Britannias Market Strategy and Competitive Strategy

In this instrument, an in-depth distributeition on the Britannia’s Marketing Management and Competitive Management is graphic. In component this rumor contains the opposed trafficing strategies adopted by Britannia to acceleration them amplify and excel in the traffic. This paper covers divers sections such as; PEST-G distributeition, SWOT distributeition, Augmentation management and Marketing Mix.

In representation of the truth that Britannia Industries Limited is a living naturalized construction which results a abundant multiplicity of Biscuits, Diary effects, Rusk, Bread and Cakes, it is conspicuous that they enjoy now excelled in their affair. Within this instrument the token of concourse’s prevalent standing and victory is at agency delay a eagerness on the trafficing mix and the SWOT distributeition of Britannia. In slight, we see that Britannia Industries Limited, continues to rectify the sort of their effects to confront the consumers ask-fors and exceed aggravate the competitive verge.

Britannia Biscuits was set up in 1892, in a very unmistakable and settled seed in Kolkata delay the primal boardings of Rs. 295. By 1978, Britannia biscuits had crossed 60% of the divides of the resolute, followed by renaming the concourse to Britannia Industries Limited(BIL) and in 1983 it crossed Rs 100 crores pay edge. Then as we recognize, in 1992 it glorious its Platinum Jubilee. “Eat Healthy, Think Better” was biblical in 1997. It was gaining the restation of ‘sort and appreciate’ and in 1999, the “Britannia Khao, Globe Cup Jao” elevation made the consumers smooth past sensible then precedently which accelerationed them smooth past leading in the traffic. In the 21st century it came out as India’s abundantst and most glorious infamy of biscuit.

Now Britannia is no past orderly another settled biscuit but it is one of the most wonderful and polite recognizen biscuit in the globe. From a narrow fairy anecdote it reached new standards and from a narrow boarding it has got a exalted edge of acquisition which has been very aggravatebearing for the concourse investors. They enjoy a multiplicity of biscuits smooth because the vigor and rule to the life-style oriented types.


Business Sector And Geographical Market.

Britannia Industries Limited is a social living assiduity, delay its headquarters located in Banglore, polite-notorious for its Britannia and Tiger biscuits. It now has environing 300 stores scatter, owned by Danone and Kalabakan Investments in India. As we recognize, they communicate in Biscuits, Rusk, Diary effects, Bread and Cakes.

The concourse, in 2007 formed a Joint Venture delay Khimji Ramdas Group to diffuse and hawk biscuits to the Middle East countries, as it’s the most respected affair and the key environs indicateers in hawking biscuits. It now prepares a abundant class of movables inferior the infamy ‘Nutro’, which is the pristine infamy call in Middle East.

PEST – G Analysis

Political Factors:

The Living regulations were put into experience at the State & Central roll.

Severe TAX rules had been agoing.

Several other Government Regulations were put into operation.

Economic Factors:

The Gross Domestic Products agoing exaltation at 8-9%

A foster in the lean avail took locate.

Rupee Appreciation was a big affair.

Social Factors:

70% commonalty are inferior than 35 years of age.

Good recognizelverge natant the beings of uncertain things.

Technological Factors:

Process rectifyment and Effect Innovation indicateed a big role.

Innovative techniques were opinion to be adopted.


Competitors – Parle Glucose besides recognizen as Parle-G (G for Genius) is simulated in India by the Parle Products which is one of the oldest infamy calls and the biggest hawking biscuits in India.

Market Divide – Parle-G has a traffic divide of 70% in the biscuit assiduity in India followed by Britannia, Tiger delay 17-18%, and Sunfeast of 8-9% divide.

Sales/Profit Deviate – Past than 50% of the concourse’s moldaggravate is estimated at environing Rs 20 billion. It has agoing diffuseing to areas such as Western Europe, USA, UK, UAE and Canada.

Target Traffic – Parle has a target traffic which is convergenceed in India, consisting of crowd of all mode groups such as consequence, teenagers, family members and smooth old senile crowd as it is a prevalent biscuit eaten during Tea-interval snack.


Market Divide and Sales and Acquisition Trend

Britannia traffic standing is very exalted due to truthors regarding to its pricing strategies, disposal meanss and multiplicity of effects. They inaugureprove new effects to meet the consumer’s neglects giving them new and opinion effects to appropriate, which in mold behoof the concourse by having past implicit for amplifyth. So we inferiorstand that the concourse is not simply amplifying, but besides gaining acquisitions. Their estimated traffic divide is 38%. In the coming years of the concourse, they common sales at an annual reprove of 16% in traffic and their operational pay were ncoming 18%. But now it has been extensiond to 27%, giving Britannia annual pay of Rs 2,200 crore simply from their biscuits. 10% is contributed by the diary effects. They enjoy an annual compatability of 433,000 tones of biscuits delay sale interval ship-produceing up to $150.75 pet.

Swot Analysis


Widely Distributed network and certain by all age groups.

Innovative effects affect-Little Hearts, 50-50 Chakkar, and Nice Time.

Celebrity endorsements – Sachin Tendulkar, Aamir Khan.

The Infamy Slogan of Britannia “Eat Healthy Think Better” is the key asset of the resolute.

It is conducive in uncertain opposed forms of packages.

The multiplicity of effects is an adventitious habit as they not simply convergence on clarified biscuits but besides cakes, breads, Rusk and diary effects.


Faces stubborn emulation from their challenge Parle and Nestle on the plea of Price and Disposal meanss.

The assiduity and technology requires exalted boardings.

As too divers opposed types of infamys invade the traffic, they implicitity dissolute convergence.

Even though the prices are affordable, they implicitity not be comprehensively conducive to the inferior proceeds groups.


People are ready to try newer variants and hence it satisfies the nicety buds by its newer variants.

It engenders avocation opportunities.

As consumers are very affaired about their vigor, it accelerations them to confirm infamys NutriChoice, Milk Bikis, and Tiger biscuits.

Competition extensions.

This accelerations to amend mergers.


They implicitity sometimes be weak to localize all the resources efficiently.

They may prepare weak sort of biscuits for past acquisitions.

As there are a reckon of biscuits in the massive traffic, they enjoy abundant reckon of challengers.

Consumer ask-fors may change impulsively.

Government implicitity exceed up delay new restrictions delayout notices.


Marketing Management conceive perfectthing from truths, smoothts, procedures, appreciates and personalities. Britannia ncoming hawks all their effects all aggravate India and smooth ship-produces it other few countries. Their traffic reprove kept amplifying perfect year in the Indian traffic. Therefore, BIL has implemented a Diversification management, so that it becomes the traffic guide in the living and biscuits assiduity. But they made indisputable that when they change-modify, they constitute correspondent kinds of effects such as cheese, diary effects and smooth past bakery items. So the concourse can result their trafficing strategies by inferiorlining the opportunities in the traffic. There are a uncertain opposed strategies they adopted.

Segmentation – They believed in the best sort of effects for the consumers as they are vigor cognizant and so they effect this neglect of the consumers.

Targeting – The Concourse convergencesed on architecture a cheerful kindred delay the customers as they are they indicate the most material distribute in the sale of effects. Not simply did they frequent up to the old customer’s expectancy, but they besides try to constitute new customers as their contumacy indicates a main role for the amplifyth of their affair.

Positioning – Interval manufacturing new effects, they don’t fall to intellect their competitor’s way of engaging despite them, instead they pay smooth past regard to each and perfect step they accept towards victory as they neglect to be forward of them and excel.

Growth Management – Smooth though Britannia biscuits agoing off by hawking their effects in India, they sloth diffuseed and agoing to ship-result it to other magnitude of the globe. By doing so, they serviceable to the opposed cultures of those countries and made plans for those neighbouring areas and researched and analyzed which effect has past ask-for than the others and ways to rectify their sales.

Promoting their infamys is a very indispensable conception for their trafficing management as it accelerations inferiorstand the consumers the multiplicity of behoofs they get interval purchasing the effect. They should announce and socialize their intimation clcoming stating the truths.

Based on the trafficing strategies, we inferiorstand that architecture a infamy is an material distribute of the concourse. They inferiorstand how to extension sales and acquisitions in a insufficient brace of interval interval persistent to advance its multiplicity of infamys to shape faithful consumers.



Britannia enjoy a abundant multiplicity of effects to appropriate from, not simply do they molding Biscuits, but they besides constitute opposed types of Diary items, Breads and Rusk. They enextensive effects which in gets cheerful avail for the concourse through architecture a cheerful infamy and sort effects which are gifted opposite opposed countries.

The main streamline of Britannia effects conceive:

Biscuits such as:

Marie Gold


Milk Bikis

Time Pass



NutriChoice besides conducive for Diabetic crowd.

Dairy Delights conceive few effects affect:



Dahi (Yoghurt)



Bread types enjoy:




Assorted Breads

Benefits of Branding

As we all recognize, Britannia biscuits calm?} enjoy exalteder amplifyth implicit in the traffic as its one of the best-notorious infamys in India and prevalent natant other countries as polite. Smooth though they enjoy exceed up delay new multiplicity of biscuits, they calm?} substance on their primal biscuit infamys such as Tiger, Cheerful Day, Marie, Treat and smooth past. Britannia has parti-colored by besides making Breads, Cakes and other Diary effects. Its infamys are considered to be an meritorious appreciate by India’s price-cognizant consumers. Tiger Biscuit is one of the most celebrated infamys and is greatly prevalent natant the agricultural areas and consumers. Sports and sporting smoothts besides are a key means for elevations. The concourse’s “Britannia khao, Globe Cup jao” (Eat Britannia, ramble to see the Globe Cup) campaign in 2003 was the most certain sales elevation natant all Cricket Globe Cup-related sales vital-force.


Britannia had agoing hawking effects in India, but now it has diffuseed aggravateseas to locates affect Middle East and Sri Lanka.

They enjoy smooth agoing to ship-result their cheerfuls to locates such as:



Saudi Arabia









Britannia has adopted the Traffic Penetration Method of pricing. It convergencees on the sort of the effects frequenting in intellect the pricing management. This accelerations rectify and genereprove abundant sale size for their effects. It endowment at maximizing the traffic divide and to result new effect lines. A few examples are:

Vegetarian Cakes are conducive at Rs. 15/- for a 75 gm pack.

Nutrichoice Vigor Starter Kit is for Rs 100.

Britannia Tiger Banana packed delay IRON ZOR priced at Rs.2, Rs.4 and Rs.10.


To incline the consumers of Britannia, they very innovatively came up delay conceptions to advance their infamy in inarticulate opposed ways, and now they enjoy leversenile India’s two most victoryful vehemences of all intervals:



Ncoming perfect Indian’s vision was to be exhibit at a stadium interval India is indicateing cricket, during the Globe Cup, so Britannia shaped the ‘Britannia Khao, Globe Cup Jao’ challenge in 1999. They made it very uncompounded for their target traffic to invade this challenge, which was to donation past effects to win a dally and win favorable card and engaging an all expenses compensated offend to England to wake the Globe Cup Match. They held it intermittently in 2002-2003 held in South Africa which victoryfully set a singular deviate of their own. They smooth came up delay another conceptional elevation of ‘Britannia Khao, Cricketer Ban Jao’ that was fuelled by the neglect of perfect Indian to be a distribute of the vehemence determined Cricket followed by a elevation determined ‘Britannia Lagaan Match’ in 2001 that revolved environing a movie determined Lagaan was naturalized on a cricket competition. This elevation gave the consumers a fortune to interact delay the film stars and besides get to pay cricket delay them. The competition had aggravate 40,000 spectators and made the headlines of leading tidingspapers and tidings meanss and was rest to be the most unbeaten elevational act of that year. So we inferiorstand that sports and the sporting smoothts are the key elevational tools of Britannia.

Therefore we now recognize that Britannia advances their effects through uncertain media’s such as Events, Television, Magazines and Sales Promotions too.


Company’s prevalent standing/success

Britannia Concourse releases on November 10th, 2010 that BIL obtained sales of Rs 10,948 MM delay amplifyth of 27.5% which shows an extension.

The concourse besides releases that they common sales rate of Rs 9,128 MM during the year end, delay a amplifyth of 24.8% followed by a boost of 20% in the size.


Now that we enjoy an in-depth representation of the concourse’s feature, trafficing management and trafficing mix, it shows the opposed methods used to adjust to advance and socialize their effects opposite India and other countries. Naturalized on the notice researched, we furnish that they convergence on consumer neglects to a very abundant space. This is shown by the truth that, since consumers are past vigor cognizant nowadays, they enjoy introduced NutriChoice Diabetic Biscuits. It is besides proven by their tagline, “Eat Healthy, Think Better”. In quittance, we see that how a narrow sized concourse has amplifyn to be one of the abundantst biscuit hawking infamys opposite India and divers other countries globe-wide.

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