Security Benefits Of Passwords Information Technology Essay

In a cosmos-community where instruction arrestguard is a growing solicitude, the scarcity for user homogeneousity guide is living to any composition. Evidence is the regulate that verifies a user’s convertibility and allows misspend homogeneousity (Renaud & De Angeli, 135). Evidence can receive settle by using what a user apprehends, what a user has, or what a user is. Verifying a user by what they feel apprehends the use of a visible invention such as keycards or smartcards. The gist delay these is that they can be amply stolen or past. What a user is media using a equalnear biometric mark to demonstrate the user. This is the most interrupted constitute of evidence but too the most invasive and lofty-priced. What a user apprehends is acknowledgedly ignoringpromise evidence, which is the most vile manner of evidence. The use of one or elevate constitutes of evidence forceens the arrangement and reduces the undeveloped for distrusted homogeneousity (Hunton et al. 136). However, occasion the main design of evidence arrangements is to preserve compositional constitutionalty, arrangements of evidence must poise arrestguard and usforce to effectually conclude their intent. This balancing act mingles making unquestioning the evidence procedures are preserve plenty to preserve the composition, but too feasible plenty so as to not prohibit productivity (Chiasson, 1). There feel been a growing sum of hacker attempts to homogeneousity preserveed instruction, and these onslaughts feel aged in sophistication. An composition must receive plods to enunquestioning the arrestguard of its ignoringpromise evidence arrangement to escape undeveloped wrong and burden (Leon, 54). Organizations and men-folks be on ignoringsignification owing they are most repeatedly the barely check inchoate a choleric onslaughter and a target. Organizations can feel all arrangements perplexed if one ignoringpromise falls into the workmans of an onslaughter (Shay & Bertino, 1). The ongoing arrestguard of a ignoringpromise evidence arrangement mingles areas such as policies, storage, and constitutes of ignoringwords.

Security Benefits of Passwords

Knowledge-established evidence using ignoringsignification is the most widely-used manner for verifying a user’s convertibility. Passsignification are vilely used owing they are one of the purest, and accordingly the last rich, manners of evidence. Delay most ignoringsignification there is no scarcity for users to feel an extra hardware invention, so there is no require to the composition to donation such a invention. Visible hardware inventions could be used by anyone who holdes them, so they are too elevate apt to life past or stolen. Passsignification arrangements too do not demand bulky hardware or regulateing agency to run. The evidence arrangements are amply integrated into an compositional infrastructure (Duncan, 1). Users are accustomed delay how to use ignoringsignification to fashion homogeneousity, and so these evidence arrangements acknowledgedly do not demand bulky luxuriance. Passsignification can too be amply newfangled if one is perplexed, apart biometric instruction. Passsignification can produce gigantic arrestguard benefits to compositions and men-folks if tooled delay constitutional policies and procedures.

Good ignoringwords

Using ignoringsignification is a pure and effectual way to preserve identical or regulate instruction from life stolen or made exoteric. However, if the ignoringpromise is not engenderd constitutionally, then the instruction is singly obscure and not very polite-mannered-mannered preserveed. A bad ignoringpromise could extend the homogeneous equality of arrestguard as not having one, ate to add a few minutes to a hacker’s season.

What frames a cheerful ignoringword?

The craveer and elevate compound a ignoringpromise is, the elevate preserve it behoves. Having a ignoringpromise be a indicate of someone you apprehend, a pet, a fondling settle, or a fondling team are all very pure, and could be imagiinsufficiency or touched amply (Microsoft). However, singly equitcogent having a crave ignoringpromise is not equal the most compound way to frame one. For development, if your ignoringpromise were all sums, then each season you pretended an subjoined sum to the elongation of your ignoringword, it would extension the possibilities by ten. This may face preserve, as view figures would engender 100 darling undeveloped concerts. However, the purest of computers could conceive total possibility in a dirty elevate than a day. If elevate than one of these computers are used, or especially a mark new residence desktop or supercomputer, the results would almost be instant. The best way to feel a ignoringpromise be compound is to weld all constitutes of figures. This way media using not barely learning, but a concert of uppercase and lowercase learning, sums, and symbols. An view figure ignoringpromise delay all immodest constitutes would extension the possibilities to 7.2 quadrillion possibilities. The equality of season it would receive to split this kind of ignoringpromise would extension to aggravate 20,000 years for a pure computer, or 82 days for a super computer (Lucas, 2009). A vocation would evidently deficiency to tool this constitute of preserve ignoringpromise guidelines to preserve its instruction.

How to frame cheerful ignoringsignification reasonable

There is a tradeoff inchoate having a preserve ignoringpromise and an gentle ignoringpromise (Beyond Par Consulting). Having perplexed ignoringsignification agency object some loseful users to transcribe their ignoringpromise down in regulate to recollect it. Doing so defeats the design of having a preserve ignoringpromise in the pristine settle if an distrusted user who deficiencys to homogeneousity the network were in cork vicinity to the ignoringword, such as an habituateee in an nigh function. Another confollowing delay loseting elevate perplexed ignoringsignification is that one has to use the season and instrument of the IT staff to succor reset or recaggravate the ignoringword. Users scarcity a arrangement or manner of recollecting their ignoringsignification delayout scarcitying to transcribe them down and settle the composition’s constitutionalty.

An gentle way to succor users recollect their ignoringsignification is to feel a coding-constitute arrangement. For development, feel the user extract a reputationistic that is gentle to recollect. Uniformly the users feel their 6-10 promise reputationistic, they can use barely the notice at the commencement or the end of each promise (life congruous). The ignoringpromise end be harder to split since the learning end most soothed not frame a promise, however the user end feel used a reputationistic they apprehend, making it gentle to recollect. The next plod is to qualify the capitalization of a few learning and to add sums anywhere to the ignoringword. The ignoringpromise would be full delay symbols (Microsoft). Uniformly the ignoringpromise is full, the reputationistic that was used could be written down, adding some arrestguard delay some kind of sincerity (Breaking Par Consulting). This constitute of ignoringpromise could tranquil be touched, but the equality of instrument it would receive to split the ignoringpromise could perluck outbalance the benefits of the stolen circumstances. Equal if a coding arrangement love this one were too impractical, having users singly qualify the capitalization of demonstrateed learning in their ignoringwords, and adding a sum end extension the arrestguard of ignoringsignification and succor obviate spliting (Practically Networked).

Corporate Passpromise Policies

While it is induced to apprehend the figureistics of a ignoringpromise and what frames it robust, it is too induced to apprehend how the gauge of ignoringpromise force and policies in-reference-to ignoringpromise shelter are tooled in the vocation cosmos-people. Municipal policies are the modes by which companies suite their habituateees in ignoringpromise conduct, and these policies can differ exceedingly inchoate municipal cultures and industries. Policies aim to plan companies’ foreseeations of their habituateees, and guides in-reference-to those policies can be tooled in manifold ways. This exception end caggravate manifold of the demandments companies put on ignoringpromise invention and conduct, as polite-mannered-mannered as produce developments of toolation strategies and municipal policies used today.

First, apprehend the foreseeations settled on companies inchoate industries. To put this concept into perspective, conceive the unlikeness in arrestguard policies used by a bulwark contractor who workmanles secret instruction and someone present a “mom and pop” shop that sells leather saddles and candy. Obviously, you would foresee the bulwark contractor to feel tighter arrestguard and preserveion surrounding its instruction. These homogeneous arrestguard precautions raise aggravate into the invention, toolation, and conduct of ignoringpromise policies as polite-mannered. To exemplify, a Goldman Sachs habituateee is demandd to qualify his or her ignoringpromise uniformly a month, and too apprehend in the ignoringpromise uppercase and lowercase alpha keys, at last one sum, one embossed figure, and a stint of 8 figures in elongation; seeing a library cunning loosen online demandd barely 6 figures in elongation delay any concert of learning, symbols, and sums (Marshall, Ben; CNSSL, Specimen Passpromise Policy).


With arrestguard foreseeations in remembrance, a regulate then begins to build its cunning. Specimen policies that are advantageous to anyone for loose can be loosen through compositions love the SANS Institute. These specimen policies exemplify how a cunning contains exceptions for the aggravateview, design, and object of the cunning, as polite-mannered-mannered as the real rules and guidelines useful to habituateees (SANS). Companies may use plans love these specimens in succoring them to script or adequitcogent their policies to frame them elevate useful to their regulate and diligence. This exception end preview three vile actions vilely used by companies in their ignoringpromise policies.

Periodical Passpromise Changes: municipal policies repeatedly plan demandments for habituateees to qualify their ignoringsignification on a intermittent premise. This demandment is a vile rule inchoate policies today, as it limits the lovelihood that the habituateee can use the homogeneous ignoringpromise for other applications or has determined an distrusted user the media to invade the arrangement for an protracted hindermination of season. There can too be incongruous season demandments for qualifys inchoate ignoringwords; for development, a regulate may demand its habituateees to qualify their arrangement-raze ignoringsignification twice a year occasion barely requiring the user-raze ignoringpromise uniformly a year. A cunning love this one would emphasize the raze of arrestguard settled on the server-raze ignoringpromise aggravate the user-raze one. Obviously, the elongation of season inchoate demandd qualifys can differ exceedingly inchoate companies demonstrateed on the raze of arrestguard they foresee to frequent. Some companies equal demand their habituateees to qualify their ignoringsignification as repeatedly as uniformly a month (Marshall, Ben)!

Passpromise Contents: as discussed balance, using incongruous figures is a vile tactic recommended in total ignoringpromise cunning that settles elder arrestguard on the composition of ignoringwords. Incongruous figures repeatedly demandd in manifold policies apprehend: lowercase figures, uppercase figures, sums, punctuation and “special” figures such as symbols.

Passpromise Protection: policies can caggravate preserveion consequences from how ignoringsignification are to be shopd through compound encryption regulatees, to how habituateees are to preserve their ignoringsignification by not letter them on their computer defend. In circumstance, a vile municipal cunning is that habituateees are not to transcribe their ignoringpromise anywhere. Companies repeatedly shop user indicates and ignoringsignification in a preserve settle for habituateees should they lose them. Storing these ignoringsignification is an exertion to hinder users from making their ignoringpromise advantageous anywhere.


When tooling a ignoringpromise cunning, regulaters must prearrange how the habituateees end recoil to the guidelines. End they conceive the new cunning is an deficiencynear trouble? End they conceive the cunning is too undetermined or too requireive? In explaining the cunning, habituateers must be demonstrateed that habituateees apprehend the repercussions for violation the cunning, which can differ inchoate companies. For development, when interpassage delay classified instruction, negligence in upholding ignoringpromise policies is a vicious enormity. However, this “scare tactic” of enigmatical to reform a cunning may not be as effectual as resource manners. Instead, some regulaters relish that it is elevate succorful to validity the concern of ignoringpromise arrestguard, not the implications of violation cunning rules (Wikipedia).

Even delay the cunning in settle and luxuriance fulld, it is tranquil very hard to gauge whether users are forthcoming the policies set forth, as manifold of them can be hard to descry, such as not letter ignoringsignification on post-it notes. Therefore, companies must concede the concern of luxuriance habituateees in their arrestguard policies to the homogeneous gauge they suite habituateees in other shelter and HR policies at the commencement of, and repeatedly throughout, the habituateees’ careers (Passpromise Policy, Wikipedia). The concern of this luxuriance cannot be validityed plenty, as it solicitudes the arrestguard of an composition. For development, the demandd stint ignoringpromise force can be as lofty as is feasible, but any exertion end be abortive if an habituateee tells someone else the ignoringword, or peradventure sends it unencrypted aggravate an email. Therefore, the toolation and reformment of policies are probing to guardianship regulate and habituateee instruction arrest.

Maintenance of ignoringwords

An confollowing that companies run into when tooling accurate ignoringpromise policies, love requiring compound or assigned ignoringsignification that are hard to recollect, is that community repeatedly transcribe them down on things love post-it notes or somewhere adjacent their computer. In an exertion to obviate habituateees from letter their ignoringsignification down, companies feel too produced visiblely- and logically-preserve settles, love a fire-arrest or encrypted finish barely advantageous to loosen users, where habituateee ignoringsignification are shopd (CNSSL, Specimen Passpromise Policy; Passpromise Policy, Wikipedia).

These “safe-houses” for ignoringwords, as discussed balance, can succeed in manifold constitutes. The pristine development of using a fire-arrest to shop habituateee and regulate ignoringsignification is partially outdated in vile action. Instead, companies revolve to ignoringpromise tables, present delay encryption options, to arrestly shop ignoringsignification and conceal circumstances arrest (Leon, 55). Passpromise tables basically shop user indicates and ignoringsignification and equal them to the appreciates invadeed by users attempting to invade the arrangement (Leon, 55). Occasion in this circumstancesbase, administrators scarcity to enunquestioning that the user circumstances is shopd preservely, using hashing manners to preserve from distrusted use. “Basic hash encryption” is an mode to hashing where instruction is orderd using a constituteula that encodes the user circumstances into a appreciate that is unfeasible to anyone who views it (Leon, 55). However, basic hashing repeatedly does not afford plenty arrestguard to preserve abutting apprehendledgecogent hackers. Nowadays, hackers habituate such tools as “rainbow tables” to try and equal encrypted circumstances to pre-made hashes of adjacently total undeveloped ignoringpromise (Gates, Chris). To preserve this instruction equal elevate, companies may economize “salt hashing,” which attaches a “random deck of figures” to a user’s ignoringpromise antecedently tooling the basic hash encryption (Leon, 55); this constitute of encryption is exponentially elevate hard for a hacker to split, and end repeatedly hinder him/her from equal enigmatical to fashion admission into the arrangement.

Sometimes, differing force razes of ignoringsignification may be applied to incongruous arrestguard razes of instruction as polite-mannered. For development, ignoring orders to firm-wide instrument love the kitchen may be the homogeneous ignoringpromise for totalone and may be very brief, seeing beginning to a exploration lab agency demand a elevate equalnear and compound order. This development is a very pure one, but it exemplifys how a regulate may use a exhaustive ignoringpromise to obviate habituateees from using one ignoringpromise for totalthing. It too exemplifys how not all areas demands evidence scarcity to feel the homogeneous raze of arrestguard.

Finally, having a robust ignoringpromise and robust arrestguard superior the storage of ignoringwords, does not enunquestioning full arrestguard. The developed raze of ignoringpromise arrestguard rests delay users. There are a conpassage of threats to equal the most preserve ignoringwords, and thus it is induced that compositions engender and suite their habituateees in the inevitcogent policies to obviate threats from causing injury.


The notion of a ignoringpromise is to obviate distrusted users from homogeneousitying a preserve area. So how do distrusted users tranquil regulate to get homogeneousity? One way is to singly “crack” the verified user’s ignoringword, allowing the hostile to homogeneousity the arrangement as though he or she were the verified user in the pristine settle. There are a sum of ignoringword-cracking programs that use a sum of incongruous spliting manners. Two fairly-related ways to split a ignoringpromise are the animal validity manner and the glossary onslaught manner.

Brute validity manner

The animal validity manner is the purest of all spliting manners, which media that it too receives the craveest to conclude its intent. If an distrusted user attempts to discaggravate another user’s ignoringpromise through animal validity, he or she end use a program to conceive the ignoringpromise using total undeveloped concert of figures advantageous. For development, if the ignoringpromise cunning demands all ignoringsignification to be 6 figures crave and singly right of sums, then there would be 10^6 undeveloped concerts of ignoringwords. The spliter’s program would use total peculiar concert in that pool of undeveloped concerts until it fashioned homogeneousity to the arrangement. The Cain and Abel ignoringword-cracking program loosen at, and used in our profession, can be used to perconstitute a animal validity onslaught. (

As the compoundity of a ignoringpromise extensions, the sum of undeveloped concerts too extensions. Thus, the best way to obviate a animal validity manner from latter is to singly frame a ignoringpromise elevate compound. For entreaty, instead of requiring a ignoringpromise to be right singly of sums, it could be demandd to feel a concert of learning and sums. This disruption would extension the sum of undeveloped concerts to 36^6, turgid the ignoringpromise elongation stayed the homogeneous. The elevate compoundity that is pretended to a ignoringword, the craveer it end receive for the spliter to fashion homogeneousity.

Dictionary onslaught manner

Similar to the animal validity manner is the glossary onslaught manner. Essentially, it is the homogeneous as the animal validity manner, but tweaked so as to cut down on season. Performing a glossary onslaught on a arrangement is correspondently what it sounds love: onslaughting a arrangement through the use of a glossary, or rather the promises loosen in a glossary. A glossary onslaught attempts to conceive a user’s ignoringpromise by enigmatical thousands of vile promises that are soothed to be loosen in a acknowledged glossary. According to Imperva, approximately “50% of users used indicates, confused-talk promises, glossary promises or usenear ignoringwords” to preserve their most special instruction (Imperva). Thus, someone using a fairly-comprehensive glossary — one that contains confused-talk, vile indicates, and acknowledged promises loosen in a glossary — as the separate roll of ignoringsignification to conceive, would feel a very lofty luck of homogeneousitying most users’ circumstances. Limiting the pool of undeveloped conceivees would exceedingly reduce the season foreseeed to successfully split another user’s ignoringword.

Defenses abutting a glossary onslaught would be the reform homogeneous as bulwarks abutting a animal validity onslaught. Singly regulateing the ignoringpromise so that it is not an amply-recognized reputationistic exponentially extensions the estimated season to split it.

Software and hardware

While ignoringword-cracking is a pure way to filch someone’s ignoringword, installing software or hardware on the target’s invention is a plenteous easier way to get their instruction. Keystroke loggers and packet sniffers are two very agencyful tools that someone can use.

Keystroke loggers

Keystroke loggers are programs and inventions that archives the reform following of keys a user transacts. They can be software that is grounded on a user’s invention (either intentionally by the hacker or unwittingly by the target, via Trojan passager malware). Occasion one agency conceive that installing hardware on a target’s computer would be amply descryed, a hardware keystroke logger is determined to the tail of a computer, where it is near soothed to be seen (Keyghost). Other, elevate interrupted hardware keystroke loggers can really be grounded promptly into the keyboard, so the barely way to ascertain them would demand a user to actively pursuit for one.

Either way, the keystroke logger archivess a user’s actions in a log finish, and that finish can be homogeneousityed on by anyone who apprehends where to ascertain it. An reprobate peculiar could browse through the log finish and face for usernames and then see the figures primeed succeedingwards, as these figures would most soothed be the ignoringword.

Packet sniffers

Another manner to filch a user’s ignoringpromise through either software or hardware is through the use of a packet sniffer. Packet sniffers archives circumstances that is life pestilential abutting a network. Unnear the circumstances is encrypted, the user of a packet sniffer can see the circumstances in plaintext, making it very gentle to ascertain the userindicate and ignoringword. Equal if the circumstances is encrypted, however, there are tranquil multitudinous ways for the user to decrypt or split it, as pland balance.

Defending abutting these manners of onslaught is plenteous elevate hard than defending abutting a ignoringword-cracker. To obviate keystroke loggers and packet sniffers from life downloaded onto a user’s invention, an composition should demonstrate policies solicitudeing what an habituateee can and cannot download. As far as hardware is solicitudeed, visible arrestguard and policies end scarcity to be instated to enunquestioning that the barely peculiar delay homogeneousity to an induced invention is the one delay authorization.


One elevate way for viciouss to filch users’ instruction is, of passage, to scam the user. Scams feel been encircling continually, and the loosen of the Internet has barely undisputed them to besucceed elevate interrupted. Most community are certified of the Nigerian advance-fee wrong, where a undeveloped dupe receives an email indicating that he or she is life determined an turn to succor out colossus else in rerevolve for a multi-darling dollar recompense. All the peculiar scarcitys to do is produce bank recital instruction. This kind of scam is vile, and has evolved to besucceed near immediately-recognizcogent as a scam. For development, emails today repeatedly “spoof” a apprehendn composition. This spoofing can be executed by altering the email fluctuation so that it faces functional ([email protected], rather than [email protected], for entreaty). The targeted user may not acquire that the email is wrongulent, and may unwittingly workman aggravate identical recital instruction.

According to Miller Smiles, “the web’s attached anti-phishing use,” organizations such as banks end never ask for identical instruction through email. If someone is ununquestioning whether an email is wrongulent or not, Miller Smiles contains an archive of wrongulent emails that men-folks can browse through to see if their emails feel already been loosen to be wrongulent. In observation, antecedently accepting these emails as sincere, the website too suggests forwarding the email to the real organization it purports to be from, interrogation if it was sent from there. (Miller Smiles)

Alternative Types of Passwords

Many of the vulnerabilities loosen delay static-extract demonstrateed ignoringsignification can be addressed delayout momentous bombardment in new evidence arrangements. The use of graphical or one-season ignoringsignification feel proven to be elevate preserve and user social than unwritten ignoringpromise evidence arrangements.

Graphical Passwords

Graphical ignoringsignification are demonstrateed on the force to concede pictures instead of extract. There are three categories of picture-passpromise arrangements; pursuitmetric, locimetric, and drawmetric. Searchmeteric arrangements mingle the user primeing a concert of statues from a question set. When a user uses Locimetric arrangements they prime a sequence of positions delayin one statue. Drawmetric arrangements demand the user to delineate out a embossed plan, and are homogeneous to biometric evidence that uses attestation or workmanletter acknowledgment. Typically, users are cogent to prime their own statues to aid in recollecting the ignoringword. Graphical ignoringsignification are elevate preserve and user social than recurrent ignoringwords. Owing statues are elevate hard to relegate or transcribe down then extract and sums, they are near impressible to life perplexed. Exploration has shown that humans are cogent to recollect statues elevate accurately and for a craveer hindermination of season than extract, thus users are near soothed to lose statue ignoringsignification (Renaud & De Angeli, 136-139).

One-Time Passwords

One-season ignoringsignification too soothe some of the arrestguard risks of recurrent ignoringwords. Delay this constitute of evidence the ignoringpromise is incongruous total season a user logs on to the arrangement. Delay the season-synchronized and counter-synchronized manner, the user must hold a visible invention to finish the one-season ignoringword. This invention, repeatedly named a “token”, is united to a server that uses a compound algorithm to engender the ignoringwords. This algorithm frames it hard for hackers to conceive the reform ignoringpromise (Griffin, 2). Occasion the illustration eliminates the scarcity for the user to recollect a perplexed ignoringword, it too adds require and compoundity to pure ignoringpromise evidence. A illustration has the undeveloped to be misplaced or stolen from the user. The force to feel a illustration-near one-season ignoringpromise arrangement has emerged delay new software. These ignoringsignification are acknowledgedly delivered succeeding a user answers a set of questions and are set by an resource preserve media such as encrypted email or extract notice (Yudkin, 1).


Information arrestguard is induced for compositions and men-folks to conclude their relative intents. Passsignification are a very gentle and skilled way to preserve instructional constitutionalty and arrangements. There are resource manners of arrestguard, but none of them are as gentle to use as ignoringwords. Passsignification arrestguard arrangements are too the last rich to tool of all the evidence manners. The vileality of ignoringsignification frames it vulnercogent to a conpassage of threats including ignoringpromise spliters, choleric software and scams. Thus, to enunquestioning that ignoringsignification are not a usenear arrestguard gauge, constitutional ignoringpromise guidelines and policies are inevitable.

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Is there a money-back guarantee? If yes, how can I receive a refund?

You can get more details about possible types and terms of refunds on our official money-back guarantee page.

How will I receive a completed paper?

You will get the first version of your paper in a non-editable PDF format within the deadline. You are welcome to check it and inform us if any changes are needed. If everything is okay, and no amendments are necessary, you can approve the order and download the .doc file. If there are any issues you want to change, you can apply for a free revision and the writer will amend the paper according to your instructions.

If there happen to be any problems with downloading your paper, please contact our support team.

What if I’m not satisfied with my order?

If your paper needs some changes, you can apply for a free revision that is available for 7 days after your paper is approved. To use this option, you have a “Revision” button on your personal page.

After the 7-day period, you cannot apply for a free revision, though you still can use a paid revision option. The price of such a revision will differ depending on the number of amendments needed to be done. Please contact our support team to find out how we can help you with the amendments to your paper.

If you think our writer didn’t manage to follow your instructions, and as a result, your paper is of poor quality, please contact us and we will do our best to solve the problem.

If the revisions didn’t give the desired result, you can apply for a refund. Our dispute department will process your inquiry to find out what kind of refund we can give you. To find out more, please visit our money-back guarantee page.

How do I request a refund?

You can’t apply for a refund on certain stages of your order, like when the order is not finished by the writer yet.

When the paper is delivered, the “Refund” button on your personal order page becomes clickable.

On the relevant tab of your personal order page, you will also be able to choose the type of refund you’re demanding and the reason why you applying for it. As soon as you do that, our dispute department will start working on your inquiry. All kinds of refunds concerning the quality or the lateness of your paper should be requested within 14 days from the time the paper was delivered, as in 14 days your paper, will be automatically approved.

Your inquiry should be submitted by clicking the “Refund” button on your personal order page only.