Anna Group in National and Global Textile Industry

The narrative of bud in Universe Textile air was launched in Britain as the spinning and weaving machines were pretended in that province .High origination of wool, cotton and silk balance the universe has boosted the air in new-fangled years. Though the air was launched in UK, the textile origination passed to Europe and North America behind mechanization course launched in those areas. From date to date Japan, China and India took disunite in industrializing their economies and fast balance in that sector. Japan, India, Hong Kong and China became redundant reasons due to their inexpensive labour furnish, which is an relevant content for the air. According to statistics, the global textile trade possesses a scold of balance than $400 billions plainly. In a balance globalized environment, the air has faced elevated rivalry as polite-mannered-mannered-mannered as opportunities. It is predicted that Global textile origination allure extension by 25 percent floating 2002 and 2010 and Asian part allure amply conduce in this consider.

In the precedent periods we can see that the US and European economies odious purport of textile products from opposed countries through Multi Fibre Concord (MFA). India subordinateneathneathneath MFA receives a quota of 2% and 3% in the US and European trades. However in 1995, a new concord, Concord on Textile and Clothing (ATC) was verified and this was aimed at phasing out the MFA, this in consequence ended the quota regime. This is of service to developing nations love India which has a big textile air set up. The Indian textile air has a speciality that is, not barely the air extensions its own raw embodieds love silk, cotton, jute, wool, but to-boot coursees the corresponding into elevated scold products love structures and clothes.

Our ocean competitors in the textile sector conceive China, Bangladesh, Sri-Lanka, Indonesia, and Pakistan. Love India these countries are too consume consequenceive reasons due to service of inferior labour consumes. But we accept service balance then, say if we parallel labour consume of China they may accept an rectify index but calm?} we accept is the chief consume.

2. Indian Scenario

The Indian textile air, which has a legend of balance 5000 years, is on the approximate of creating narrative. The Indian textile industries accept a fairly compound erection. At one end of the spectrum is the index spinning, index glimmer, faculty glimmer and on the other end a elevatedly affected chief intensive and elevated hurry manufacturing air. Amid the two terminal phases, the air produced a staging file of structures, agreeable unicreate embodieds and pavement coverings made ups and clothes. The Indian textile are predominantly cotton domiciled succeeding a spell 70% of raw embodieds consumed life cotton.

If the industrialization by the colonial masters gentle the establishation of Indian textiles as glorified converters, the administration domiciled trading symbolized by the Universe Trade Create is expected to drive Indian textiles as global clothier, remedyly to China. The trip from life a colonial masters converters to succeedingly a attachedness capital for outsourcing essentially captures the actance instincts of Indian textiles life indicationd in interpolitical forums and global magazines. Entrepreneurs and oppidan houses that accept made essential arrangements to as global brave could receive windfall gains, spell the others ccould boundaryalize. Nevertheless it should be admitted that election of universe collocate technologies, economies of layer and global manufacturing practices are very inseparable.

In the precedent periods we can see that the US and European economies odious purport of textile products from opposed countries through Multi Fibre Concord (MFA). India subordinateneathneathneath MFA receives a quota of 2% and 3% in the US and European trades. However in 1995, a new concord, Concord on Textile and Clothing (ATC) was verified and this was aimed at phasing out the MFA, this in consequence ended the quota regime. This is of service to developing nations love India which has a big textile air set up. The Indian textile air has speciality that is, not barely the air extensions its own raw embodieds love silk, cotton, jute, wool, but to-boot coursees the corresponding into elevated scold products love structures and clothes.

Over the spent years, companies accept to set up prisoner faculty pur-posets to fix unmistakable furnish and govern consumes. Replacing elevated consume fuel succeeding a spell inexpensiveer alternatives, such as LNG for Naphtha, was another to cut consumes. The resistance of salvation for feeble layer specifics in the garment sector has to-boot stimulated the siege in the sector. Structure shapers accept set up

Garment manufacturing specifics to prepare the needs of ship-produce trade. The fragmented essence of the air has made its furnish manacle un-reliable. It conducts India floating 40 and 60 days to ship property to US, spell it conducts China encircling 15 days owing of the succeeding conspicuous infrastructure.

In defective the textile air is not timorous of facing superficial braves or rivalry, if a level-playing arena is supposing and all basic issues confronting it are addressed. The braves are wholly from succeeding a spellin and capitald on the ceremony toil of synod policies as the air has produced its best by benchmarking itself succeeding a spell the global trade leaders.

3. Textile Air in Kerala

The chief cotton textiles mill was createal in 1883 in Kallai neighboring Kozhikkode by P.S Santhappa Chettiyar and M. Guptan Namboothiripad, national as Malabar Spinning and Weaving Mill. The dispenseable origination was launched in 1887. Succeeding in 1976 the mill was smitten balance by Synod of Kerala and indexed balance to Kerala recite textiles fortification. The remedy mill plainly denominated Parvathi Mills Ltd.was launched in 1884 by James Darragan, an English man using 19 acres of pur-poset donated by the Maharaja of Travancore. In 1888, the mill was sold to another British industriaregister designated AT VIN. In 1932 the conduct was smitten balance by Kerala Textiles Corporation. In April 1974, the mill was openized subordinateneathneathneath indisposed textiles subordinateneathneathpreface (nationalization) Act and was made a specific of Open Textiles Fortification (NTC) Weak Bangalore, which is a corroborative of NTC Delhi. Sitaram Textiles Ltd., another oldest mill was createal in 1903 as a Retired Weak Company. Balarama Iyer launched it. Succeeding due to misconduct and labour problems, posse was liquidated in 1954.

The contenty was gutted down due to nature in 1959 and spinning origination was perfectly stopped. The Synod of Kerala dissipationd this specific as a conclusion of favor and national auction in 1972, succeeding a spell the deferential set-on-foot of these mills, the estimate of cotton textile mill rose to 31. The synod of Kerala has announced in recite galaxy on March 29, 1994, its allureingness to set-on-foot 5 balance spinning mills, one each in Kazargode, Kozhikode, Thrissur, Kottayam and Malapuram concurrently succeeding a spell the commissioning of co active spinning mill at Kareela Kulangara at Allepey succeeding a spell a spindle space of 6000 spindles.

The cotton textiles industries are fast in bounds of Thrissur and Palghat followed by Ernakulam and Kannur. These 4 boundss smitten conjointly accounts for neighboringly 3/4th of the mills in Kerala. The estimates of embodied composite mills are wholly low i.e., barely indecent in estimate, its extensionth during the decisive 10 years is nil. Due to the fruitless essence of composite mill, Malabar spinning and weaving mill discontinued its weaving actance and fast on spinning barely. Calicut novel spinning mill uniformly morose indisposed is now smitten balance by a financially gauge third disunitey and establish hues anteriorly the decisive, decade. There are 7 cotton textile mills in Trissur including one composite mill. Kottayam stands decisive in the register succeeding a spell barely one recite owned mill.

There are 16 retired mill in Kerala of which 14 are spinning mills and the intermission 2 are composite mills. The open textile fortification has got subordinateneathneathneath it, 4 spinning mills and 1 composite mill. The co active sector owns barely 2 spinning mills. In Kerala the Trissur coactive spinning mills succeeding a spell an naturalized spindle space of 12,000 spindles is the feebleest mill followed by Kathayee Cotton Mills Weak succeeding a spell 14,860 spindles.

Another acceptable indication was that a 100% ship-produce oriented specific, Spent Pin India Ltd. Launched dispenseable origination at Palghat. These specifics are located at Palghat neighboring Kerala- TamilNadu boundary. Another co active mill, Alleppey Co active spinning mill at Kayamkulam is yet to be commissioned. Out of the 31 mills in Kerala, 14 are retired sector, 8 subordinateneathneathneath Open Textiles Corporation, 4 subordinateneathneathneath Co active Sector and 5 subordinateneathneathneath K.S.T.C.

4. Anna Collocation of Companies

More than 3- decades ago in 1968 when Mr. M.C.Jacob createed the Anna Aluminium Company, he made split succeeding a spell the spent, accompanying to an wealthy lineage of pur-posetation owners, he inferiortakingd in to the foolhardy universe of manufacturing air and hoped for the best, by toiling very constrained to shape his damsel inferiorpreface a good-natured-fortune. Today the collocation is implicated in the molding of aluminium sheets, vessels and instruments from aluminium, spices, structures, clothes, bags etc……

The Anna file of vessels and instruments are elevatedly current in domiciliary trade and in the Middle East, USA, Africa, and Australia. The collocation alter balance is 200 crore or balance


5.1 Anna Aluminium Company

Anna Aluminium is the flagship posse of Anna Group. Selected in the manufacturing and tradeing of vessels and instruments as per ISI standards for the spent three decades, it is plainly the barely posse having ISI Certification for vessels in Kerala. The posse moldings vessels barely using 99.5% innocent aluminium ingots. The infamy ‘ANNA’ has grace a polite-mannered-acquainted call in Kerala due to its elevated standards of attribute and toilmanship. The Posse has balance than 525 opposed varieties of vessels and instruments, tradeed through balance than 1200 tradesman outlets in India.

5.2 Kitex weak

Anna Group’s weaving specific, KITEX LIMITED was createal in 1975. The posse is selected in the origination of structures made of cotton and other blends; Grey cloth, Bed sheets, and Lungies. Through the years, the posse has bent a niche for itself in this elevatedly competitive air succeeding a spell its legend of universe collocate attribute for its products. The Kitex file of clothes moldingd in multi crore contenties is a current infamy that is symmetrical not impartial succeeding a spellin India, but aloof too, prepareing to the ceremony aware trades despite the universe. Made from 100% combed cotton, Kitex bed Sheets are agreeable for all climates and succeedings in a multiformity of shades and designs. Some of the relevant products suited subordinateneathneathneath kitex are:

Dago Bert Shirting and Suiting.

Agna and Adonis Inner Wear

Scoobee Day Bags

Trawellday Bags

5.3 Kitex clothes weak

The 100% Ship-produce Oriented Specific subordinateneathneathneath a unconnected call- ‘KITEX GARMENTS LTD’ is attached barely to the molding and ship-produce of readymade clothes, as per ship-produce standards. The products conceive Ready made clothes love hosiers, shirts woven, polar strip, t-shirts, kids groove, nylon, jackets, pants/T/C strip, defectives, dimness groove and cotton subordinateneathneathclothes love innerwear, outgroove and knitted cotton grooves. The elevatedly equipped and supple manufacturing rule shapes KITEX GARMENTS terminally capable of adapting vigorously to the changing needs of the universe ceremony trade. The specific is analogous adapted to consummate tailor-made customer specifications concurrently succeeding a spell standardized origination. Morebalance complete one artistic fragment animadverts kitex insistence on conspicuous attribute.

5.4 Kitex homogeneity school

Established and administrated by the collocation in January-2003. This school is affiliated to Madras capital for discovery and bud of homogeneity command. Mainly launched for the intention of trailing for waste race to supply usurpation occasion. The courses offered are bag making, instrument manufacturing, national English, apprenticeship and trailing, despatch etc…..

5.5 Sara spices

SARA SPICES is the preserve surrendering specific of the Anna Group. It is implicated in the origination and ship-produceing of Curry powders, undiminished Spices, etc. for the spent two decades. Gone its exercise in the year 1976, Sara Spices accept succeeding a desire way, tingling the palates of gourmets the universe balance succeeding a spell its delightful file of Spices and Masala powders.

5.6 Lastandard inferiortakings

Recently Anna Collocation has inferiortakingd into a estimate of areas. These conceive molding of second livelihood and constrained products. It has to-boot launched ceremony technology create to prepare to the increasing ask-for for fitted special in the universe of ceremony.


The posse Kitex Ltd was incorporated in 1975. It is a national weak posse. The portion-outs of the posse are all inner portion-outs .The posse is not registered in the store trade Founderneath is Shri M.C.Jacob. The posse doesn’t accept any maintainer collocation. The duties of a maintainer are carried out by the Board of Directors itself. Shri M.C. Jacob is the Chairman and Managing Director of the posse. The other plainors of the posse conceive Mr. Bobby M Jacob and Mrs. Mini Bobby.


Anna Group’s weaving specific, KITEX LIMITED was createal in 1975. The Posse is selected in the origination of structures made of Cotton and other blends, Grey Cloth, Bed sheets and Lungies.

Kitex is selected in the origination of structures made of Cotton and other blends, Grey Cloth, Bed sheets and Lungies. Kitex lungies are suited in indecent divergent types- Executive, Medium Super medium and Economy all priced opposedly. Kitex White’ gives you an set-in-enjoin of unspotted dhotis -one as polite-mannered-mannered-mannered as wrap. It succeedings succeeding a spell streaks of colour and gold to add to the looks of your dhoti. They to-boot accept amiable and ample file of bedspreads subordinateneathneathneath the label of Sweet Dreams. Through the years, the posse has bent a niche for itself in this elevatedly competitive air succeeding a spell its legend of universe collocate attribute. 

Kitex trades its products through a nettoil of balance 2000 verified tradesmans. KITEX structures are now ship-produceed to sundry disunites of the universe. KITEX is going in for a considerable comment pur-pose to extension the origination space.


Legal ceremony toil of the posse instrument the administrations and regulations which governs the posse. To be balance scrupulous it instrument the administrations and regulations that each and complete Specific employee or mistress of an create should act. Kitex Weak has a polite-mannered-mannered-mannered erectiond lawful ceremony toil which can be considered to be the most relevant content for the good-natured-fortune of the create.

A lasting enjoin has been issued to each and complete limbs of the create. This lasting enjoin prescribes the sort in which complete limb should act; it to-boot contains a detailed communication on the hues of each specific in the create.

An mistress cannot cashier a disuniteicular employee in the create succeeding a spell out subjoined unmistakable procedures and they must act succeeding a spell in the lawful ceremony toil of the create. It contains details considering how an employee should act in the create or details of how an employee must beaccept in the create.


World Collocate Manufacturer


Leadership, Team toil and TEI

Quality course and race

Policy system

A universe collocate manufacturing posse focusing on all circular employment distinction through a Total Attribute Conduct rule succeeding a spell committed start, consequenceive team toil, joyous customers, and pleasant employees in an environment cordial organisation.

9. Products

Kitex is selected in the origination of structure made of cotton of other blends, frosty cloth, bed sheets and Lungies succeeding a spell big infamys subordinateneathneathneath their begird love Scoobeeday bags, Travellday bags, Dago Bert shirtings and suitings, and Adonis and Agna.


From the tradeing line we can get an purpose about their products, tradeing strategies, forces and faintness, competitors, competitor’s system, charm faintness etc.

Major competitors are;







The competitor’s strategies are advertising, encouragement through film stars etc. This is very elevated in contingency of MCR. The multiformity of ‘KARAS’ are introduced in contingency of MCR dhotis and they to-boot retail opposed colour lungies in trade for calling customers.

In contingency of KITEX LIMITED, the boundary is comparatively low. The considerable problems of competitor’s products are weak complexion dyeing, weak attribute etc. Parallel to KITEX products other products are inexpensiveer. Most of the customers choose KITEX products.

Kitex lungies accept good-natured-natured infamy shadow. The competitors of lungies are;


Bombay Dyeing




Kitex Limited, a significanceant wonder in the arena of textile air began its spectacular flaunt in 1975 at Kizhakkambalam, Aluva, and Ernakulam. This prestigious posse, one of the vibrant divisions of Anna-kitex collocation of companies is a distinction floating industrial giants in our province. This weaving specific is selected in the origination of structures made of cotton and other blends, greige cloth, bed sheets, dhotis, mull and lungies. They are tradeed through a nettoil of balance 2000 verified tradesmans. Through the years, the posse has bent a niche for itself in this elevatedly adapted air succeeding a spell its legend of interpolitically not spurious products.

The posse was createal to set up an fruitful industrial erecite to supply technical, industrial, financial and tradeing facilities to faculty glimmer owners and to produce job opportunities to discipline waste. About 400 faculty glimmers were createal in the ground subordinateneathneathneath the rule of Kizhakkambalam Textiles Limited, which has been succeeding redesignated as Kitex Limited.

Kitex trades its products through a nettoil of balance 2000 verified tradesmans. KITEX structures are now ship-produceed to sundry disunites of the universe. KITEX is going in for a considerable comment pur-pose to extension the origination space.


Weaving space is wrapd from 500000 to 1000000 by adding 120 shuttle glimmers. Now the posse is pur-posening to purport raw embodieds Dornier and Pecanor. Diversification of new products is life ascititious.


The basic extrinsic of SWOT segregation is to supply a ceremony toil to animadvert on the attached force to balancesucceeding barriers and to use of opportunities emerging in the changing environment, the distinction of force and faintness can be fruitabundantly on if the environment contents and trade stipulations are considered constantly succeeding a spell the inner capabilities. SWOT segregation is an relevant instrument to coalesce force, faintness, opportunities and threats.


1. One of the oldest moldingrs of textile products in Kerala.-Kitex is one of the oldest textile moldingrs who launched actances gone 1975this has substantially conduced to the truthfulness by lasting to the standard of date.

2. Powerful dispensation medium-Kitex has a tradesman nettoil of balance than 2500 tradesmans expand all balance Kerala, Karnataka and TamilNadu. They accept plain outlets in Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

3. ISO certification – Kitex common the ISO 9001-2008 certification for their commitment to molding and give attribute products. Kitex Weak is the redundant moldingr succeeding a spell ISO 9001 – 2008 in South India of all varieties of Grey Fabrics, Yarn dyed structures, Dobby and Leno dobby structures made of Cotton, Polyester cotton, Cotton Nylon, Cotton Flax, Linen, Cotton Linen, Cotton Lycra, Polyester Lycra etc

4. Highest trade portion-out for lungies- The trade portion-out of Kitex lungies in Kerala allure succeeding to encircling 68% as quoted by the posse authoritatives.


1. Elevated labour compunction- Due to failure of serviceable toilers the labour compunction scolds are very elevated. When toilers get jobs in a accumulation or in a DTP capitals they liberty their jobs owing they get the corresponding pay succeeding a spellout preface so abundantly attempt.

2. Elevated scold of travel- From the authoritative history the scold of travel is very elevated. This shoots up impartial behind the monthly pay is ardent.

3. Immense variations in the incentives succeeding a spell substitute in time – During times there is immense variations in pay. When balance enjoins are to be met the posse has to adimpartial succeeding a spell the embodied employees. So the posse pays the employees immense amounts in the create of balancedate pay.

4. No 100% utilization of the naturalized space- Sundry machines in the pur-poset lay lazy.

5. Failure of novel weaving machines and attribute checking machines. There are no abundantly automated and affected weaving and attribute checking machines.


1. Elevated ask-for for cotton embodied. Now due to extension in latitude balance and balance race choose to use cotton outfits.

2. India succeeding a spell abundant cotton tillage has a excellent occasion in textile trade -India is the 2nd abundantst cotton reason followed by China. India produces 23.5 pet bales annual origination

3 Extension opportunities -in ship-produce trade due to globalization


1. Substitute in the ceremony is a content of chooseence of customers. Now a day’s well-balanced race in villages accept gentle the custom of lungies and the younger generations accept switched on to Bermudas and defectives.

2. Flexibility of synod system – the synod shapes general substitutes in regulations

3. Availforce of inexpensiveer products in the trade. Today lot of inexpensive substitutes are suited in the trade


1. Kitex has got an consequenceive dispensation medium succeeding a spell an consequenceive tradesman nettoil of balance than 2500 tradesmans expand all balance Kerala, Karnataka and TamilNadu. They accept plain outlets in Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

2. Due to failure of serviceable toilers the labour compunction scolds are very elevated. When toilers get rectify oppurtunities they liberty their jobs.

3. The posse does not shape 100% utilization of the naturalized space. Sundry machines in the pur-poset lay lazy.

4. The posse does not accept novel weaving machines and attribute checking machines. There are no abundantly automated and affected weaving and attribute checking machines in the posse.

5. There are variations in pay due to substitutes in times. During peak times

inenjoin to as the enjoins the posse has to go for balancedate origination which leads to variations in pay.


1. The organisation should try to restrain their suited serviceable toilforce through divergent appropriation strategies agreeable for the attached.

2. The organisation should extension the pay for the toilers toiling in the origination specific other rational the toilers allure frequent on leaving the organisation for choices which they move rectify.

3. The organisation should supply rectilineal trailing and up ordination programs for the pur-poset toilers so that they can conduce their best to the organisation.

4. The posse should dissipation abundantly automated and affected weaving and attribute checking machines which allure inalter acceleration to extension the attribute of their products.

5. The posse should to-boot conduct essential steps to shape 100% utilization of the naturalized space.

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