Hosting An International Sporting Event Management Essay


The whim of assemblageing greater diversions smoothts has befit increasingly favorite unordered governments, corporations, and municipal ‘boosters’ worldwide. Economist argues that greater economic, outgrowthal, collective, and socio-cultural utilitys gain run from them, bigly justifying the requires and risks confused. Numerous studies fuel the favorite admission that diversion is a generator of common as polite as commonwealthal economic and gregarious outgrowth.

Economically it has been representationed as an diligence about which cities can bequeath sophisticated rising strategies. Socially it has been representationed as a cat's-paw for the outgrowth of sophisticated communities and the decrease of gregarious disqualification and offense. Most of these studies, still, entertain been conducted in walk of the smoothts on side of assiduous separateies past deferred bulk of definite and middle outputs as polite as inputs.

Figure 1: Hosting Countries

Figure-1 shows Critical support-circumstance studies sharp-end to their artful collisions. Inquiry shows that requires entertain usually been underestimated while completesome collisions entertain been overestimated. Regarding gregarious rising, there is an scantiness of immanent and investigate experimental declaration on the gregarious collisions of projects. In classify to rectify inquiry standards, separateicipants at the workshop ‘Hosting Greater (John D. Horne, 2005).

Intercommon Sports Events:

Comparing Asia and Europe’ addressed methodological, hypothetical and experimental issues gained from mega-circumstance inquiry in biased commonwealthalities and temporalities. This is were shapely in sessions according to the subjoined topics: failed bids and lucky bids; commonwealth and arrangement fabric; assessing the requires and utilitys for familiar and newly industrializing economies; personality politics and collective identities; evaluating the economic and diversioning collision of diversions smoothts and furtheranceal activities; and instance studies of collisions and outcomes.

Harada Munehiko (2002) Osaka University of Health and Diversion Sciences focused on the City of Osaka’s unlucky bid to assemblage the 2008 summer Olympic Games. He argued that insufficiency was due to Osaka’s younger global signification and to outer truthors agreeoperative to the other Asian emulator, Beijing. Critics sharp-ending to the prodigious requires and insufficient avow of generally-known finance in Japan were silenced by the masterful vision of the Tokyo Olympics.

Figure 2: Population Growth

Figure 2 shows Harada argued that opposing bankruptcy of good-fortune, Japan’s remedy bigst conurbation area was operative to chase sophisticated revitalization. Judicious losses can stimulate cities onto after gains, smooth though tardy utilitys for communities in provisions of ‘psychic psychic proceeds that inaugurate from the order regularity are up-hill to appraise. John Horne (2002) University of Edinburgh addressed the North American experiment of assemblageing greater diversions smoothts to present a contrasting representation on the over-estimated utilitys and under-estimated requires of assemblageing.


Experts allude-toed that adopting boosterism or skepticism were up-hill to escape in assessing collisions. Smooth where economic analyses unfold that yield can be made on the operational requires of diversions mega smoothts, considerable of this can be accounted for by the bounteous labour supposing by the offer vehemence enlisted to acceleration run such smoothts Nicholas Aplin Common Institute of Education, Singapore illustrative commonwealthal diversioning traditions and the govern of foregoing Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew as the deep reasons for Singapore’s hindrance to the tempt of diversions mega smoothts.

In some ways this was resembling to the People’s Regenerally-known of China’s foregoing hindrance to competitive diversion. Yet in Singapore, the opinion exquisite of a diversions-for-all device failed to exhibit sustainoperative seniority competition rates. Yi Jiandong (2006) Beijing Diversion University presented a roadmap to 2010 of diversions smoothts’ assemblageing in China. Data never seen anteriorly past China supposing complete declaration of China’s whim of the Beijing 2008 Olympics for twain foothold and economic cannonade purposes.

In discourse it was questioned how crave the cannonade would conclusive and how smoothly the utilitys would be open. While assemblageing indisputablely is favorite after a while the collective upper ten, bigr faculty of the Chinese vulgar faculty entertain contrariant ideas. Gerd Ahlert Institute of Economic Structures Research, Osnabruück outlined a investigate econometric prospect pattern that has been applied to the Football World Cup 2006 in Germany as shown in Figure 3

Figure 3: Impacts


The investigation domiciled on the Diversion Satellite Account predicts prodigious pre-circumstance cannonades and low frequented economic collisions. But economic gains can be made interveniently through marketing and commonwealth branding. Sombat Karnjanakit (2000) Chulalongkorn University argued that Tha Thailand has already reached a saturated raze of existentity, allowing the city to

assemblage and accomplish credibly in multi-diversion smoothts, as unfoldd by the Asian Games in 1966, 1970, 1978 and 1998 as shown in Figure 4.

The substance for countries such as Thailand already certain on the global itinerant march is the unpredictability of economic utilitys. Salomé Marivoet University of Coimbra outlined inquiry on the European Football Championships held in Portugal in 2004 and introduced the seniority document into the workshop’s discourses. It is considered the collision of the documenttized smootht on the interior imagined homogeneity and the way contrariant groups in Portugal sought to capitalize on common identification outerly.

In point she unfoldd how refinede commonism was executed when common symbols of the late were portrayed as present-day ‘brands’ of commonwealths on a globally documentted mark. Xin Xu Olin (2000) Institute for Strategic Studies, Harvard University/ Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan too dealt after a while common personality, in provisions of its collision on collective kinsfolk unformed the ‘two Chinas’ (the People’s Regenerally-known of China

and the Regenerally-known of China, Taiwan).

Figure 4 Structure

People foresaw the peril that twain unifiers and secessionists faculty highjack the Beijing Olympics in 2008 for their relative collective ambitions. Kathy Van den Bergh Vrije Universiteit Brussels asked how diversions smoothts and other diversions furtherance vehicles can growth competition in diversion. While it is repeatedly productive that there is a apposition, it is not domiciled on investigate experimental declaration (John D. Horne, 2005).


Van den Bergh reputed on attempts to bequeath and experiment an document to evaluate diversions furtherance as a instrument of increasing competition. She concluded that outcomes hold but

expectations are usually too ambitious. Diversion economist Chris Gratton Sheffield Hallam University argued that solely through biased studies of greater smoothts in point locations is it feasible to exculpation questions about the economic collision and utilitys or nonbenefits of greater diversions smoothts (John D. Horne, 2005).

Research into ten smoothts in five cities in Britain allude-to that a European pattern where smoothts are markd in holding diversions facilities is past require conducive than the North American pattern of fabric facilities in the expectation that smoothts or franchises gain be attracted to them. Wolfram Manzenreiter University of Vienna discussed the winners and losers unordered cities in Japan that assemblageed half the 2002 FIFA Football World Cup.

While the regional collision was overestimated in most economic body and in each of the ten assemblage regions, the gregarious utilitys vulgar overtly indisputable appraisal. After a while the growth of bigness of the conurbation where the assemblageing occurred and its melt of signification on the common map, pleasure after a while the collision of the multi-site smootht decreased. Most separateicipants, Manzenreiter make-famoused, were in favour of past transparency in the order regularity and past inquiry to ponder the possibilities of expanding gregarious utilitys deriving from the megacircumstance experiment as shown in Figure 6

Figure 6: Economic body

Global diversioning map

Mustafa Ishak Common University of Malaysia unfoldd that smoothts such as the Commonwealth Games in 1998 and Grand Prix Formula One car racing had put Malaysia on the global diversioning map. He argued that these smoothts had accelerationed the state to profit existent avow-of-the-art diversions facilities, stimulatered prodigious infrastructure cannonades and fostered an enhanced purpose of common lordliness.

Hence he emphasized the signification of diversion to regularityes of economic outgrowth in newly industrialized countries and commonwealth fabric in multiethnic societies. Finally Francesco Muñoz Ramirez Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain identified the signification of locate in determining good-fortune or insufficiency in assemblageing diversion smoothts.

An graphic superintend to pre-Olympic Barcelona, Olympic Barcelona and support Olympic outgrowths in the city inspired the signification of separatenerships generally-known and special, and abutting contrariant sectors of generally-known existence to invent ‘transversal synergies’ and to include the complete city in revitalisation projects (John D. Horne, 2005).

Barcelona has utilityed from uninterruptedness in strategic thinking on revitalization and architecture as a instrument of sophisticated redevelopment. The definite discourse summed up the issues presented in the papers. First, there was a insufficiency to make-famous past palpably unformed increasingly retail intercommon diversion ‘mega-events’ such as the Olympics and the Football World Cup, ‘big diversions smoothts’ that engender big common audiences and document audiences aloof but are close to competitive order, and other ‘greater diversion smoothts’ after a while contrariant object and issue.

Second, the dichotomies of support colonialism such as ‘Asia-Europe’ were reflected in differences in admission towards mega-events by familiar and newly industrialised economies, certain and emerging commonwealths. Third, mega-events were considered of greatest signification for the projects of existentity as polite as support-modernity, albeit after a while distinguished goals.

Intercommon Collaboration

For existentizing commonwealths, assemblageing a mega-circumstance is a plain marker of intercommon love for outgrowthal achievements; in supportexistent societies, smoothts big and diminutive meaning the role of vision generator. Fourthly, economic gains are close likely than gregarious utilitys, though this peel of devise is up-hill to intent and govern. While the succeeding frequentedion of the inquiry agenda stimulated by the papers was variable, separateicipants at the workshop stressed the fate of multi-disciplinary inquiry and intercommon collaboration to go past the limits of one’s own inquiry perspective as shown Figure 7 (John D. Horne, 2005).

Figure 7: Developmental achievements

Our representation was that the workshop succeeded in that it enabled all to divide greater awareness and avowal of the differences and resemblingities unformed the experiment of assemblageing greater intercommon diversions smoothts in enunciateing and familiar commonwealths, existent and supportexistent cultures, and support-industrialised and newly industrialized

Economies. Big intercommon diversioning smoothts such as the Olympics detain the study of twain the countries competing and those not competing in these smoothts. This curiosity-behalf leads to prodigious revenues nature engenderd by the pertinent diversioning federations through television contracts, ticket sales and applicable of proceeds Industrially familiar countries entertain normally been the ones awarded the prerogative of assemblageing these showinstance smoothts.


In may misrecord the conclusive three decades, intercommon diversioning federations entertain working to selecteded enunciateing countries or regions as sites for their smoothts. These are repeatedly attempts to soothe those countries or regions that feel that they don’t get a fortuity to utility financially from nature a separate of these diversioning federations. Add the truth that these enunciateing countries or regions repeatedly yield some of the world’s best athletes so peaceful them could invent the goodgain that gain be insufficiencyed collectively in the coming. Sporting federations admire that if they can acceleration these commonwealths yield ameliorate specialized facilities, then those commonwealths gain hold to enunciate new gift for their relative diversions.

Although assemblageing intercommon diversioning smoothts faculty entertain some utilitys to enunciateing countries, the cost of enunciateing the specialized infrastructure insufficiencyed gain befit too considerable for those societies to tolerate. The media that would be theoretically used for these smoothts could be used to lighten vulgar gregarious substances in these societies. It is too not plain if the blunt order or crave order utilitys of these smoothts gain be big abundance to secrete the frequented requires inventd by these smoothts. Hosting the Olympics and the relative World Cups brings judicious momentous requires and solely theoretically big utilitys. Stay tuned as next week I ponder the objective requires of these smoothts for a state or region

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