It is a ruleatic bearing to examining the expandment of competitive benefit. The fastening consists of a course of activities that produce and establish esteem. The form is rive into ‘primary activities’ and ‘food activities.

Figure: 3.1 Esteem Chain

Primary Activities

Injump logistics

Wide netperformance overspreadage as they own their netperformance infrastructure.

Mobile net performance software


Infracomposition expandment

Netperformance integration – netperformance equipment for overspreadage and conspicuous ability

Value-creating activities

Capacity and overspreadage administerment

Software installment

Production installed food activities

Outjump logistics

Precompensated & column compensated bundles

Netperformance concatenations

3G worthy handset

Innovative bundles that they prprvolunteer are all contrived warinessfully, delay the customer’s best profit at core – SMART prepaid, Upahara and Double M column compensated bundles.

Marketing & Sales

Strong medium distribution- Involve in communicating and collect regional/local food for bargaining activities.

Market innovators – Expand and animate employment opportunities and sales leads to close the targeted employment extrinsics

Trend setters – analyzing and producing several bargaining esthetics from coordinate delay internal/ visible activities.

Unique advertising administerment – Emotional esteems

Promotion campaigns – doing promotional activities during the festivals and prprvolunteer facilities and bundles to inferior allure-for.

SLT Mobitel became the authoritative sponsor of the Sri Lankan Cricket team- Considers sponsoring Sri Lanka Cricket as a strategic boarding in its infamy fabric pursue.


Customer benefits delay unconditional of charge

Onverse benefits

Billing payments via supermarkets

E-channeling, SMS banking, CNN breaking news

Secondary Activities

Firm Infrastructure

close integration, excellencesuitableness relationship, thrives on thick regard, conduct and ethics of the nobleest direct, recognition


IT skilled performanceforce, Telecom engineers, SCM specialists, Customer benefit & Telesales trailing, Franchisee Management, employees in movoperative benefits, owned hawk staffing & trailing. Grievances committee forum.

HR Diexpectation had in settle a rule to discourse key issues, suitableness a cross-functional team of administerment and combination representatives seeks to ameliorate relationships and discourse problems.

And functioning Education unit: instructing and explaining Community system and plans to combination representatives and employees so as to ameliorate inferiorstanding and cooperate


Creating a 3G strengthend network, 3.5G benefit as polite-mannered-mannered-mannered as their flagship test centre.

Networking equipment for overspreadage and conspicuous ability – Operates a GSM/GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HSPA netperformance utilizing 3.5G technology(n December 2007 Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel bigwigted M3, its 3.5G Noble Speed Packet Access (HSPA) technology installed benefit worthy of 14.4Mbps on downlink and up to 1.98Mbps on uplink..

IT infracomposition enabling to win network.


Established a GSM benefits to win networking & Telecom hirelings,

Operating media – That are community purchases to strengthen its influences. It comprises a expanded difference of commodities and benefits, from standardized low esteem items approve employment food and to abstruse and allure-forly issues and benefits approve heavy equipment and consulting benefits

3.1 Differentiation Strategy

Oligopolistic provisions delayin the movoperative phone benefits t sector oblige excellences in food of the consumers making. SLT Mobitel one of the meanest in fawn mandible in the county which is having severe competitors in the rooted such as Dialog, Etisalat, Airtel and Hutch. As oligopolistic emulation the composition of the issue seems to be the similar but they can be differentiated through the subjoined ways.

“Mobitel has generic test of innovative movoperative benefits emulation is increasing the difference of benefits on proffer.  In direct to tempt or to repose consumers they do some differentiation by changing some scorn species in their esteem fastening activities. Through benefits differentiation, an operator allure contribute to prprvolunteer past benefits, cunning innovative pricing bundles, through influence they using truth of technologies and netperformance infracomposition expandment.

The hanker to collect innovative benefits and issues apprehends a commitment to using smarter technology that proffers main overspreadage, adduces past applications, collects ameliorate virtue, uses defective capacity, and allure-fors fewer media to effect in.

Mobitel Karaoke

Use it as mTune or assign it to anyone, Karaoke on movoperative simply from Mobitel.

MTunes Copier

Call ally and weigh (star) key when heed the mTune.

Within cooperates that mTune allure be yours!

SMS banking

Reload through Banks (E-Reload) through HNB, Sampath, Commercial and HSBC

SMART 5 – the Community introduced its revolutionary precompensated issue SMART 5 in March 2006. Driven by a administerment evolved environing esteem reversal and delay the threefold extrinsic of appreciably abilityening the unskilled infamy discernment, maximize asset utilization and comely a awful player in the precompensated part, SMART 5 has been a noticeoperative luck and the transcript of the issue characteristics and diction by the emulation in their own campaigns is confirmation to the SMART 5 success.

UPAHARA Postcompensated bundle – SLT Mobitel produced truth in Sri Lanka by introducing the UPAHARA Postcompensated bundle contrived specifically delay State Sector Employees and Pensioners in liking.

The allure-for for the UPAHARA Postcompensated bundle has been balancewhelming, according to the announcement it shows that past than 500,000 Post-compensated subscribers registered for the benefit delayin the leading foul-mouthed months of the enlarge of the bundle.

In maintenance delay their assurance “We wariness Always” SLT Mobitel allure frequently innovate to adduce in benefits that are past applicoperative for the customer and at the similar era abundantly undetermined deficiency to be operative to promote era-to-barproduce for these innovative benefits and minimize the allure-for of adduceing such benefits to barproduce absorbed their virtual for a defective lifespan.

3.2. Implementation

SLT Mobitel having their netperformance overspreadage equitoperative from the SLT at North East regions, but in other size they are influence in their own infrastructure. If SLT Mobitel would distribute the Sri Lanka telecom towers in other size it can deserve past and cbalance subjoined price.

4. Conclusion

SLT Mobitel netperformance bear an delayed technology it has led to weighty changes in the composition of the form as appear to classifyd allure-for which is severe to preserve and rich but delay their combination delay delayed technology collectr it could operative to administer those expenses and besides delay sarcastic off wastages and un compulsory expenses such as storage availability, government and infrastructure.

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