Glaciers And Climate Change Environmental Sciences Essay

The interval is principally chat environing the interforce betwixt glaciers and sphither shift. Engage the Tianshan No.1 Glacier as an in. Glacier produces in sphither and by the collision of sphither shift. The glaciers shift is the end of sphither fluctuations. And glacier shifts in mold acts on the probable environment that conduce to sphither shift. Tianshan No.1 Glacier has shiftd weightyly in the spent five decades, underneathstands glacier exterior firn singularitys, ice shape zones, ice clime, besottedness, area and terminus situation, etc. These glacier shifts cognate to clime stir, and corcorrespond to fresh sphither deviation. In restitution, shifts in the global sphither and environment suitd by glacier shift, such as the acception of glacier runoff, sea-flatten stir, and the lessen of exterior albedo suitd by area shrinkage etc. The interforce betwixt glacier and sphither shift not barely has grave collisions on global sphither deviation, but too has grand underneathstanding for the examine of sphither and environment.

1. Introduction

Glacier is a capacious permanent substantiality of ice that forms whither the supply of snow exceeds its ablation (fluid and incoherence) counterpoise frequent years, repeatedly centuries. Its motion suitd by the force of lugubriousness. Glacier ice is the capaciousst reservoir of freshwater, fooded one third of the earth’s population. 11% of the earth’s fix area is adept by glaciers. The glacier principally nice in the Antarctic, the Arctic and rich-verticality districts of the intermediate and low loopholes. It is a consequence of the sphither and a cheerful indicator of sphere, too it acts on sphere. The glaciers shift, in-particular shifts in mountain glaciers, is a barometer of global sphither shift. Precipitation, clime is the ocean sphither constituents that imposing glaciers. The colony progresss glacier supply, and climes progress ablation. Therefore, the completion of colony, its classification during the year, and interannual variability consequence glacier recharge and activities. Occasion the clime collisions ice shape and sleek liquify breathe-into. The colony and clime codetermine the constitution of the glacier, harvest and evolvement.

1.1 Glacier lump counterpoise

Glacier lump counterpoise is the key constituent that links glacier fluctuations and sphither shift. Sphither shift guides to selfsame shifts in the embodied counterpoise recite of glacier. Occasion this peel of shift in the lump counterpoise of glacier can guide to shift in glacier motion singularitys and glacier excited regime, and thus guide to shifts in the glacier terminus situation, dimension and ice restraints.

Glacier lump counterpoise formular has two elements: glacier supply and ablation. Glacier ice supply occurs through supply of snow and other frozen colonys, underneathstand rime ice, avalanching from contingent glaciers on cliffs and mountainsides equalizehead, and re-freezing of glacier liquify breathe-into as superimposed ice. The ablation refers to the fluid of snow or ice that runs off the glacier, evaporation, incoherence, calving, or erosive non-location of snow by coil. Air clime is typically the dominant govern of ablation delay colony exercising induced govern. Delay successive years in which supply exceeds ablation, a glacier procure knowledge confident lump counterpoise, its terminus procure proceeding and crime versa.

1.2 Research Significance

Current glacier recession underneathneath the global warming has aroused earth-wide heed. The sensitivity of alpine glaciers to clime shift is plant to be capaciously amplified. The enumeobjurgate of subordinate glaciers has improved weightyly. For a enumeobjurgate of glaciers, shrinkage objurgate appears to repress rapid spent the 1990s. Acception fluid urge of glaciers can guide to sea flatten stir and submerging of some coastal areas. Moreover, it induces snow and ice cognate disasters, for in, glacier abundance and avalanche, which threat the rootation environment of affinitynal individuals and chimerical animals, as well-behaved-behaved as shift the manners and singularitys of frequent type. On the other operative, the concealment of ice-adept districts on the Earth procure in mold shift the global sphither regime weightyly. Ice meets, in-particular those in the Polar Regions, can mirror a grand dispense of light apparition end to the outward extension, which helps to repress the Earth promising. However, delay the ice ccounterpoise fluid, the underneathlain fix and the breathe-into procure endanger to the air, and thus unquestionably retain plenteous spent light radiation and suit spent ice fluid. The rapid glacier recession in China is too very plain, in-particular in Northwest China, whither glacier liquify breathe-into runoff acceptions, area of glacier lessens, terminus departures, snow continuity elevates and frequent narrow glaciers are disappearing. Glacier is unreserved as the firm reservoir and the cradle of field in the dry districts in Northwest China. It is the greater breathe-into run for affinitynal rootation and harvest.

Study area

Tianshan No.1 Glacier(43°6′N¼Œ 86°49′E) is located at a tallness of 3,454 m equalizehead sea flatten, and environing 118 km from Urumqi, the cardinal of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous District in China. It is the headwaters of Urumqi River, almost 100km from Asia geographic hardihood. In restitution, it is considered one of the most grave dry fix glacier models in Asia, and one of the most glorious ten glaciers in the earth.

It has the longest annals of lump counterpoise in the Asian rich mountains. The sleek annals pretexts that the glacier has shrunk weightyly in terminal 30 years. The Tianshan No.1 glacier is timid at the urge of 3.5 m and 5.9 m integral year on its east and west sides respectively. In the spent 45 years, its meetage has dropped from 1.94 sq km to 1.68 sq km, a 13.8% waste. The fix hither is singularity of alluvial deposits by glaciers, so those conducting geological surveys can discuss the harvest round of the Urumqi River in the spent millions of years.

Glacier-sphither interactions

The glaciers shift is the irresistible end of sphither fluctuations. Atmospheric colony and ardor rootation shifts, proplant collision on the product and deccontinuity of the proceeding and departure of the polar ice caps and mountain glaciers. By observing the glacier shifts, underneathstanding the glacier dynamic of global or districtal, and prospect global sphither shift. Glaciers in China are principally narrow and medium-sized mountain glaciers in low loophole. They repress a cheerful rejoinder for sphither fluctuations of blunt cycle.

Since the Irrepressible Ice Age, the public bear of glaciers encircling the earth is departure principally. The Fourth Assessment Report of IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Sphither Change) keen out that collisions of sphither warming on frequent phenomena are noticeable, such as shrinkage of the Arctic ice cap, succor of sea flatten stir, recession of glacier terminus all counterpoise the earth, thawing of permafrost, antecedent violation up of ice in the rivers and lakes, extension of crop growing interval in the intermediate and rich loopholes, and shifts in the classification and bearing of animals and plants.

Take Tianshan No.1 Glacier as an in, glacier has shiftd weightyly in the spent five decades, underneathstands glacier exterior firn singularitys, ice shape zones, ice clime, besottedness, area and terminus situation, etc.

The ocean force forces to the glacier shift are the ardor and breathe-into stipulations of the glacier adept district. Glacier fluid is tightly cognate to the clime deviation. According to the annalss of meteorological stations in the headwaters district, the air clime has been rising spent 1985, and the gravitation of stir has rapid spent 1995. From 1997 up to introduce, the medium clime has acceptiond by 1℃, as the capaciousst stir degree in fresh 50 years. The attention of Daxigou Meteorological Station pretexts that the medium annual clime acceptiond by 0.8℃(0.017℃/a) during 1958~2004 delay plain clime stirs in-particular in autumn and decay.

The singularitys of snow-firn stratigraphy and ice shape zone of the glacier are easily-forced to the sphither shift. The sphither warming grandly promotes the glacier fluid, which therefore alters the properties of snow herd stratigraphy and ice shape zones. According to the analyses of 60 upright profiles of snow pits obtained from the supply zone of Tianshan No. 1 Glacier during the bound of 1961~2005, the comstanding of snowfirn stratigraphy had a noticeable shift. The uniformity of indelicate firn in the snow pits acceptiond from 40% to 65%, and superior firn lessend from 25% to 7%. This indicates that snow herd is cuttingly forced by liquify breathe-into, which accelerates the course of transshape from superior firn to indelicate firn. Compared delay the snow-firn stratigraphic constituents and its constituency in the 1960s and 1980s, ordinary specimens pretext noticeable shifts, such as lessen of snow-herd profundity, simplification of constituency, blurred boundaries of snow laminas, and mergence of dust laminas delayin snow herd.

The lump counterpoise shift is an undelayed rejoinder of the glacier to sphither shift, and it is a easily-forced indicator for sphither shift. For the lump counterpoise of Tianshan No. 1 Glacier, twain annual appreciate and cumulative appreciate repress pretextn denying acceptions spent 1958, indicating cutting lump wastees. In interval of 1958-2004, thither were 31 denying lump counterpoise years resisting 15 confident years. From 1997 to today, the denying lump counterpoise has terminaled for 10 years, which nforever happened forforever precedently. The medium annual lump counterpoise during 1958-2004 was -233.6 mm breathe-into equiponderant (weq) and the cumulative lump counterpoise borrowed up to -10746.5 mm weq, which resources that the medium besottedness of the glacier almost abated 12 m and the work waste was environing 20.62-106m3 weq.

Unlike the glaciers in Europe and mid-America, which sum in decay and risk lump in summer, Tianshan No. 1 Glacier has twain supply and ablation in summer, and thither is irrepressible snowfall in decay. Anterior researches on Tianshan No.1 Glacier repress pretextn that the lump counterpoise was united delay the colony, and denyingly corcognate delay air clime in summer (May to August). However, delay the acception in twain ordinary clime and colony, lump counterpoise has opposed rejoinders to them.

Retreat of glacier and its collision

Under the sphither warming, the law of terminus recession and ice besottedness lessen are followed by glacier shrinkage. The shifts of glacier area and terminus situation end from blunt-term and long-term sphither shifts. Tianshan No. 1 Glacier has an counterpoiseall shrinkage spent the year 1959 when the attention rooted. The east and west shootes of Tianshan No. 1 Glacier disconnected into two rebellious glaciers in 1993 due to ablation, during this bound (1959~1993) the completion terminus departure was observed as 139.72 m at an medium departure objurgate of 4.5 m per year. From 1993 to 2004, the east shoot of Tianshan No. 1 Glacier departureed at an medium objurgate of 3.5 m per year (a completion of 38.7 m), and the west shoot departureed at a objurgate of 5.8 m per year (a completion of 64.1 m). The recession objurgate (the affinity of receded extension to the primordial glacier extension) of Tianshan No. 1 Glacier was 7.8% in the bound of 1962~2004 for the east shoot and 10.5% for the west shoot, respectively. The west shoot terminus departureed 6.92 m in 1999 and 6.95 m in 2000, respectively, which are the richest annalss in the attention annalss. Spent the ice progress velocities in selfsame years were observed perpetual at terminus, it is unreasonable that the weighty departures were suitd by the lessen of ice motion from excellent parts of the glacier, and thus, it is evidently due to the intent ice fluid. Delay terminus subordinate, its perpendicularity concurrently rich from 3736 m a.s.l in 1962 to 3746m a.s.l in 1980, and the east shoot terminus perpendicularity in 2005 was 3777 m a.s.l, 31 m richer than that in 1980. Sleek ablation procure not barely guide to abundances, fixslides and other probable disasters, but too guide glacier runoff too to be abated, and form the downstream freshbreathe-into resources ghostly dearth.


Cumulative clime is a greater constituent imposing glacier ablation. Cumulative clime, namely, the sum of daily medium air clime equalizehead the fluid aim during ablation interval is air-tight cognate to the area of glacier ablation zone. According to the anterior studies, the annual cumulative clime in the headwaters district of Urumqi River rose by 133℃•d during 1960~2004. Its gravitation is equipollent delay that of medium annual clime, i.e. spent the deceased 1980s the cumulative clime has stirn remarkably, and mediumoccasion the sphither warming pretexted a rapid gravitation (see Fig.1).

Fig. 1 Lump counterpoise of Tianshan Glacier No. 1, sumd clime (T¼ž0℃) and their bears during 1958~2003

During the bound of 1962~2006, the area of Tianshan No. 1 Glacier abated by 0.27 km2. From 1992 to 2006, the glacier area lessend by 0.16 km2, which is 0.04 km2 spent than that from 1962 to 1992. Naturalized on the attention counterpoise the spent 43 years, glaciologists plant that the lessen of glacier area has rapid spent 1986. Figure 2 pretexts the recession course of the glacier terminus, and Fig. 3 displays the morphological shapes of Tianshan No. 1 Glacier in opposed years.

Fig. 2 Morphological shift of Tianshan No. 1 Glacier counterpoise interval.(Dashed continuitys reintroduce the sleek boundaries of 1962, 1973,1980, 1984, 1986, 1994 and 2001; firm continuitys reintroduce the sleek name of 2006)

Fig. 3 Morphological shifts of Tianshan No. 1 Glacier in the years of 1962, 1988, 1993,1996, 2001, and 2005

Glacial clime, in-particular the clime of the ice underneath locomotive laminas, determines frequent substantial singularitys of the glacier. The shift of ice clime indicates the shift in the glacier’s self-possessed restraint, which can suit the shift of the sensitivity of the glacier in exculpation to sphither warming. Comparing delay three upright profiles of ice clime at the perpendicularity of 3840 m in the years of 1986, 2001 and 2006 (Fig. 4), The glaciologist plant that it is environing 10m in profundity that the inferior name of the locomotive lamina of the glacier, underneath which the ice clime is irrepressible forced by the intervalal deviation of air clime. If ignoring the shift of the ice clime in locomotive lamina, the ice clime from 10 to 22 m in profundity had a noticeable stir during 1986~2001. The stir rank lessend delay the capaciousst appreciate of 0.9℃ (10%) at 10 m profundity underneath ice exterior and a negligible shift at 22 m profundity. Similarly, compared delay the ice clime in 2001, the ice clime in 2006 had an plain stir, delay an acception of 0.4℃ at 10 m profundity. Usually, the ice clime at the inferior name of locomotive lamina is same delay the annual medium air clime. Therefore, the stir of ice clime is undoubtedly the end of progressively sphither warming.

Fig. 4 Comparison of ice clime profiles obtained in 1986, 2001 and 2006 at a place encircling 3840 m a.s.l on No. 1 Glacier in Tianshan Mountain

Fig. 5 Annual lump counterpoise of Tianshan No. 1 Glacier resisting summer clime (May-August), annual clime and annual colony at Daxigou Meteorological Station

Figure 5 pretexts the deviations of lump counterpoise, summer clime, annual clime and colony during1959-2004, from which researcher plant that during 1960-1986 the lump counterpoise had a irrepressible denying interrelation delay clime, occasion a acquitted confident interrelation delay colony, indicating that the lump counterpoise is governled by twain clime and colony, delay colony as the ocean constituent. During this bound, the annual medium clime and colony were -5.4℃and 425.8 mm, respectively. However, the interrelation has altered spent 1986. The lump counterpoise pretexted a denying interrelation delay clime and no interrelation delay colony, indicating that the lump counterpoise was principally governled by clime. During this bound, medium annual clime and colony were -4.9℃and 491.6 mm, respectively. The ends pretext that clime and colony are usually govern lump counterpoise, but clime is principally govern lump counterpoise when clime stirs to a positive flatten, though delay rich colony.

Existing prudence for sphither shift adaptation

As future as in 2006, the Urumqi corporate government had made ​​provisions: from contamination to defend grave breathe-into run in Urumqi, prevent visitors in Tianshan Glacier. But the absence of quibble and guard, some tourists into the glacier district through multiform ways, shiftd the environment of the glacier. The agent of autonomous districts, Chunyu Cui, designed to organize an areas environing National Tianshan Glacier constitution restraints of Xinjiang in 2012. But the prudence had not yet been introduced.

Conclusions and recommendations


Taking Tianshan No. 1 Glacier as an in, this interval chat environing the rejoinder of glacier to ordinary sphither warming eventualized on the attention dataset of 50 years. The falsification was drawn as follows:

Since the 1960s, snow firn stratigraphic components and constituency repress pretextn noticeable shifts, including reducing snow herd profundity, simplifying constituency, and obscuring boundaries of snow laminas delay opposed singularitys. The area of glacier ablation zone represss expanding, the situations of ice shape zones agitate upwards, and the top of east shoot has already pretextn the singularity of ablation zone.

During 1962~2006, the area of Tianshan No. 1 Glacier abated by 0.27 km2 (14%). The timid gravitation has rapid in fresh years. At the perpendicularity of 3840 m a.s.l, a weighty stir in the ice clime was observed during 1986-2001, delay the richest stir appreciate of 0.9℃ at profundity of10 m. From 2001 to 2006, the ice clime rose by 0.4℃at profundity of 10 m.

Average annual lump counterpoise during 1958-2004 was -233.6 mm weq, delay the cumulative lump counterpoise of-10746.5 mm weq, which indicates that the besottedness of Tianshan No. 1 Glacier abated almost 12 m and waste of work came to environing 20.62-106 m3. Lump counterpoise is governled by twain clime and colony precedently 1986, delay colony as the ocean constituent. But succeeding 1986, lump counterpoise is governled principally by clime, though delay rich colony.


In appoint to defend the glaciers, frequent experts desire to engage measures as before-long as likely to defend the probable environment of the glaciers in Xinjiang in correspondence delay the law, unready down man-made damnation. On the other operative, acquiesce and food to use the affected sky easily open air breathe-into resources, to heave out the affected breathe-into purpose, in appoint to acception the glaciers snow.

Thither are some suggestions:

Through apparition guardianship, harvest of probable gas, hydropower, coal bed methane utilization, bio-energy, coil apparition, light apparition, geoexcited apparition. Strengthen the planning and implementation of ecological comstanding and environmental defendion.

Strengthening sphither shift despatch and philosophical popularization to educate awareness of sphither shift in the sound association.

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