Management of Amlodipine Influenced Gingival Overgrowth

Surgical Government of Amlodipine ruled gingival overgrowth in Hypertensive resigned.


Drug-influenced gingival overgrowth (DIGO) is a grave regard twain for the resigned and the clinician. A estimate of topical and systemic constituents such as plaque, hormonal changes, refuse ingestion, heredity can principle or rule gingival overgrowth. Unmistakable anticonvulsants, immuno-suppressive refuses and a estimate of calcium implement blockers feel been shown to product harmonious gingival overgrowths in unmistakable sensitive resigneds. Amlodipine is a comparatively new calcium implement blocker may expose gingival overgrowth in circumstance of beneathlying aggravating element. A 38-year-old hypertensive womanish resigned on amlodipine (10 mg/day, only dose vocally) gone prospect months, sought dental watchfulness beprinciple of the consequenceant gingival overgrowth. Clinical scrutiny, Medical narrative and histological rate advance helped to constructulate a peculiarity of DIGO. Six weeks succeeding phase-I therapy and refuse superabundance, undisplaced flap surgery was produced. The resigned’s gingiva seemed to be usual at six month thrive-up scrutinize, delay no signs of repose.

Key words: Gingival overgrowth, Hypertension, Amlodipine, Undisplaced flap surgery. Refuse ruled gingival overgrowth.


There are multifarious constituents (causal or modifying) confused in gingival overgrowth. Plaque fund on teeth principles gingival inflammation and may carry to aggravating extension. Gingival overgrowth can be seen in resigneds delay familial lineal gingival fibromatosis, pregnancy, and leukemia. DIGO is a courteous-documented edge goods of some pharmacologic embodiments, including, but not scant to, calcium implement blockers (CCBs), phenytoin, and cyclosporine[1,2 ]. It can be a grave regard for resigneds due to the attending unesthetic pretense and the construction of new niches for the periopathogenic bacteria [3]. Despite the relatively proud rule of nifedipine-influenced gingival overgrowth, [4 ] amlodipine has close frequently been rumored as the implicit etiologic principle of gingival overgrowth[5] .Amlodipine is a comparatively new hanker acting dihydropyridine calcium implement blocker that is used in the government of twain hypertension and angina. Unwanted goodss associated delay continuous exercitation of

amlodipine are few and are amplely connected to vasodilation. The pharmacological goodss of these refuses are particular but the clinical and histological indications of the extension principled by the divergent refuses are harmonious. The clinical pretense of DIGO is usually idiosyncrasy, although variants are seen depending on the subsidence of lesions, the irritants confused and the size of inflammation. As the state progresses, the marginal and papillary gingival overgrowth and may interfere delay discourse, mastication and aesthetics. In the resigneds delay preexisting periodontitis and DIGO the intenseening of periodontal steals and associated subgingival microbiota may growth periodontal

devotion and annoyance damage. The surgical composition is a fixed therapy for DIGO, in scantiness of self-generated retrogradation forthcoming refuse superabundance and phase-I Therapy. The low surgical technique is the weak levigation of the undue gingival web delay– exterior bevel gingivectomy (EBG) or interior (reverse) bevel gingivectomy (IBG). The surgical vestibule of undisplaced generous obesity flap, in this tenor, is papply correspondent to cast-out periodontal steals (Pocket embankment) in closeness of exuberant sturdy gingiva and to reconstruct the scooped annoyance morphology. In the introduce rumor, a circumstance of amlodipine-influenced gingival overgrowth (AIGO) has been introduceed wherein the AIGO was treated in the forthcoming phases: (1) superabundance of the refuse , (2) entiregoinggoing Phase-1 therapy, (3) surgical levigation of the residual gingival overgrowth and (4) livelihood and supportive therapy. Case Description:

A 38-year-old womanish resigned was applyred to us delay discontent of distended and bleeding gums in the eminent and inferior jaw. Past medical narrative biblical hypertension for which the resigned current amlodipine (10 mg/day, only dose vocally) for the decisive prospect months. The resigned had renowned a periodical and troubleclose extension of the gingiva for primeval 4 months and then she noticed bleeding gums. A generalized stubborn gingival extension delay edematous marginal gingiva, imputable to superimposed aggravating element, was establish throughout the maxillary and mandibular gingiva (Fig. 1A,B,C,D). Closeness of generalized periodontal steals (≥7-8mm) and clinical devotion damage (≥5-6mm) was a manageing indication of gingival overgrowth indicating a perpendicular extension of gingiva. Purulent perconstruct and bleeding on probing were detected which were in agreement delay the inflammation.


On supplicate, resigned’s physician substituted amlodipine delay Beta Adrenergic blocker (Atenolol), succeeding which, resigned was foreclosureed for through scaling and origin planing. Vocal hygiene instructions, chlorhexidine mouthwash 0.2% of 10ml twice a day was prescribed. At thrive-up succeeding six weeks, residual aggravating element of the extension unswerving(Fig-2) but the gingival overgrowth needed fixed surgical composition. Beneath exuberant topical anesthesia (xylocaine 2%), the steal profundity was noticeable, (Fig-3) an interior bevel incision was enthralled up to the scooped apex. (Fig-4) Crevicular and interdental incision ahanker the shameful of the steal embankment was released and generous obesity mucoperiosteal flap was reflected. (Fig-5) The excised majority was stored in constructalin for advance histopathologic ventilation. Scaling, origin planning and curettage were completed. Osseous resective surgery, using carbide burs, ahanker delay gentle notable irrigation was manufactured to recontour thickened raw plates, ledges and intense interdental craters. (Fig-6) Flaps were trimmed and approximated using occasional silk sutures. Routine column surgical instructions, a sequence of antibiotics and analgesics (Cap. Amoxycillin 500mg three times a day for five days and Ibufrofen 400 mg three times a day for three days) and 0.2% chlorhexidine was prescribed twice a day for fifteen days. Microscopic superintendence of the gingival biopsy specimens demonstrated a connective web hyperplasia, acanthosis of overlying epithelium and elongated rete ridges coincidently delay aggravating cells. Sutures were removed succeeding 1 week. Healing was uneventful and the resigned’s pretense and overall duty reformd considerably at six month thrive up. (Fig-7) Vocal hygiene instructions were consecrated from primeval scrutinize and reinforced in all aftercited scrutinizes.


Amlodipine is a second-generation dihydropyridine CCB that can principle gingival overgrowth. The rule of amlodipine-influenced gingival overgrowth has been shown to be betwixt 1.7% and 3.3%[6,7]. Lafziet al.(2006) had rumored expeditiously developing gingival hyperplasia in resigned receiving 10 mg/day of amlodipine delayin 2 month of onset. [8] The impact of gingival overgrowth delay nifedipine therapy has been rumored to be as proud as 20%, [9] and a con-over by Prisant (2002) [10] rumored that the rule delay the use of CCBs potentiality be as proud as 38%.Gingival overgrowth considered to be 3.3 times papply low in men than in women [10] .The most low construct is bacterial plaque–influenced gingival distemper, which introduces as gingivitis. Use of phenytoin, cyclosporine, and CCBs, as courteous as vitamin C shortcoming, can besides predispose to harvest of gingival overgrowth, as can hormonal shifts during pregnancy. The debate for these counteractive events is not positively known, but mechanisms involving aggravating and non aggravating tracks feel been suggested [11]. For sample, idiosyncratic sensitivity to a refuse’s metabolic track potentiality be a trigger [11]. Untreated gingival overgrowth potentiality carry to bleeding, contagion, abscess, ulceration, cosmetic shortcoming and/or dutyal difficulty (eg, chewing, talking) [10]. Composition of refuse-influenced gingival overgrowth includes cessation/replacement of the refuse and decreasing other expose constituents delay meticulous gratuitous and chemical plaque govern. Replacing the important refuse delay another embodiment is besides recommended when potential[12]. In introduce circumstance of DIGO resigned was beneath composition for hypertension gone decisive 8 months and was prescribed tablet Amlodipin 10mg/day by her physician. Thoroughgoing SRP and replacing the Amlodipin delay Atenolol was manufactured. Refuse superabundance and entiregoinggoing SRP did not consequence into retrogradation of the extension.

The surgical composition is a fixed therapy for DIGO, in scantiness of self-generated retrogradation forthcoming refuse superabundance and phase-I Therapy. Classic gingival surgery chiefly deals delay the composition of steals – i.e., gingival sulci that are intenseened due to a proliferation or an growth in size of gingival web in a coronal command, delay or delayout apical absenteeism of the epithelial devotion. Exterior bevel gingivectomy (EBG) and interior bevel gingivectomy (IBG) should be backwardness for circumstances not responding to non surgical methods or austere circumstances that pretend vocal hygiene or dutyality, or can be produced for cosmetic debates. IBG vestibule has the boon of limiting the ample mere connective web cut that consequences from the exterior gingivectomy, thereby minimizing columnoperative trouble and bleeding. It is accepted that gingival surgery (twain EBG and IBG) is essentially scant to the composition of pseudopockets. But if gentleman steals associated delay annoyance defects are introduce then undisplaced flap surgery can be the composition modality for the majorityive extension. The advantages of this technique are opposition of steal embankment and osseous contouring coincidently eliminating the gingival overgrowth and steal in closeness of exuberant sturdy gingiva. In this circumstance rumor undispalced flap surgery was produced for eliminating steal and osseous contouring in closeness of exuberant sturdy gingiva. However regardclose of the composition non-interference filled, periodical livelihood and foreclosure thrive up are mandatory to end the hanker engagement good-fortune.


Gingival overgrowth is an obsolete but implicitly disadvantageous edge goods of composition delay amlodipine and other calcium implement blockers and every physician should be cognizant of this, chiefly if counteractive vocal symptoms inaugurate during refuse use. The amlodipine ruled gingival overgrowth in this circumstance fully unswerving when the resigned was switched to Beta Adrenergic blocker (Atenolol) thriveed by surgical levigation of the overgrowth. Another constituent contributing to the laudable tally to the therapy is the resigned docility in maintaining the vocal hygiene. Lastly the resigneds’ documented realitys should be shared delay the physician to mould his assurance and i-elation for the dental brotherhood. In observation, he procure be motivated to apply resigneds delay complains of gum swelling at a greatly prior station or in reality, direction dental consideration for reformment of vocal hygiene anteriorly prescribing the inventory of refuses that may rule gingival overgrowth in closeness of preexisting gingival inflammation.



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