Environmental analysis of Nivea in Thailand

In todays universe, all officees are confrontment the dynamic of universe rule. In office universe, there is constantly secure rivalry in the traffic delay new office players and assembly of the diligence. Companies entertain to ordain themselves in prescribe to survive and to convoy good-tempered-natured-natured accomplishments; equeffectual the traffic pioneer of the diligence needs to be fortunate delay improved accomplishment, eminent profitability and competitive border.

To be fortunate, a office needs to set its overall control for the troop through office cunning aiming to close office goals and objectives. One of the most dignified ability of the overall office cunning is the trafficing cunning. In formulating an efficacious trafficing cunning, a troop needs to supervene segmentation, targeting and positioning (“STP”) steps as they are the groundwork of trafficing diplomacy (Desarbo et al., 2008). STP course is in the area of traffic-oriented advent, which chiefly perpends the exterior environment installed on traffic needs so as to enucleate results which polite suit to the traffic.

Currently, timeliness the overall traffics are neat further aged and customer needs are extremely distinct, the use of STP diplomacy is expedient. In eminently dynamic environment, most companies convoy segmentation elimination considering the changes in the trafficplace and medicate themselves to the dynamic universe.

Therefore, it is very vulgar that most officees are increasingly segmenting traffics and identifying each target traffic in prescribe to inspect new opportunities, enucleate straight positioning to prove stigma conception and stigma record, free suiteffectual communications to the target audiences, and so efficaciously endue instrument and unfair capabilities to the main trafficing activities. The troop succeed be effectual to beget a compute affirmation unfair to the target traffic by enucleateing an efficacious trafficing diplomacy, including trafficing mix. By going through the STP course, a troop succeed be likely to prove its own identicality and disseminate itstubborn from other competitors in the trafficplace.

This elimination studies the men’s grooming result diligence in Thailand. The wayology is to perpend how the result proprietor enucleates its trafficing diplomacy and how the STP course has important role in formulating the diplomacy.

In Thailand, men’s grooming traffic is a eminent development diligence, delay closely 14 percent development year-by-year from 2005 to 2008 and the traffic bigness in 2009 spacious delay the compute of Bt5.5 billion. Development of the diligence in year 2008 principally came from development of men’s husk preservation traffic, delay 26% percent development in provisions of prevalent compute (Euromonitor International: Men’s Grooming Products – Thailand, 2009). Men’s husk preservation traffic is considered not singly an tempting traffic but so a very eminently competitive traffic in Thailand.

This article uses a subject consider of NIVEA FOR MEN stigma in Thailand, the way of results unnatural by Beiersdorf Thailand, as it is a good-tempered-natured-natured subject consider environing men’s huskpreservation traffic. Moreover, it unfairally concentrates on courageous husk preservation traffic which is segmentation way of NIVEA FOR MEN. Therefore, this subject consider is of curiosity-behalf of the cause to consider the gross course of STP which can carry to the formulating of trafficing diplomacy of a carrying stigma in men’s husk preservation traffic, NIVEA FOR MEN.

Prior to this consider, there entertain been some eliminationes considering courageous consumers’ behaviors which claimed that men consumers are now abundantly further a deal-out of late consumerism as women (Sturrock et al., 1998). In modern years, a compute of eliminationers aim their curiosity-behalfs at courageous consumers in prescribe to consider courageous decay of results and styles which contributes to the resultion of stubborn conception (Firat, 1993), and so the rendering of stubborn concept (Thompson and Hirschman, 1995).

In this article, the regulative advent, in-depth confabulation succeed be the main elimination way. The elimination succeed arrank further details of the area of consider and exculpate the discussed concepts.


Purpose of the contrivance

Points of the cause’s curiosity-behalf in this elimination are the accelerated development of men’s grooming result diligence and the way a carrying stigma in this diligence has occupied trafficing strategies.

An overall end of the contrivance is to consider the thoroughgoinggoing course of segmentation, targeting, and positioning (“STP course”) that is the main deal-out in creating efficacious trafficing diplomacy, and to perpend how and to what quantity the STP course can be applied to men husk preservation diligence as polite as to assess its implementation on a carrying stigma in men husk preservation traffic, NIVEA FOR MEN which is owned by Beiersdorf Company.

1.3 Design of the Contrivance and Objectives

This article principally deals delay the room of the course of segmentation, targeting, and positioning of a carrying stigma in men husk preservation traffic. As the formal course is the groundwork and genesis of trafficing diplomacy formulation, this elimination covers the linkage incompact these traffic-led trafficing strategies.

The article succeed awaken traffic temptingness in Thailand, and courageous consumers’ needs as polite as Beiersdorf Thailand instrument and capabilities.

The endueigation succeed be executed by in-depth confabulation delay trafficers in Beiersdorf Thailand in prescribe to construct insight notice environing the STP course and so the implementation of NIVEA FOR MEN trafficing strategies.

After all, the supposition succeed be concluded and succeed so be used as a vile of monition for the implicit development control of NIVEA FOR MEN, a traffic pioneer in the very eminent development diligence.

The objectives of this elimination are as supervenes

to pursue the origins of trafficing diplomacy concept in developed expression office in men’s grooming results traffic and men husk preservation traffic in Thailand;

to endueigate the course of segmentation, targeting, and positioning of NIVEA FOR MEN stigma;

to perpend the linkage incompact segmentation, targeting, and positioning as polite as to consider how STP course carrys to the formulation of trafficing diplomacy of NIVEA FOR MEN;

to consider the romance of competitive positioning and trafficing cunning as a traffic pioneer men facial preservation diligence; and

to mould monition in honor of the defence of its traffic pioneer positioning according to consumer’s perspectives.

1.4 NIVEA Interdiplomatic Fact and NIVEA Thailand History

The subject consider of Beiersdorf Thailand, NIVEA FOR MEN is used in this elimination as it is the best subject to consider environing the traffic-oriented advent delay focusing on segmentation, targeting, and positioning course. Moreover, it is of curiosity-behalf of the cause as NIVEA FOR MEN, delay the different ways of results, is the carrying stigma in Thai accelerated development diligence, men’s husk preservation traffic.

The fact of Beiersdorf AG is little summarised (See Appendix [4-1]). Both NIVEA interdiplomatic fact and NIVEA Thailand fact are summerised to paint NIVEA’s prevalent conditions in universe traffic and in Thailand.

1.4.1 NIVEA Interdiplomatic History

Figure [1-1]: NIVEA Worldwide

Source: www.nivea.com

NIVEA is one of the universe’s carrying interdiplomatic huskpreservation industries, founded in 1911 in Gersundry by Oskar Troplowitz, who determined the troop ‘NIVEA’, from the Latin expression nix or nivis, signification ‘snow’, in relation to the colour of the result.

Currently, NIVEA is claimed to be the universe’s comprehensivest huskpreservation stigma delay a secure interdiplomatic nearness in about 170 countries and an envieffectual record. Also, Beiersdorf has had secure sales universewide as during 2008 and 2009, Beiersdorf’s annual sales in provisions of universewide results sales are at € 5,971 favorite and € 5,748 favorite, honorively.

Beiersdorf had already proveed an interdiplomatic nearness delay a comprehensive compute of results precedent to Universe War II. Trademarks were registered in sundry countries in prescribe to shield these stigmas. According to the Beiersdorf website (2010) ‘after Universe War II, these trademarks were obsolete in closely all countries, deal-outicularly those for NIVEA’, and the troop healed in each of these countries to reanimate the trademarks. Beiersdorf began expanding interdiplomaticly in 1952s. Incompact the countries concerned in the controling interdiplomatic comment were the Netherlands, superveneed by Argentina, Switzerland and Brazil in 1958. The superveneing overview shows when the straights were reanimateed in each empire.








African Commonwealth Countries (ate South Africa)




France incl. prior colonies, now Chad, Mali, Cameroon, The Congo, etc


Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Gibraltar, Cyprus, Malta, Bermuda, Bahamas, Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago




United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, Israel, Australia





Besides guaranteeing continued eminent kind on identical results, NIVEA spacious their result rank into new cosmetic fields, such as decorative cosmetics and hairstyling and made noteffectual innovations in huskcare. Moreover, NIVEA began expanding their result way to arrank perfect cosmetic preservation for the gross extraction and for style-conscious singles.

1.4.2 NIVEA Thailand History

In 1984, the NIVEA stigma was introduced in Thailand, necessary and select by Beiersdorf (Thailand) Co., Ltd. The stigma was introduced as the controling majority traffic huskpreservation marrow and the universe’s controling penny cosmetic moisturizer in the far-famed cerulean tin delay the snowy logo. NIVEA’s results interjacent NIVEA Crème, Husk Lotion and Labello Lip Care.

According to the Beiersdorf (2010) website, ‘Thai Food and Drug Administration (FDA) chooses the NIVEA factory for shooting Good-natured Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Introduction Video. Later, in 1995, NIVEA obtained the GMP certificate from the persomal FDA Public Health Ministry which was the controling GMP certificated to a cosmetic factory in Thailand and NIVEA Elimination and Development (R&D) presented the New Way in Non-Animal Allergy Testing, to the Dean and professors of Pharmaceuticals Science Faculty, Chulalongkorn University.’ (Nivea website, 2010).

By 2008, NIVEA in Thailand was fortunately growing and had closed an meritorious 32% traffic portion-out in the Super & Hypermarkets sales machine which is of strategic weight in the Thai traffic (Nivea website, 2010).

Overall, in husk preservation traffic, Beiersdorf Thailand is traffic pioneer delay 11.9 percent traffic portion-outs in 2008. In this year, Beiersdorf Thailand overtook Unilever Thai Holdings to carry sector sales (Euromonitor International: Husk Preservation – Thailand, 2009) (See Appendix [1-2]).

In Thailand, NIVEA closed traffic pioneership in Men’s grooming sectors in year 2008 delay 23.4 percent traffic portion-out, superveneed by Gillette by Procter & Gamble delay 14.1 percent traffic portion-out (Euromonitor International: Men’s grooming results – Thailand, 2009) (See Appendix [1-3]). NIVEA is so compute one in association preservation sector, delay association preservation stigma portion-out 23 percent and 23.5 percent in 2007 and 2008, honorively. (Euromonitor International: Husk Preservation – Thailand, 2009) (See Appendix [1-4]). The NIVEA stigma is now availeffectual in Thailand in the superveneing results:



NIVEA Visage

NIVEA Deodorant


NIVEA Lip Care

NIVEA Bath Care

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