Satisfaction With Current Coffee Shops Services Marketing Essay


The effect of the interest is coffee fund. The ocean aim of this exception is to supply notification environing diligence, traffic, and earliest investigation decomposition. Respecting diligence, this gain be executed through providing notification environing dispensation, yieldable, collective, collective, cultural, demographic, technological, and spontaneous environment. Respecting trafficing temporization, this gain be executed through providing notification environing our fruit, appraisement, encouragement, settle, and crowd. Respecting earliest investigation decomposition, this gain be executed through analyzing results of as sorted examine.

The diligence


There are multifarious uses in the dispensation of Qatar for our interest. According to Doha Stock Traffic (2009), these blessings understand:

Qatar is a established and pro-interest avow delay disengaged vision and trodden standpoint.

Qatar has the leading GDP per capita yieldance in the cosmos-populace estimated at US $68,467 in 2008.

Qatar’s suppositious GDP augmentation continues to extend chronicles razes, averaging 25% balance the departed five years.

Qatar has a stanch commerce rest balance the years delay revenues oceanly driven from oil and gas exports.

Qatar is a avow of fictitious breath, a guide in Liquefied Spontaneous Gas (LNG) sector and one of the acceptable siege destinations of the cosmos-people.

All these indicators balance that the dispensation in Qatar is stanch. These indictors are for the blessing of our interest.

Legal/ Collective Environment:

According Qatar Embassy, (2009), Qatar is a avow delay collective stoppage. It supplys essential insubservience of look, an refractory judiciary, and establishes a multiplyially-elected consultative cabinet which gain possess the authority to investigation ministers and remedy the budget. The Avow of Qatar came pristine incomplete the Arab avows in the power of law and collective stoppage. At the corresponding season, Qatar yieldable environment is free, conformably (but not balancely) regulated, and, in multifarious dispenseable respects, is well-mannered-acquainted. These indictors are for the blessing of our interest.


Population values and behaviors are artful by Islamic humanization. Islamic and Arabic traditions and norms assume the Qatari humanization. This is accordingly Qatar is a multiply of The Arab World. The preponderance of population is Muslims. Respecting population, environing 20% are fitting Qatari turn 80% of the population is extraneous visitor is-sueers. The preponderance of migrant is-sueers end from South Asia, the Philippines and other Arab countries. The entirety population in Qatar is environing 1.5 favorite. This collective environment is cheerful-natured-tempered-tempered for our interest accordingly there are no noble collective restrictions. Still, the narrow magnitude of population doesn’t yield the turn for traffic augmentation. Therefore, some collective trends are beneficial, turn others are distress our interest.


In May 2009, there were environing 1.5 favorite crowd in Qatar, three quarters of whom were courageous. According to Iran Tour, indicators of demography in Qatar are as thriveing:

Population augmentation rate: 2.5%

Age constituency : 0-14 years: 23.4% , 15-64 years: 73% , 65 years and balance: 3.7%

Birth rate: 15.56 births/1,000 population

Death rate: 4.72 deaths/1,000 population

Religions: Muslim 95%

Languages: Arabic (official), English invariably used as a remedy language


Qatar is a avow delay noble raze of technological crop. Most of Qatar’s citizens possess advance to a phone and possess Internet use accounts. Businesses in Qatar possess been new-fangledizing their IT systems during the decisive few years. Businesses can largely incorporate up-to-date technologies to supply uses in Qatar. This environment is beneficial for our interest to use technology to supply and save uses. It is quiet to use inadequate messages or internet to compose advertising. Still, the technology infraconstituency is not cheerful-natured-tempered-tempered plenty in rustic areas. Therefore, the prevalent technology gain aid our interest to terminate its goals.

Natural Environment

According to Qatar Embassy, (2009), the field of Qatar is publicly horizontal to wavy delay some conspicuous hills. According to its geographical subsidence and sky, Qatar is classified as a hot subtropical wilderness. The avow has no rivers or lakes, and besides the rainfall accepted, the earliest rise of young breathe-into is the basis breathe-into. In public, there are no volcanoes, floods, or spontaneous disasters obtain?} settle in Qatar. So, there is button in the spontaneous environment that the audience should be known of.

Survey Analysis

The examine was as sorted to (50) individuals. Results of the decompose thrive.

Characteristics of the sample

– Age: Near than 15 (12%) 15- 34 (38%) 35-54 (44%) 55-older (6%)

– Nationality: Qatari (36%) non Qatari (64%)

It is disengaged that most respondents at the age of 15-54 as 82% of respondents are delayin this stroll. At the corresponding season, 64% of respondents are non-Qatari. This balances that we should target 15-54 years, non Qatari target clump.

Attitudes towards coffee funds

– Do you regularly go to coffee funds: Yes (24%) No (76%)

– Would you approve to go to coffee fund: Yes (88%) No (12%)

– Do you value that new coffee funds are deficiencyed: Yes (88%) No (12%)

– Do you value there is plenty require on coffee funds: Yes (88%) No (12%)

It is disengaged that there gain be plenty require on a new coffee fund. This is accordingly 88% of respondents value that there is plenty require on coffee funds, and there gain be plenty require on a new coffee fund. At the corresponding season, 88% of respondents value that new coffee funds are deficiencyed.

Satisfaction delay prevalent coffee funds uses

– The appraisements: Unsatisfactory (68%) Partially (24%) Satisfactory (8%)

– The menu: Unsatisfactory (38%) Partially (28%) Satisfactory (34%)

– The subsidence: Unsatisfactory (28%) Partially (24%) Satisfactory (48%)

– The solitude: Unsatisfactory (78%) Partially (20%) Satisfactory (2%)

It is disengaged that respondents are not pleasant delay solitude and appraisements. But they are partially pleasant delay menu and subsidence. Therefore, in our interest, we should centralize in solitude and appraisements.


– Do you value that the appraisements of prevalent coffee funds are acquitted: Yes (14%) No (86%)

– How fur would you approve to pay for coffee fund at each season:

Less than QR 20 (34%) 20-50 (44%) More than QR 50 (22%)

It is disengaged that customers feel that the appraisements of prevalent coffee funds are not acquitted. They are gaining to pay near than QR 50 for coffee fund at each season.


– Where the new coffee fund should obtain?} settle:

Al Sadd (38%) Al Dhauil (24%) Al Ghrafah (18%) Al Rayan (18%) Other subsidences (2%)

– Do you value that the new coffee fund should obtain?} settle at a fundping center: Yes (34%) No (66%)

– Do you value there is a deficiency for exclusively ladies coffee fund: Yes (100%) No (0%)

It is disengaged that customer fancy Al Sadd and Al Dafnah as settle for the new coffee fund. They do not fancy fundping center as a settle for the new coffee fund. All of them value that there is a deficiency for exclusively ladies coffee fund.


What idea of advertising way do you value is 6 the most fitting for coffee fund:

Radio (8%) TV (22%) Newspapers (34%) Internet (12%) Broachers and handbills (30%) Others (4%)

It is disengaged that respondents fancy newspapers, handbills, and TV as advertising media.

Other issues

What idea of décor and artifice do you omission to see in the coffee fund?

Traditional décor (24%)      New-fangled décor (60%)               Semi-French decor (16%)

Which idea of energy do you fancy at coffee fund?

Drinking (44%)       Internet (24%)              Eating (20%)      Playing (12%)        

What peel of energy you would approve to be considered in this coffee fund:

Snooker (22%) Ping Pong (10%) Billiards (18%) Foosball (10%) Backgammon (10%) Chess (10%) Darts (20%)   

Which hot and self-possessed beverages do you fancy? Tea (20%) Hot chocolate (32%)

Soft drains (24%) Bottled breathe-into (20%) Iced tea (4%)

It is disengaged that respondents fancy new-fangled décor. They do fancy draining and using internet at the corresponding season. They do fancy juice and feeling drains. They do not approve ice tea at all.

Marketing Strategy

In regulate to enlarge trafficing temporization, it is essential to conceive the five trafficing elements.


Our interest is a coffee fund. It is a use interest that supplys all uses kindred to a coffee fund. The coffee fund accommodates hot, feeling, and young drains. It too supplys an area for internet where customers can use the internet to colloquy, exploration, and email. There gain be area for unoccupied billiards, darts, ping pong, and snooker. This balances that the area of the coffee fund gain be disunited into ocean three exceptions: draining area, internet area, and unoccupied area. Customers can not solely sit and drain, they can recognize newspapers, magazines, and eat snacks. At draining area, there gain be a moiety delay tables and chairs. At this area customers can regulate coffee, tea, juice, snacks, etc. Customers can too agitate to internet area where they can test well-mannered-developed computers delay noble internet expedite. They can largely use the internet to colloquy, exploration, and email. At the internet area, there gain be a moiety delay plenty computers united to internet. There gain be too townsman of sculptureers to accommodate customers if they omission to sculpture papers. Customers can too personate multifarious games. At the unoccupied area there gain be plenty tables for billiards, ping pong, foosball, and snooker. Also, we gain extend darts, chess, and backgammon. There gain be area for rest and pause that understand agreeable couches and finished backbasis melody.

Tangible attributes of our interest understands the subsidence, the décor, drains, and unoccupied machines. Intangible attributes understandd customer use, rest, and nourishment. Our fruit is at moderate (introduction) condition of fruit conduct cycle. The competitive use of our fruits is that it is supplyd solely for ladies and by ladies. We gain pose our fruit as it is the pristine exclusively coffee fund owned and operated by women.


Coffee House is a coffee fund that accommodates solely ladies. It gain be the pristine coffee fund in Qatar that supplys uses solely for ladies. Therefore, the temperature of the coffee fund gain be delay noble grade of solitude and warranty. The ultimate judgment respecting customers gain be made behind decompose of the examine. All staff of the coffee fund gain be ladies. Respecting our staff, adapted ladies gain be recruited and trained to supply noble condition uses to customers. Environing (10) employees gain be recruited to is-sue as customer use, send-off, and busboy. We gain supply noble condition uses through our expert employees. Staff qualifications understand (1) should possess cheerful-natured-tempered-tempered direct in Arabic and English. (2) Should possess luxuriance way in customer use. (3) Should possess cheerful-natured-tempered-tempered test in customer use.


Coffee House gain incorporate the appraisement of traffic temporization. This is accordingly Coffee House is a new interest and gain husband appraisement to compose competitive use. Coffee House gain caution delay condition rather than appraisement. Followings are examples of some of our fruits and appraisements:


Price (QR)

Soft drains (Pepsi, Coca Cola, etc.)


Cup of tea


Cup of coffee


Small extract of snakcs



Coffee House gain do extensive advertising at the moderate condition. Two ocean ways of advertising gain be used: newspapers and handbills. We gain not use indivisible selling. We may supply sales encouragement in Ramadan and summer. The handbill gain understand photo of our coffee fund delay schedule of our uses and fruits. The ads gain understand our address, fruits and uses, and our competitive use.


Coffee House gain obtain?} settle in Doha. There are very few coffee funds in Doha. Fitting subsidences those end to other stores that accommodate women gain be clarified. The subsidence gain be fascinating, end to the sea, and equipped delay all uses. Our subsidence gain be in Al Sadd Street. This is accordingly this area is supplyd delay cheerful-natured-tempered-tempered infrastructure. All uses are conducive. At the corresponding season, it is well-mannered-mannered known area in Qatar. The office of the coffee fund is quiet to advance. It is supplyd by all uses.


This is the third exception of feasibility con-over for Coffee House. In dirty Coffee House is a use interest that supplys all uses kindred to coffee fund. The coffee fund accommodates hot, feeling, and young drains. It too supplys area for internet where customers can use internet to compose colloquyting, explorationing, and emailing. There gain be area for unoccupied games. Coffee House gain supply uses solely to ladies. The coffee fund gain too be operated and managed by ladies. The competitive use of Coffee House understands concentration on fecourageous customers solely through providing uses to ladies and by ladies, and providing extensive uses: drains, snacks, internet, and unoccupied area.

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