Authenticated Color Extended Visual Cryptography

Authenticated Distortion Abundant Visual Cryptography delay Impeccable Reconstruction

R. Sathishkumar, Gnanou Florence Sudha

Abstract – Visual Cryptography Proposal (VCS) is an dramatizeation safeguarding proposal which encrypts the unbiblical quotation domiciled dramatizeation into multiple binary dramatizeations sturdy divides, which are then transferred to participants. These divides are then stacked balance by the participants to decrypt the unbiblical dramatizeation, at-last delay feeble peculiarity. In Abundant Visual Cryptography Proposal (EVCS), these binary divides are encoded delay cbalance dramatizeations to originate moderationingful divides. In enjoin to ameliorate the decoded EVCS unbiblical dramatizeation peculiarity, Two in One Representation Unbiblical Sharing Proposal (TiOISSS) was implemented, which offers impeccable replacement of the unbiblical dramatizeation. In this designed proposal, the TiOISSS implemented for distortion unbiblical dramatizeation delay moderationingful distortion divides delay impeccable reconstruction is designed. This proposal uses Adaptive Halftoning technique to ameliorate the EVCS dramatizeation peculiarity. Further, a distortion identified dramatizeation and a quotation communication are encoded in the moderationingful distortion divides to subdue any fake divides from the intruders, thus comely the ease of the designed proposal. Tentative results paint that the amelioratement in peculiarity and ease of the proposal.

Index Terms – Representation Security, Visual Cryptography Scheme, Adaptive Halftone, Polynomial Representation Unbiblical Sharing,

I. Introduction

With the fleet crop in the networking technologies, digital facts are transferred opposite the cosmos-people balance internet. Thus, ease has grace a indispensable progeny in twain communication and the many-sided encryption gives ways to arrest the instruction from the intruders. Representation encryption has a indispensable role in miscellany of applications approve telemedicine, medical dramatizeation arrangementing, soldierly applications, etc. In the pestilential way of encryption, the facts conclude be encrypted delay a ease key and the decryption must be manufactured delay the similar key. Hence, the ease key is superfluous for befitting decoding of the unbiblical facts.

VCS is one such encryption arrangement designed by Naor and Shamir [1-2] to screen a unbiblical dramatizeation in the imagine of n stunning pictures sturdy divides such that the unbiblical facts is restored by Cosmical Visual Classification (HVS) by stacking the n divides. The pestilential VCS is relaxed for foundation VCS in which at smallest any k compute of divides are ample to decode the unbiblical dramatizeation [3-4]. The VCS has been designed to screen the innocent dramatizeations by conformably halftoning it to binary dramatizeations [5-7]. These proposals were designed delay stunning divides, that may challenge intruders’ care.

R. Sathishkumar is delay Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, Perunthalaivar Kamarajar Institute of Engineering and Technology (PKIET), Karaikal, India. ([email protected])

Gnanou Florence Sudha is delay Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, Pondicherry Engineering College, Puducherry, India. ([email protected])

By subdueing this debility, VCS were implemented delay moderationingful divides from the cbalance dramatizeations, and is referred as Abundant Visual Cryptography Proposal (EVCS) [8-9].

The VCS has exalt been abundant for probable distortion dramatizeations. Rijmen et al [10] designed a VCS for distortion unbiblical dramatizeation delay pixel disquisition, in which each unbiblical distortion pixel is spacious into a obstruct of 2×2 distortion sub-pixels to originate two distortion divides. Huo et al [11] designed the VCS for innocent-smooth and distortion dramatizeations using distortion disminority and halfeffect technology, conjuncture fostering the habit of pestilential monochrome visual cryptography. Huo et al [12-13] designed an ameliorated design by using binary encoding to dramatize the sub-pixel obstructs. In [14], Huo et al adjusted the contrariety to dissecure the unbiblical dramatizeation delay amend peculiarity, but the stunning divides dissecure the secrecy of the dramatizeation. Der et al [15] designed a distortion VCS delay an attached genuine dramatizeation, but the proposal suffers from the visual peculiarity.

Polynomial dramatizeation unbiblical sharing (PISS) was implemented delay impeccable decoding of unbiblical dramatizeation [16]. In [17], Sian et al implemented a Two in One Representation Unbiblical Sharing Proposal (TiOISSS) wherein the popular unbiblical dramatizeation is decoded using VCS in the 1st decoding step and the amend peculiarity unbiblical dramatizeation is decoded using PISS using computations. Peng et al [18] ameliorated the TiOISSS using GVCS delay innocent PISS prices in the divides. Srividhya et al [19] ameliorated the TiOISSS dramatizeation peculiarity by applying adaptive halftoning. However, the proposal is implemented for innocent dramatizeations delay stunning divides. In [20], TiOISSS was implemented for moderationingful divides, but the lossless resuscitation of the decoded dramatizeation was not concluded. The tangible design of TiOISSS are implemented for innocent dramatizeations and originates stunning divides and that may challenge the intruders to instil the fake divides.

In this designed proposal, tangible TiOISSS [20] is abundant for probable distortion dramatizeation delay RGB distortion disminority arrangement. Further, precedently applying PISS algorithm, the distortion unbiblical dramatizeation is permuted at bit smooth, obstruct smooth and pixel smooth to ameliorate the ease. This proposal originates moderationingful divides domiciled on the distortion cbalance dramatizeations. Additionally, a distortion genuineation dramatizeation and a quotationual unbiblical communication are divided to validate the genuineity of the decoded unbiblical dramatizeation.

Experimental results of the designed proposal appearance that the debilityes of the tangible TiOISSS proposals are attempted, distortion TiOISSS are implemented delay the ameliorated peculiarity and ameliorated ease.

This tract is organized as follows. The VCS for innocent flake and distortion dramatizeations, TiOISSS and its akin products are discussed in minority II. The designed Identified Distortion VCS is discussed in minority III. The tentative results are discussed in minority IV. The Peculiarity decomlie and Ease decomlie are discussed in minority V and minority VI. The blank is presented in minority VII.

II. Akin Works

The extrinsic of the designed proposal is to increase the TiOISSS for distortion dramatizeations, delay ameliorated peculiarity and impeccable reconstruction. This minority discusses the akin products pertaining to tangible TiOISSS and its limitations.

  1. Visual Cryptography Scheme

Moni Noar and Adi Shamir implemented the visual unbiblical sharing proposal in 1994 [1], which exacts computations merely in the encryption step. The decoding of unbiblical dramatizeation is manufactured by cosmical visual classification (HVS).

In (k, n) foundation visual unbiblical sharing proposal, n sound approve divides are originated. Any k or aggravate compute of divides are exactd to decode the unbiblical dramatizeation. Delay (k-1) or lesser divides, the unbiblical cannot be reconstructed.

In basic (2, 2) VCS, integral binary unbiblical dramatizeation pixel is spacious into 2×2 sub-pixels in the 2 compute of stunning divides, as per the sub-pixel coding consideration appearancen in Fig. 1. For integral innocent pixelof the unbiblical dramatizeation, any one out of the six sub-pixels are randomly clarified for twain the divides. Similarly, for integral sombre pixel of the unbiblical dramatizeation, any one out of the six sub-pixels are randomly clarified for divide 1, and its flattery sub-pixels for divide 2.

Thus, by stacking the two divides, the innocent pixels are decoded delay 50% innocent smooth. However, the sombre pixels are reconstructed delay generous sombre sub-pixels. Delay the indivisible divides which has resembling percentage of innocent and sombre pixels, the unbiblical dramatizeation instruction is not discovered. The divide extent and accordingly the reconstructed dramatizeation are doubled due to pixel disquisition.

Fig. 1 Sub-pixel coding consideration

  1. Adaptive Halftoning

Halftoning technique is a arrangement of converting the uniform effect dramatizeation to monochrome dramatizeation or binary dramatizeation. The VCS is generally beneficial for monochrome dramatizeations. Many techniques approve AM halftoning, FM halftoning, etc. are conducive for converting the innocent flake dramatizeation to binary dramatizeation. In [16-18], Error colliquation domiciled on FM halftoning delay is implemented. But, this results in sparse innocent pixels in the assign of darker areas of innocent dramatizeation. The designed product utilizes the Adaptive Halftoning [19] wnear in the dynamically sturdy foundation for halftoning, results in amend contrariety for twain constantly varying dramatizeations and hard transition dramatizeations. The cosmical eye perceives the lilliputian dots as innocent and denser dots as sombre, in the halftoned dramatizeation. A innocent flake dramatizeation and its halftoned dramatizeation is appearancen in Fig. 2.

Fig. 2 a) Continous effect b) Halftone

  1. Extended Visual Cryptography Proposal (EVCS)

The divides originated in the VCS bears a sound approve dramatizeation. Though, it may dissecure no elimination environing the unbiblical dramatizeation, it may at-last erect suspicions environing the unrevealed. In enjoin to balancecome the debility of sound approve VCS divides, they are embedded delay the indivisible cbalance dramatizeations, thus generating the moderationingful divides. The VCS delay moderationingful divides are referred as Abundant Visual Cryptography Proposal (EVCS). The moderationingful divides paint the cbalance dramatizeation and not the unbiblical dramatizeation. However, on balancelapping the moderationingful divides, the unbiblical dramatizeation is decoded.

  1. Color Visual Cryptography Scheme

Conventional VCS is appropriate merely for binary dramatizeations. For innocentflake dramatizeation, it is to be halftoned to binary dramatizeation as discussed in minority II-B.

In the designed proposal, adaptive halftoning is implemented. The distortion dramatizeation is generally constituted by either subtractive or comprehensive designs as in Fig. 3.

Fig. 3 a) Subtractive design, and b) Comprehensive design

In the subtractive design, delay principal distortion ingredients as cyan (C), magenta (M) and yellow (Y), the other distortions can be geted delay befitting mixing of CMY ingredients. The distortion printer is domiciled on subtractive design.

In comprehensive design, the desired distortion is concluded from befitting mixing divergent Red (R), Green (G) and Blue (B) distortion ingredients. By mixing the RGB ingredients of resembling energy, innocent distortion can be geted. Computer mentor is domiciled on comprehensive design.

The unbiblical distortion dramatizeation can be corrupt into Red, Green and Blue frames. The indivisible frames conclude then be a innocent exemplar of the identical distortion ingredients. These frames are adaptive halftoned to get the binary dramatizeations which can be used for progeny of divides in Red, Green and Blue ingredients. By concatenating these RGB ingredients of each divides, the identical distortion divides are geted.

Overlapping the distortion divides, the distortion unbiblical dramatizeation is decoded.

  1. Polynomial Representation Unbiblical Sharing Proposal (PISSS)

PISS proposal was principal implemented [16] to screen a unbiblical dramatizeation. Though, it contradicts the habit of VCS, by involving unimaginative calculations in twain encrypting and decrypting steps, it offers impeccable replacement of the unbiblical dramatizeation pixels. The PISS is implemented for TiOISSS delay impeccable reconstruction [20].

The polynomial in equation 1, encodes the dramatizeation pixels to trifle facts, which is then embedded in GVCS divides.

in which are the sequential k pixels of the dramatizeation and P is the principal-rate compute.

In the decoding side, the Lagdispose interpolation imagineula in equation (2) is used to track the polynomial coefficients,

By substituting the pixel lie for , where, , custody as the unsteady, the polynomial coefficients is trackd, Further, the decoding polynomial equation can be trackd by from the polynomial coefficient and the encoded dramatizeation pixels in equation (3).

The initiatory unbiblical pixel price can be restored from the equation (3), by substituting the dramatizeation pixel lie ,. A liberal principal-rate compute of 251, which is delayin the innocent pixel dispose, can be considered for encrypting the innocentflake dramatizeation.

  1. TiOISSS

Two in One Representation Unbiblical Sharing Proposal (TiOISSS) [18] combines the merits of twain PISS to conclude impeccable reconstruction & VCS to decode the popular unbiblical dramatizeation by HVS. Hence, it involves two smooths of encoding and decoding sides.

The encoding side starts delay generating n VCS divides and n PISS divides from the similar unbiblical dramatizeation, followed by replacing the sombre pixels of VCS divides by the innocent-valued pixels of PISS divides to originate GVCS divides, which are transferred through n users. In the decoding side, the GVCS divides from the users are balancelapped to reconstruct the popular unbiblical dramatizeation, in the 1st step smooth delay proper HVS. This arrangement does not exact any unimaginative computations. Further, Inverse PISS is applied to the innocent pixels of GVCS divides to impeccablely restore the unbiblical dramatizeation, in the 2nd step smooth of decoding.

III. Designed proposal

In tangible TiOISSS [19], the stunning divides were originated, which reach tempt the intruders to imagine a fake divides to work the fair user. In the designed proposal, the tangible TiOISSS is mitigated for distortion dramatizeations. The moderationingful distortion EVCS divides are originated by embedding a distortion genuineation dramatizeation. The RGB ingredients of distortion unbiblical dramatizeation and the cbalance dramatizeations are extracted as in Fig. 4. The mitigated TiOISSS is applied for each distortion ingredients to originate the identical the distortion ingredients of GVCS divides. By concatenating the RGB ingredients, distortion GVCS divides are geted.

The popular distortion unbiblical dramatizeation and the genuineation dramatizeation can be decoded, in the principal decoding side. Additionally, to procure attached genuineity, a 216 bits of quotationual communication is embedded in the two LSBs of innocent pixels of all GVCS divides, which are then decoded in the 2nd side. The RGB ingredients of distortion unbiblical dramatizeation and the genuineation dramatizeation are then restored by applying Inverse PISS. The steps complicated in the designed mitigated distortion TiOISSS delay the progeny of moderationingful EVCS divides and including an genuineation dramatizeation are discussed in the aftercited minoritys.

  1. EVCS Divide progeny

EVCS divides are originated from the indivisible RGB ingredients of the unbiblical distortion dramatizeation, genuineation dramatizeation and the cbalance dramatizeation. The Left half of the unbiblical dramatizeation is considered for generating the left half of VCS divides (LS1 and LS2) as in Fig. 5. By because the genuineation dramatizeation, the proper half of VCS divides (RS1 and RS2) are originated.

For each RGB ingredients of the unbiblical dramatizeation, the aftercited steps are followed to originate the identical RGB ingredients of the VCS divides.

1.From the left half of unbiblical dramatizeation (LS), the left half of divide1 (LS1) and the left half of divide2 (LS2) are originated.

2.For integral sombre pixel of the halftoned genuineation dramatizeation, identical subpixels of left half of divide 2 (LS2) delay one pixel mitigated from innocent to sombre is assignd in the identical subpixel precipitation of proper half of divide 1 (RS1). Thus, the RS1 and LS2 conclude decode the popular genuineation dramatizeation.

3.For each sombre pixels of RS, the identical sub-pixels of the proper half of divide 1 (RS1) delay mitigated precipitation of sombre pixels is assignd in the identical subpixel precipitation of proper half of divide 2 (RS2).

4.VCS divides are geted by combining the left half and the proper half of each divides.

To balancecome the debility of stunning divides, cbalance dramatizeations are embedded to originate the moderationingful divides. Each RGB ingredients of the VCS divides are arrangemented as appearancen in Fig. 5, delay the identical RGB ingredients of the cbalance dramatizeations. For integral sombre pixel in each cbalance dramatizeation ingredient, the identical sub-pixel precipitation of the appertaining VCS divide ingredient is mitigated such that one innocent pixel converted to sombre. The precipitation of the converted sombre pixel depends on the pixel price of the unbiblical dramatizeation in the identical precipitation. Thus, the EVCS divides ingredients are originated from the VCS divides and the cbalance dramatizeations.

  1. GEVCS Divide progeny

The distortion unbiblical dramatizeation is principal corrupt into RGB ingredients and the pixels of each ingredient are permuted in three smooths to ameliorate the ease. In the designed proposal, the 128 bit of encryption key is used as imagineatted in Fig. 6 is used to perimagine the interchange in bit smooth, obstruct smooth and pixel smooth delay appertaining 32-bit keys. The interchange enjoin key defines the enjoin of interchange completeed which is exactd in derangement interchange action. The GVCS divide enjoin defines the divide enjoin to be arrangemented to restore the embedded key from the GVCS divides. The extent of the quotationual unbiblical communication embedded in the GVCS divides is defined in the 16-bit Unbiblical Communication diffusiveness.

The PISS divides are originated from the permuted distortion unbiblical dramatizeation as specific in minority II-E. The subordinate PISS prices and the genuineation distortion dramatizeation pixels are embedded into the sombre sub-pixels are the EVCS divides. Prior to embedding these PISS prices, it is truncated by a rudiment α, (α = 1, 2, … 16). This truncated price parallel delay its remnant in GEVCS divides conclude be darker neighboring to sombre, providing amend visual peculiarity. Thus, the truncated permuted PISS prices, the distortion identified dramatizeation and the quotationual unbiblical communication are embedded into EVCS divides to originate the GEVCS divides as specific in the Fig.7.

  1. Decryption of the Unbiblical dramatizeation

The decoding of the unbiblical dramatizeation is manufactured in two sides. In the principal side, the two GEVCS divides are balancelapped to decode the popular distortion unbiblical dramatizeation. To realize its genuineity, RS1 and LS2 of the GEVCS divides are superimposed to decode the genuineation dramatizeation.

In the cooperate side of decoding, the encryption keys and the unbiblical communications are extracted from the innocent pixels of each GEVCS divides. The PISS prices are restored from the GEVCS divides. Inverse PISS is applied to reconstruct the unbiblical dramatizeation and the genuineation dramatizeation are impeccablely. The arrangement is explained in Fig.8.

IV. Tentative Results

The tentative results of the designed Identified Distortion Abundant TiOISSS delay impeccable reconstruction are discussed in this minority. This proposal is implemented for truncation rudiment, α = 7 and adaptive halftoning technique is applied for VCS divide progeny.

The 256×256 extentd distortion unbiblical dramatizeation and the 256×128 extentd distortion genuineation dramatizeation are considered as appearancen in Fig. 9(a) & 9(b). The distortion cbalance dramatizeations of 256×256 extent are appearancen in Fig. 9(c) & 9(d). The Adaptive halftoning rendering of the unbiblical dramatizeation and cbalance dramatizeations are appearancen in Fig. 9 (e), 9(f) & 9 (g). Applying VCS balance the halftoned genuineation and the unbiblical dramatizeation delay pixel disquisition, m = 4, two VCS divides of 512×512 are originated and is appearancen in Fig. 9 (h) & 9 (i). The GVCS divides originated from VCS divides by embedding PISS prices as specific in minority III-B are appearancen in Fig. 9 (j) & 9 (k).

In the principal smooth of decoding, the two GEVCS divides are balancelapped to decode the popular distortion unbiblical dramatizeation. To realize the genuineity, LS2 and RS1 are balancelapped to dissecure the popular genuineation dramatizeation. They are appearancen in Fig. 9 (l) & 9 (m). In the 2nd decoding side, by applying Inverse PISS and derangement interchange balance the extracted innocent pixels of the GEVCS divides, the impeccable reconstruction of twain the distortion genuineation dramatizeation and the distortion unbiblical dramatizeation is decoded as appearancen in Fig. 9 (n) & 9 (o).

V. Peculiarity Analysis

The parameters approve Contrast, Structural Homogeneousness Index Appraise (SSIM) & Peak Signal to Sound Ratio (PSNR) of the Identified Distortion Abundant TiOISSS are analysed.

  1. Contrast

Contrast which dramatizes the visual peculiarity of the dramatizeation, is attached by the normalized dishomogeneousness incomplete the moderation innocentness of the innocent unbiblical pixels and the moderation innocentness of sombre unbiblical pixels in the decoded dramatizeation. In this proposal, contrariety [20] is congenial incomplete the clump of decoded pixels priced aggravate than the foundation, (C0) and the clump of decoded pixels priced lesser than the foundation, (C1) and is attached by,

Contrast incomplete the distortion unbiblical dramatizeation and its 1st decoded unbiblical dramatizeation for adaptive halftoning technique and incomplete the genuineation dramatizeation and its 1st decoded output has been considerationd in Consideration I for sundry truncation rudiment, α. The contrariety is ameliorated

  1. SSIM

It is a appraise of conception incomplete two dramatizeations and it is congenial for two beggarly extentd (NÃ-N) windows x and yof the two dramatizeations. SSIM is attached by


and are the mean of y and x.

and are the discord of x and y, is the codiscord of x and y

and are two unsteadys to stabilize the disunion, L is the dynamic dispose of the pixel prices and and by lapse.

The SSIM incomplete the distortion unbiblical dramatizeation and its 1st decoded unbiblical dramatizeation for adaptive halftoning technique and incomplete the genuineation dramatizeation and its 1st decoded output has been considerationd in Consideration I for sundry truncation rudiment, α. The SSIM is ameliorated resulting in increased homogeneousness incomplete the unbiblical dramatizeation and the decoded unbiblical dramatizeation.

  1. PSNR

The Peak Signal to Sound Ratio (PSNR) is a appraise to price the dramatizeation peculiarity incomplete two dramatizeations. Domiciled on the pixel dishomogeneousness incomplete the reconstructed dramatizeation and the initiatory dramatizeation, PSNR is defined as

wnear MSE denotes Moderation Squared Error and s = 255, the acme pixel price of the dramatizeation.

The PSNR incomplete the distortion unbiblical dramatizeation and its 1st decoded unbiblical dramatizeation for adaptive halftoning technique and incomplete the genuineation dramatizeation and its 1st decoded output has been considerationd in Consideration I for sundry truncation rudiment, α. The PSNR is eminent for lesser price of the truncation rudiment.


Comparison of Unbiblical Representation and 1ST PHASE DECODED Unbiblical Image

Secret dramatizeation vs Decoded Unbiblical dramatizeation (1st side)

Auth dramatizeation vs Decoded Auth dramatizeation (1st side)









Not practicable, No Truncation

Not practicable, No Truncation






































































































Table II appearances the similitude of moderationingful divides delay the identical cbalance dramatizeations, which paints that moderationingful divides offers amend visual peculiarity.


Parameter Similitude for GVCS Shares vs Cbalance Images, for α = 7

Proposed Scheme












Table III appearances the similitude of divergent halftoning techniques, which appearances that the adaptive halftoning offers amend visual peculiarity.


Parameter Similitude incomplete the Unbiblical Representation and 1st decoded Unbiblical Image, for Divergent Halftoning, for α = 7

Halftoning Technique

AM Halftoning

FM Halftoning

Adaptive Halftoning

% Improvement

FM vs Adaptive
















VI. Ease Analysis

The ease of the designed proposal is discussed near delay the aftercited ease aspects.

  1. Authentication dramatizeation for attached ease

With any one of the GEVCS distortion divides, the hackers may originate the other trick divides, such that the fair receiver may get a fabrication unbiblical dramatizeation instead of the initiatory unbiblical dramatizeation. To balancecome this debility, a distortion genuineation dramatizeation is encoded into the GEVCS divides. In the 1st smooth of decoding, the popular genuineation dramatizeation is reconstructed and is used to validate the naturalness of the unbiblical dramatizeation, thus enhancing the ease of the proposal. Further, the impeccable replacement of the genuineation dramatizeation is concluded by computations, in the 2nd decoding side.

  1. Histogram of Shares

Fig. 10 appearances the histogram exemplar of the distortion GEVCS divide 1, for truncation rudiment α = 7. It can be observed that the pixels hold price up to 36 (i.e. 28/α) and at 255. By choosing divergent prices of α, the pixel classification of GEVCS divides can be scant accordingly. Unapprove the initiatory unbiblical dramatizeation, wnear pixels are orderly balance the perfect dispose, GEVCS divides are arrestd delay scant pixel classification, thus enhancin

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You will get the first version of your paper in a non-editable PDF format within the deadline. You are welcome to check it and inform us if any changes are needed. If everything is okay, and no amendments are necessary, you can approve the order and download the .doc file. If there are any issues you want to change, you can apply for a free revision and the writer will amend the paper according to your instructions.

If there happen to be any problems with downloading your paper, please contact our support team.

What if I’m not satisfied with my order?

If your paper needs some changes, you can apply for a free revision that is available for 7 days after your paper is approved. To use this option, you have a “Revision” button on your personal page.

After the 7-day period, you cannot apply for a free revision, though you still can use a paid revision option. The price of such a revision will differ depending on the number of amendments needed to be done. Please contact our support team to find out how we can help you with the amendments to your paper.

If you think our writer didn’t manage to follow your instructions, and as a result, your paper is of poor quality, please contact us and we will do our best to solve the problem.

If the revisions didn’t give the desired result, you can apply for a refund. Our dispute department will process your inquiry to find out what kind of refund we can give you. To find out more, please visit our money-back guarantee page.

How do I request a refund?

You can’t apply for a refund on certain stages of your order, like when the order is not finished by the writer yet.

When the paper is delivered, the “Refund” button on your personal order page becomes clickable.

On the relevant tab of your personal order page, you will also be able to choose the type of refund you’re demanding and the reason why you applying for it. As soon as you do that, our dispute department will start working on your inquiry. All kinds of refunds concerning the quality or the lateness of your paper should be requested within 14 days from the time the paper was delivered, as in 14 days your paper, will be automatically approved.

Your inquiry should be submitted by clicking the “Refund” button on your personal order page only.