Reaction Between Persulphate And Iodide Ions Biology Essay

Persulphate (S2O82-) is unworthy to sulphate (SO42-) in nearness of iodide ions (I-) in aqueous discontinuance. Opportunity persulphate is nature unworthy, iodide is nature oxidised to iodine. The overall reaction equation nature:

S2O82- + 2I- → 2SO42- + I2

On the other artisan, iodine can be converted to iodide in nearness of thiosulphate (S2O32-) as follows:

I2 + 2S2O32- → S4O62- + 2I-

If iodine indicator is borrowed to the discontinuance a bluish colour of the starch-based iodine indicator close develops succeeding all thiosulphate has been consumed. This is accordingly the starch-based iodine indicator close is very firmly-fixed in proud strains of iodine. The score transfers and the spectre raze spacings in the producting close match to absorptions in the apparent deal-out of the spectrum – bluish. The force of the producting bluish colour depends on the sum of iodine introduce.

Therefore, the crop of the bluish colour is advantageous as it indicates a steady object in the growth of the reaction which can be enslaved as nature symbolical of the “end” of the reaction (Practical Booklet p.37).

Several kinetic parameters can be largely analysed and fast if those reactions are seasond as they growth from set-out to end, hence the weight of the element season (t) in kinetic studies.

By adding a unreserved sum of thiosulphate and iodine indicator, the reaction rebuke can be fast as it obeys the aftercited rebuke equation:


This test was underenslaved to particularize the reaction rebuke, the prescribe of reaction delay regard to twain iodide and persulphate, and the consequence of exception in ionic force on the rebuke steady of this reaction.

EXPERIMENTAL – Methods & Procedures

An straight vision of the methods granted in the trained booklet is established to this muniment as no deviations were made from those abandoned.



Time t’ (min:sec)

Tim t’ (seconds)
















Table – Timing of reaction from the straight season of mixing to the season of the bluish colour manner

Treatment of products


Solution A

Solution B ( + 0.5g iodine indicator)

[KI] (mol cm-3)

[Na2S2O3] (mol cm-3)

[KCl] (mol cm-3)

[K2S2O8] (mol cm-3)

H2O (cm3)































Table – Concentrations of all substances in the definite reaction compromise and steep quantity to entiretyity for frailty to a 50cm-3 definite quantity.

From the rebuke equation of this reaction:

Interpreting the overhead products, doubling [I-] opportunity maintenance [S2O82-] steady doubles the rebuke of reaction – halves t’ (season of manner of the bluish colour). Doubling [S2O82-] opportunity maintenance [I-] steady, besides doubles the rebuke of reaction.

The underneath equation gives the interconnection of the exception of rebuke steady (k) delay ionic force (I):

This equation is of fashion , where k0 is the limiting treasure of the rebuke steady at cipher ionic force. where zA and zB are the score of the two ions concerned in the rebuke-determining trudge at low ionic forces.

Since [I-] offal steady during each kinetic run, the integrated rebuke equation is:

where a and (a-x) reintroduce [S2O82-] at seasons t = 0 and t = t’ regardively.

Making k the subject:

Hence, for reactions 1, 4 and 5:

Per 2 ramparts of S2O32- consumed 1 rampart of S2O82- oxidises iodide accordingly any iodine manufactured is converted end to iodide until all thiosulphate is consumed. Therefore, adding a unreserved sum of thiosulphate tolerates to particularize the strain of persulphate at the “end” of the reaction, when t=t’.

From 0.0005 mol cm-3 of S2O32- consumed, 0.0005/2 = 0.00025 mol cm-3 of S2O82- were consumed. Hence the fostering persulphate at the “end” of reaction = 0.0040 – 0.00025 = 0.00375 mol cm-3

For reaction 2:

For reaction 3:

At the set-out of this run [S2O82-] = 0.00800 mol cm-3 and [S2O32-] = 0.0005 mol cm-3. At the end of the reaction 0.0005/2 = 0.00025 mol cm-3 of S2O82- were consumed. Hence, from the judicious strain of S2O82-: 0.00800 – 0.00025 = 0.00775 mol cm-3 of S2O82- were introduce at t=t’.

Rate Steady – Determination

The treasure of k can now be adapted for each compromise. The treasures were adapted and narrative in the consultation underneath:


Rate Steady (k) / mol cm-3s-1






Table – Values of k steady for each reaction compromise

Calculation sample:

For reaction 1:

t’ = 1172 s

Ionic Force – Determination

The offering of each electrolyte to the entirety ionic force is abandoned by:

Taking into entiretyity the frailty of the definite quantity to 50 cm3 of all electrolytes, and penetrating that for 1:1 electrolytes, I=concentration, and for 2:1 electrolytes, I= 3 x strain. Hence, for these compromises:

The ionic force was adapted and narrative in the consultation underneath:


Ionic Force (I) / mol cm-3











Table – Ionic Force per each reaction

Sample calculation:

Calculation of B and k0

In prescribe to particularize B and k0 a batch of v.s. logk was batchted.


k(mol cm-3s-1)

Logk(mol cm-3s-1)

I(mol cm-3)





















Table – k steady and ionic force for each reaction

Graph – Apposition among logk and ionic force

The apposition is abandoned as nature y = 2.6305x – 3.7229.


logK0= -3.72 mol cm-3 s-1

k0= mol cm-3 s-1

k0= mol dm-3 s-1

B = 2.63

∆H‡ & ∆S‡ Calculation

DISCUSSION (Questions)

As regularityatic overhead:

“(..) doubling [I-] opportunity maintenance [S2O82-] steady doubles the rebuke of reaction – halves t’ (season of manner of the bluish colour). Doubling [S2O82-] opportunity maintenance [I-] steady, besides doubles the rebuke of reaction. “

Hence, in the rebuke equation:

x= 1 and y=1. The reaction is of primitive prescribe delay regard to and delay regard to . As a product, the overall rebuke of reaction is x+y=2.

The overall rebuke of reaction is of relieve prescribe in which the rebuke determining trudge is:

S2O82- + I- à IS2O83-

This is consonant delay the rebuke observed testally by comparing compromises 1 to 2 and 1 to 3.

The treasure of B (2.63) is rather proud in similarity delay the speculative treasure but of selfselfidentical magnitude.

As regularityatic overhead, B is abandoned by where zA and zB are the score of the two ions concerned in the rebuke-determining trudge. Hence, speculatively .

The treasure of k0 fast testally is rather low in similarity to the published treasure.

k0= mol dm-3 s-1

Published treasure: mol dm-3 s-1

Some fount of untruth must enjoy influenced this product. Perhaps evil-doing timing and rotten glassware would tolereprimand a rather faster/sinferior reaction which products in a unanalogous rebuke steady (k).

(Answer to Q1 overhead.)

The ionic force is the selfselfidentical for reactions 1, 2 and 3. Reaction 4 shows a idiosyncrasy ionic force for the strains of ions introduce in the compromise (Table 2). Accordingly, reaction 5 delay no KCl borrowed shows a rather low ionic force as expected.

A exception of Ionic force vs. Rebuke steady is illustrious. Delay regard to consultation 5, a wane in ionic force accompanies a wane in the rebuke steady – the inferior the ionic force of a reaction the inferior its rebuke steady (k).

It is grave to notice that the ionic force of each compromise offal steady up to season t’ (manner of bluish colour). This is entirely understandable accordingly the rebuke of evolution of anions is agreeent to the rebuke of their outlay, hence manifesting a steady ionic force. However, when all thiosulphate has been consumed the ionic force wanes accordingly an break in their makeweight causes the decrement of iodine to seal.

In other words:

When the reactions reaches t’:

S2O82- + 2I- → 2SO42- + I2

I2 + 2S2O32- → S4O62- + 2I-

Thus, at t’ there is an extension in the sum of I2 and a entire wane in the sum of I-. Therefore:

At t’,

which products in a low ionic force.

(Answer to Q2 overhead)

For this test, the treasure of adapted is rather low but real. All regularitys guard to growth in a inclination of increasing entropy and hence an extension in the disprescribe of the regularity in scrutiny.

For this bimolecular reaction in discontinuance at 25°C, the entropy of activation of the rebuke determining trudge is real import the definite starch-based iodine indicator close is rather firmly-fixed accordingly extensions in entropy match to immutable changes in a regularity. This is accordingly the sum of labor the regularity can do is scant accordingly most of the spectre was holloweyed as heat; hence this reaction is thermodynamically immutable reaction.

(Answer to Q3 overhead)

A reaction which proceeds over sloth delay increasing ionic force is


Aims were obliging.

All kinetic parameters were fast although some superior founts of untruth were introduce during this test.

Possible founts of untruth may include involved or impertinent timing (non-digital watches were used). Difficulty to at-once discover the end object of the reaction (crop of bluish colour) as the rebuke of reaction to some of the compromises was very slow; defilement of glassware could besides co-operebuke for such untruths.

Nevertheless, the prescribe of reaction delay regard to twain iodide and persulphate was fast precisely; and the consequence of decreasing ionic force is unreserved to wane the rebuke of reaction.

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