A Surprise Parties Organizer Marketing Essay

Surpmount Moments. is a new vocation in the bargain of issue organizing, founded by we, a assort of students from University of Malaya in Kuala-Lumpur, Malaysia. It exhibits benefit of arranging alarm portioies distinctly birthdays and anniversaries providing peel the cake, gear, gifts, regalements etc.

Our clients are nation who relish to bring-environing their eefavoring ones joyous by flinging alarm portioies but having no occasion or accident to range them. To terminate our motive we keep divorced our target bargain in two talents so that we can forward nation polite touching their standing. One is upper-intermediate assort and rectify assort nation and the another portio is the intermediate assort nation of the sodality. Our benefit and charge is contrariant from upper-intermediate assort and rectify assort nation to intermediate assort nation.

The treatment of ‘Surpmount Moments!’ consists of very-abundantly aptitudeed professionals who are experts in issue organizing succeeding a while the investigate signification of portio. For aid 10 further aptitudeed nation keep been paid to finish a senior and rectify fruit.

The senior expose associated succeeding a while the vocation is that as this vocation is comparatively new in the bargain nation potentiality not omission to endorse at the initiation. Another expose is that nation potentiality not omission to commission an disposer to terminate that lesson. Rather they potentiality relish to range the alarms by themselves. We drawing to aggravatepower these exposes by the exalted bargaining aptitude and by clarifying our jobs and signification. Our biggest customary occasion is that as our vocation is new in the bargain we do not keep that numerous competitors. We can draw on our benefit rather than competing callous succeeding a while competitors for surviving. Another occasion is that nowadays nation are very diligent succeeding a while their activity and for that they cannot wield to range such peel of portioies for their cared-for ones. So, we exhibit nation gain be pleasant to economize the occasion of arranging a alarm verge succeeding a whileout any cessation in their diligent activity.

We keep two offices in contrariant talents of Kuala-lumpur. We are receivedly serving in-house twain in dayoccasion and midnight. The estimate of entirety unmeasured occasion staffs is 14. We admit requests from clients through email and telephone. Clients can adopt their promotered rangements from our accident of issues.

Our external is to forward nation environing the entire cosmos-inhabitants succeeding a while the exalted end benefit of alarm verge rangement and dispose our sodality as one of the qualitative moulds in the cosmos-people.


Our main external is to be disposeed as a supernatural verge disposer sodality distinguishing ourselves from other issue-organizers by providing prolific benefit succeeding a while exalted peel emanation. Throwing a alarm verge is entity challenging for nation chief of all accordingly of the delaydrawal of occasion to range a entire verge and secondly accordingly contrariant nation promote contrariant types of alarms. We seize the portio to range those alarms according to the expectancy and furnish benefits which gain bring-environing nation’s gainingness of making their cared-for ones joyous easier. Therefore, our motive is-

to enucleate our vocation succeeding a while exalted credibility, fidelity and straightforwardness,

dispose the sodality as the chief precious of customers in Malaysia, furnish customers succeeding a while very organised and supernatural portioies for their valued cared-for ones, and

Create job opportunities for the nation who are experts and supposititious in this area.


We aim to belook cosmos-people-wide customary alarm verge-organizer Sodality and forward nation from all aggravate the cosmos-inhabitants succeeding a while our benefit. Our motive is to belook one of those companies which immediately conclude into nation’s choice whenever they purpose of seeking aid for organizing a verge from any issue-treatment sodality.

Industry Analysis

Although we emphasize on alarm-verge organizing such as birthdays and anniversaries, our vocation droop lower the colossal diligence ‘Event Management’. The diligence of issue-treatment is one of the constant growing industries in received groupment. The eefavoring issues diligence has confirmed enormously in the departed decade. According to new inquiry, spending for eefavoring issues cosmos-peoplewide is $500 billion year-by-year. The bargainestablish is liberal plenty to aid and stay the endeavour of disposeing in new vocation in this diligence. As our sodality efforts in one eefavoring issues area, there are numerous directions in which we can diffuse. As we investigate entering the profession of eefavoring issues, we exhibit there’s a useful bargain antespent us on numerous fronts.

According to inquiry, infollow in this diligence remain to mount. Investigate a few years ago, the middle use latitude for an issue drawingning entrepreneur was environing 15 percent. The most new studies, still, pretence use latitudes anywhere grew from 30 to 40 percent. This attributes the diligence’s amiable vigor to separate accidentors, including the improved groupment.

In the departed few years, further companies keep opened treasure and thus, the two-of-a-trade has past up. Besides this, the economic slowdown to-boot raises its monstrous ruler occasion and anew. The issue diligence has two bargains to capital on, singular issues and oppidan issues. According to diligence players, there is a slowdown in the oppidan issues’ bargain, but singular issues look to be slow-down establishment which we is our target.

Company Description:

We are drawingning to begin up a new vocation which is very choice and realistic. As allied succeeding a while our sodality spectry (Surpmount gravitys), our robust gain dispose alarm portioies and furnish regalement on the issues effectively. We drawing to dispose portioies relish birthday, anniversaries and so on. Since we gain bring-environing bargain succeeding a while the ardent nation and dispose the entire verge on aid of them. Basically, we are not heresucceeding out succeeding a while any emanations, exclude some aiding emanations. Our vocation is in purpose of accident a benefit providing mould which is now very abundantly auspicious aggravate emanation vocation.

Surpmount Moments resolves the claims and expectancy of nation in the face of drawingning alarm portioies for their eefavoring ones. Numerous nation nowadays do not keep the plenty occasion to range a entire verge. Numerous nation do not understand where to begin drawingning an issue. They may not understand how to range the alarm verge concealment it from the one the verge is entity ranged for. They may not keep any subject environing the things that are probing for arranging the verge. We are the one to furnish them succeeding a while subjects and aid needed to keep a auspicious verge. We range everything from drawingning how to alarm the distinctive for whom the verge is loving to all things relish competent establish, cake, jewel, clowns, hush regularity for the verge anytime. We to-boot transmit alarm gifts on aid of our customers. Normally nation fling a alarm verge at 12 at midnight. Keeping this in choice, we drawing to effort until recent mystification.

Our customers can get continuity succeeding a while us either by e-mail or telephone. From them we get to understand what peel of verge they omission to keep at what occasion, how abundantly their budget is, what eefavoring things they omission to keep in the verge, etc. According to their claim and budget, we set the charge and they keep to pay 20% of the entire charge as protection and the cessation of the capital, we congregate succeeding our job is performed. To shun any types of laziness and engagement we concede customers a mould to swell-behaved in which includes all the allowable issues along succeeding a while some advice of the customer. We admit dispose at balanceest 2 days anteriorly the issue day.

As we admit any dispose from customers, we infollow to investigate drawingning for the verge. We keep a supplier who supplies expedient things as follows- Balloons, Verge Hats, Candles, Noise Makers, Mylar Balloon, Cake, Snacks, Soft Drinks, Ice, Beverage Napkins, Cups, Plastic Cutlery, Invitations, Streamers, Centerpiece, Games, Crafts & Activities, Balloons (helium), Curling Ribbon, Personalized Banner, Confetti, Door Sign, Table Ensemble, Water, Table Cover, Verge Favors, Seize Home Treats, Favor Bag, Blow Outs and some further. Succeeding congregateing these things we go to imperfection polite ruler of the verge occasion and range the entire verge. In the initiation of our vocation we’ll keep 10 employees to enact the entire rangement.

Surpmount Moments concludes succeeding a while the unmeasured package of rangements for a verge. It furnishs everything expedient for arranging a alarm verge succeeding a while unmeasured pliancy and straightforwardness. Customers do not keep to annoy anyfurther to range a entire verge as this sodality is providing the conclusive aid facilitating nations’ speeds so that they can unmeasuredy draw on their jobs.

Products and benefits:

Surpmount Moments is chiefly a benefit sodality which furnishs the benefit of organizing alarm portioies. But although it’s a benefit vocation it exhibits its benefit along succeeding a while the emanations which aid to range and dispose the portioies.

Surpmount gravity, as its spectry conveys, primarily ranges alarm portioies which portrays alarm birthday portioies and other anniversaries.


We range alarm portioies anyoccasion of the day. Mostly nation atattend to fling a alarm verge at midmystification at 12 since some promote to fling it during day occasion. So, we exhibit them the benefit of arranging the portioies anyoccasion of the day. Our benefit includes-

Choosing the venue for the verge where it would be easier to cloke the verge rangements for whom the verge gain be loving

Decorating the establish by our aptitudeed employers

Setting speakers and hush box as a balance of regalement

Providing performers such as singers, dancers, clowns etc.

Providing lighting effects

Consulting succeeding a while the customers on visitor estimates, budget and the mature venue and regalement.

Online cancelment benefit through visa/credit card.

Other than benefits overhead we to-boot transmit alarm gifts on aid of our customers. There are nation who speed far far from their race, friends and kinsmen. There are occasions when these nation very abundantly omission to concede a alarm to their cared-for ones but cannot do everything due to aid far far. So for these nation we exhibit the benefit of transmiting alarm gifts to their cared-for ones aiding our customers to bring-environing the eefavoring ones astoundingly joyous on the very eefavoring day.


Along succeeding a while our benefits we furnish all the expedient emanations for organizing a verge. We do not vend those emanations but they conclude succeeding a while the benefit. The emanations that we’ll furnish are- Balloons, Verge Hats, Candles, Noise Makers, Mylar Balloon, Cake, Snacks, Soft Drinks, Ice, Beverage Napkins, Cups, Plastic Cutlery, Invitations, Streamers, Centrepiece, Games, Crafts & Activities, Balloons (helium), Curling Ribbon, Personalized Banner, Confetti, Door Sign, Table Ensemble, Water, Table Cover, Verge Favors, Seize Home Treats, Favor Bag and Blow Outs. We to-boot meditate eefavoring dispose from our customers. If they demand colossus eefavoring which is not middle in the roll, we meditate providing those items too. Products furnishd during the verge diversify from customers to customers depending on the budget.

Pricing on state:

Based on our inquiry we keep unwavering to divorce our pricing into three categories which would be- rule, value-added, and epicurism. Although Charge and benefit gain be contrariant for each state we furnish the best benefit succeeding a whilein the scant budget. Our pricing of the benefit and emanations is as follows-






Party favors(per pack)

RM 5

RM 8

RM 12


RM 200

RM 250

RM 350

Lighting and investigate(max 4 hours)

RM 1000

RM 1100

RM 1300

Furniture Rental (2 hours)

RM 100

RM 150

RM 200

DJ (per hour)

RM 300

RM 400

RM 600

Competitive Comparison:

Different types of issues are relish a portio of nations’ speeds in this new cosmos-inhabitants which brings out regalement and amiable gravitys of activity insertion far the tedium of daily diligent activity. From the very old-age days, alarm portioies keep been very received as it is one of the most amiable way of making some joyous succeeding a while perfect alarm. We, Alarm Moments, keep conclude up succeeding a while the subjects and rangements to aid nation in that as day by day nation are having callous occasion opinion some occasion for arranging a entire verge.

While other issue treatment companies furnish the benefit of organizing all peels of issues during a favoring bound of occasion, we emphasize on alarm portioies which normally is conducted at midnight. As our vocation is arranging alarm portioies our name, edict and method is contrariant from other issue-planner companies. We accentuate on astounding the distinctive succeeding a while conclusive wellbeing by our endeavour.

Market Analysis:

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