Challenges And Constraints Of Solar Energy Environmental Sciences Essay

The biggest dare that Light Principle aspects today is the opinion customary principle causes that are cheaper in provisions of decrement measures (Rupees per KWh).Electricity generated from Light Principle is absorblier compared to that executed from coal-fired faculty places. Synod and enterprises are established on surrendering cheaper light cells to convert absorb of action. Although the charge of Light Photovoltaic technology has diminishd in the ultimate years, it is stagnant not a possible answer for boundless flake faculty lifeopportunity purposes. In India, the mediocre absorb of Photovoltaic modules is encircling Rs. 2 lc/KWh and the absorb of electricity lifeopportunity of electricity from Light Photovoltaic and Light fervent direction is in the rank of Rs. 12 -20 per kWh and Rs. 10 – 15 per kWh deferenceively. The electricity executed this way is four-five opportunitys absorblier from that executed from customary causes. Progression in technology is exactd to convert this gap.

The manufacturing rule needs to be elapsed absorb- talented elapsed the Light Photovoltaic intercharge of electricity is a tall-technology rule claiming tall raze of skills and expertise. Companies are allocating peculiar funds for investigation and bud in the activity to aid innovations to reform the rule. Elapsed the scope is a proportionately new one behind a while defective familiarity in the scope, new companies aspect dares in coping up behind a while the corporeal players in the scope.

India is pleasantly located to entertain equal sunlight all spherical the year. Sdress there are a few places which do not entertain abundance light principle throughout the year, which feigns the absorb of origination. Areas which entertain colossal amounts of raingravitate and are clouded for most magnitude of the year, automatically get resolute out as prospective sites for Light Principle lifetime.

Another greater dare that light principle aspects is storage of the generated faculty. Electricity from Photovolatic cells cannot be generated during the gloom and during dowdy days and herebehind rivalnt measures entertain to be adopted to stock the principle executed during the other opportunitys of the day. Another greater hindrance is that access on a defective promise reason cannot be forebodeed. Elapsed India is located adjacent to the equator the incoming radiation vacillate a small integral year, it is sdress opposed to forebode the incoming radiations on a day to day reason. Akeep-apart of this there are seasonal variations which motive the accoutre and claim to expand out of view. It is thus compulsory that Light Principle cannot be relied upon as the simply cause of electricity for virtual uses enjoy distance passioning, dress peculiar storage measures are constrained. It is besides opposed to stock principle elapsed it besides increases the absorb of origination and installation. Simply unintermittently this offspring gets stanch can light principle substantially rival behind a while other novel causes of principle.


Due to shortness of peculiar synod process ,national synod and entitys are skeptical about the pi that setting up of big light faculty places procure entertain on the entitys and environment. A boundless flake light faculty place typically exacts almost one balance kilometer for integral 20-60MW generated.


Some of the materials ( enjoy Cadmium) used for surrendering Light PV cells are imperilled and other raw materials enjoy plastics used for the packaging of the cells are non-biodegradable, thereby impacting the environment. Although some of the shrivel generated during the manufacturing rule is recyclable (silicon), not all other materials are recyclable and disposal of the similar is a challenging rule.


Another enclosure to navigate gathering of light cell and light module products and classifications shapeclose retail and residential consumers is aesthetics and intent. Consumers entertain resisted light products for aesthetic reasons. Established light products are sluggish, tough, slight and non-modular. Light cell and light module manipulationrs can reform aesthetics by developing products that can be elapsed attractively integrated into architecture structures, and that are lighter, easy and modular and herebehind elapsed possible.

Growth in advenient and driving factors

Concentrated Light Vs Photovoltaic Solar

Solar principle utilization technologies can be broadly classified into two categories as

Concentrated Light Technology

Photovoltaic Light Technology

In Collected Light Technology the light principle converts passion liquids into fume, which is then used to instigate turbines to product electricity, passioning and cooling purposes, providing hot inspire etc. In PV Solar, light panels are used to product electricity. The Collected Light technology provides a good-tempered-tempered opinion to PV light, one that is defective high-priced and elapsed manifold.

Benefits of collected light technology are:

It uses corporeal media enjoy generators, piping and mirrors. Due to which the origination absorbs are plenteous inferior than PV light

In surrendering light principle no imperilled materials are used. Thus it is frank from origination hassles that could initiate due to advenient synod laws or policies.

It can besides stock the passion that is generated during the day, and use it at a posterior opportunity when the electricity is needed. Storing passion is plenteous elapsed prolific than most forms of storing electricity, and does not exact high-priced equipment or boundless tracks of place.

Due to the aforementioned benefits Collected Light Technology is floatingly a elapsed sought behind process. But the virtual for PV Light Technology is taller and is entity worked aggravate balance all countries.

Government incentives

Major percentage of the light principle origination has been backed by the synod globe aggravate. Few of the synod incentives in the subjoined ways are:

FIT (chiefly in europe)

Direct Subsidy on panels

Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS, in US)

ITC (Investment tax credits, in US)

Some of the views behind a while deference to light principle of divergent countries instigaten by synod initiatives are:

The European Union has linked views to get 20% of its principle from unclogged causes by 2012.

China’s Renewable Principle Law boon to erect the completion percentage of renewable principle used in the empire to 15% by 2020.

The U.S. Stimulus Bill of February of 2009 intervening $60 billion in advance guarantees for companies architecture light and curve places behind a while the view of doubling renewable principle origination from 2009 to 2012.

In June of 2008, Gersundry received a law sardonic its light subsidies by 10%. Further, inferior the law subsidies procure gravitate another 8%-10% each year for the next three years.

The Spanish Synod cut its light subsidies by 30%.

Renewable principle claim

Shifts in renewable principle claim are a greater instigater for the light communicate. Two greater instigaters of this alter are temperature change and peak oil.

Climate Change – Behind a while elapsed fellow-creatures than constantly entity certified of global warming and its virtual pis, and dismay of the repercussions of a carbon-naturalized principle proposal is driving consumer claim for opinions enjoy light. Behind a while increasing calculate of fellow-creatures entity certified of global warming and its hurtful pis, eminence dismay motived due to carbon naturalized principle origination, the claim for opinion principle media are in claim. The calculate of certifiedness campaigns to excite the use of opinion media has increased fearfully aggravate the elapsed few years and procure live to run in the advenient. Curve and Light principle are the principal virtual march smitten into motive.

Peak Oil and Principle Inself-reliance – The constantly eminence oil charges and the lack of answer the mines and oil reserves are a expanding matter. It is forebodeed that the oil media procure diminish to such an degree that the expandth of any empire procure be a standstagnant if measures are not smitten today to discontinue the self-reliance. Furthermore, a boundless keep-akeep-apart of the globe oil accoutre can be set in politically impetuous countries; behind a while OPEC having dominant moderate aggravate globe oil accoutre (and, hence, charges), sundry countries long-for principle opinions in rale to demolish self-reliance on geopolitically impermanent nations.

Technology and Silicon Supply

Silicon was previously used scattered-abroad by the semiconductor activity. But, behind a while the aspect of light faculty and its speedy expandth the claim for them has increased exponentially, resulting in an inferior-accoutre of silicon disqualified to converge the floating claim. Thus the taller charges in silicon medium taller origination absorbs for light companies – and inferior margins. For a sustainable expandth and moderate in absorbs of origination in the advenient the claim-accoutre equilibrium must be in bridle.

In modern years the technical progressions in the scope of light faculty has been speedy and fearful. Everyone balance the esteem obligation, manipulationrs and suppliers are established towards surrendering elapsed light principle out of the corporeal light equipment. Advancements entertain intervening increasing cell principle competency, using thinner wafers, and increasing generating faculty in low-light (lifeopportunity of principle equable on a dowdy day). The progression in two new manufacturing rulees namely string-ribbon technology and thin-film technology, intented to drastically convert the silicon required to find PV cells, could dramatically diminish the absorb of new PV cells.

The use of a new nanotechnology naturalized bearing using Tetrapod Quantum Dots (TQ-Dots) is entity considered. It is an frugal opinion to reinstate the silicon wafer naturalized light cells behind a while easy TQ-Dot light cells and has the usage of generating electricity from UV and infrared wavelengths sanctioning lifeopportunity 24/7.

Government Regulation

As the light activity lives to expand at 25% per annum, the synod is aspectd behind a while the dare to rale the activity to sanction for even-handed classification of the activity benefits. The Union Ministry has set up a severed Ministry of Non-Conventional Principle Sources posterior renamed as Ministry of New and Renewable Energy. The synod is up-hill forced to fetch India to the calculate 1 raze by introducing grid naturalized incentives and providing acquiescence at diversified razes of manufacturing and classification in its modern budget 2010-11.

Effect on the Environment: There is an ongoing moot on how Collected Light Plants especially inare driftant the environment. There is a matter how the use of boundless amounts of common place for Light Principle bud procure feign national tribe. National Synod and Environmental bodies entertain erectd matter for true regulatory measures to be setup to inferiorstand the feign on the operations of such boundless places on the environment. It is expected that the synod procure reach assured ‘peculiar principle zones’, where collected light places procure be setup.

Permitting: The sanction fees to set up Light Plants varies in divergent areas in the countries, which motives variations in the setup charge causing a doubt in the minds of prospective investors.The absorb of Light Installation in a city varies from Rs.15,000 to Rs. 50,000.Many countries that used to aspect such offsprings are now migrating to a symmetrical sanction fees classification to aid boarding in this scope.

Regulating Light Principle Providers: As keep-akeep-apart of JNNSM, synod has loving NTPC VidyutVyapar Nigam, for the dissipation of Light Principle by fractions light places, the charges of which are urban by the Central Regulatory Electricity Commission for a fond era of opportunity.

The faculty classification companies procure dissipation the faculty generated from these places at the charges set by the regulator.They would besides prosper the beneath mentioned norms:

CERC has announced tariff of Rs. 18.44 per part for light PV faculty and Rs. 13.45 per part for light fervent faculty for 25 years;

Zero or acquiescenceal service to be applied on drift of some particular items;

Zero Extinguish service on manipulation of sundry light principle devices behind a whilein the empire;

NTPC VVN procure dissipation light faculty for a era of 25 years at urban tariff announced by CERC;

CERC procure re-examination the absorbs integral year and fix tariff acceptably for new projects.

Union Budget 2010-11: Synod has announced an allocation of $10bn for the Jawaharlal Nehru National Light Mission. The budget besides provides incentives to peculiar light companies by reducing contribution service on light panel by 5% and exempting extinguish service on photovoltaic panels.

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